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Verus High Pro Shield Series Nexus 6P Case - Steel Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Nexus 6P with this precisely designed high pro shield series case in steel silver from Verus. Made with tough dual-layered yet slim material, this hardshell body with a sleek bumper features an attractive two-tone finish.
  • Mobile Fun ID 55409
$30.51 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 72 customers

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Good product. Timely delivery
Good product. Timely delivery
Flimsy plastic around charge port
I had high hopes for this case, but the plastic outer case fit's that snuggly around the outside of the case that it was impossible to remove it without damaging and stretching the thin plastic around the charge port.
The outer shell doesn't fit well around the charge port area.
For the money, it's not worth it.
The best case for this phone on the market !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The best case for this phone on the market !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hard case is not hard enough
This case perfectly fits Nexus 6p, has a good grip and looks stylish. Unfortunately, it is not as sturdy as advertised- firstly, the crimson red color started rubbing off, after some time the hard case split. Overall, really low quality for the price.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Milda

Sorry to hear that. Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
Very good
Case fits nicely over the 6P. Slight issue is that it doesn't fit larger headphone jacks, however standard sizes work fine.
Great Case
Great case for nexus 6p, i can see the protection that it gives. Much rather go with a Speck Candyshell case, but cant seem to find one, this was my second option. Although this case is pretty tough to get it off but its fine, as I dont usually take the cases off that much. Overall, great case. Would be better of VRS can get rid of the camera bump, by increasing the thickness by abit.
Perfect fit, looks great,
Easy to fit, looks great, nice grip to it as well, worth buying!
Nice case.
Nice case. Good protection for my smartphone.
This case is perfect! Fits well and looks great too!
Definitely the best phone case I've ever owned. It's beautiful.
Fits like a glove
I brought this phone case not knowing what it would be like , but I've got to say that the case not only looks the business, but it also fits like a glove oh did I say that it was speedy delivery to . So for the case and delivery I'd give 10/10
Great phone, good service, happy.
No issues at all and delighted with the phone. Prompt delivery.
Solid and stylish
Just got my case and it looks so good on Nexus. .. loving it. ..
You won't regret having this case
From the time i ordered the 6P I started looking for a case, The case had to above all protect the phone, feel good when you holding it and do justice to the phone by making it look better. And the one that did that was the Verus. Having only seen it on different sites it looked great, took a chance and I have never regretted it.It looked great felt great in the palm and after a couple of small drops it's the best buy I did. And I found out it's non slip by forgetting the phone on the roof of my car and 5 min later having gone around corners it was still there
You will never regret it
Don't think about it buy it
It's a great looking, quality built that doesn't slip out of the palm of your hand. Does suit the phone very much.Looks like it can protect the phone from a fall but you'll have to wait for that review hopefully for ever.One of 2 favourite cases you can't go wrong by having one. If you want to protect and make the phone look great then it's a no brainer
You won't look back
Got what I ordered.
Happy with what I got.
Good over all product
It's a very decent protector, however it's design, especially the plastic rim around the phone doesn't feel secure and firmly attached to the device, the bottom and the top have a flimsy feel about them and they bend way too easy to inspire confidence that if will protect the device. That said the rubber sleeve the phone is in is superb. Feels fantastic and definitely does shot it says on the tin.
Absolutely brilliant shield that fits like a glove
I have been looking for some kind of protector for my Nexus6P but with out it being clumsy ,something that is smart looking and that someone will notice.
I likes the silver band round the edge of the shield that gave it an apealing look and make the phone look smart.
Absolutely brilliant shield that fits like a glove.
Thank You Mobile fun for finding it for me on your web oage.
John kerin.
Great product
Great service, fast shipping.
I love this case! It fits perfect and all the buttons are easy to reach. There is only one minor problem. Sometimes the fingerprint scanner doesn't work. In this case just remove the case and it's easy again.
Great item
Great service, fast delivery
Great deal
Great deal, fast shipping
Smart looking case
The case looks really smart, and adds to the look of the phone. Not too bulky either. Overall very happy with this case
Prefect fit, stylish & tough
This case is perfect for the Nexus 6P. #SIMPLES

There are no negatives with maybe the exception of the little bit of noticeable weight added after using the phone without a case.

It's a snug fit, but very reassuringly so.

Only a shame it obscures the Nexus branding on the back, but I still know it's Nexus & so will you!
Slim & Stylish
I've been using my Nexus 6P Versus case for 2 weeks now. It's a snug good looking case and adds significantly to the feeling of security while holding the phone, while not adding bulk. I haven't dropped my phone yet, so can't comment on physical protection.
Happy with my purchase.
Very good
Great fit. Does not make phone bulky like some others.
Just what I wanted
Looks good and fits the phone very well. Fast delivery was a bonus!
Best cover for my nexus
Hi I saw the phone cover on mobile fun I had Excellent postal service ,the cover when it was delivered was and is the best cover for my nexus,it's the one I use the most, I have a selection of cover's the product is Excellent ,I would recommend it to anyone .thanks
Fantastic looking cover, tight fit so no movement inside the case, the materials look and feel high quality to match a fairly expensive phone.
Really good case.
Fit and sita good on the Nexus 6P.
Shipping was fast to :)
Great Product
Very pleased with my product. Quick and safe delivery. Happy customer.
so far so good! it looks really nice and fits perfectly. would definitely recommend!
Awesome product. Fits well and has larger holes for charging port and headphone jack.
Excellent case
The case is excellent build.Its brushed pattern feels very good when held.Also the charger port is big so no problems there.
Shield protection
This shield is excellent and very smart ,neat looking
Great buy
If you find the Nexus 6p's sleek design awkward to hold or are just accident prone, this case is for you, it's stylish, well made and doesn't add too much bulk, though it's not super slim. It is easy to fit and feels very secure. I expect it would offer good protection in a fall though I haven't tested this yet, I do however feel far more confident handling the phone. Everything is accessible and I haven't noticed any signal degradation. The case was delivered in good time and I have no complaints with the service. All in all very happy.
Looks very smart
Nicely made, looks smart, seems sturdy though I've only had it for 24 hours.
Great case
Great fit. Great feel of the case to, adds extra grip which is something I struggled with since the phone is a bit on the larger side! Definitely think this case is the perfect balance between protection and size as it doesn't add much bulk to the phone.
Great case
Great fit. Great feel of the case to, adds extra grip which is something I struggled with since the phone is a bit on the larger side! Definitely think this case is the perfect balance between protection and size as it doesn't add much bulk to the phone.
Delivery was slow, but worth the price. Quality product
Pros - Quality Case, Cheap Price, Cannot find the brand in Australia
Cons - Delivery took some time, but was expected as it is from the UK
A well made case that fits nicely, not adding too much to the size of the phone. Fingerprint scanner access is fine, and the volume/power switches operate rather well. Really like the blue colour, looks quite subtle and distinctive. I don't intend deliberately testing the impact protection, but it seems it should be well up to the task!
Great Case
Easy to put on, looks great and is sturdy enough to take a few knocks without making an already large phone larger.

Definitely recommend.
Great product
Really pleased with my purchase. Cover is stylish, actually made phone look even better, not to mention it fits perfectly. I would highly recommend.
Looks great, very good fit
Easier to put on to the phone than I expected. Really good snug fit and looks great. Nice to know the phone is well protected now. The camera cutout and fingerprint sensor cutout are perfect. Overall very pleased with this cover.
Good case to protect my phone
Delivery time- 8 working days
Fit- Perfect
Style- not too flashy but not plain either, like the metallic detail
Functionality- restricts the fingerprint scanner so you can only use your fingertips, audio jack and buttons work well, lip over the screen so lying flat it won't touch the surface of anything
Overall- good cover, does what it says
Great Product
Received the VERUS Nexus 6 case in a timely manner and am genuinely impressed with the build quality of the product. Fits the phone like a glove and looks great.
Excellent product.. Fits well.
Stylish, Solid but sutterly flawed
Love this case, it looks good it feels good and it seems to protect my phone. However I have one issue, I am an AV technician and I am constantly having to test sound systems and some mini jacks don't seem to be able to fit into the jack port because the cases gap around the port is a little too small. Luckily I have a smaller mini jack but it's proved a little irritating.
Awesome case
Fits nicely by device and all cut outs are just fine. No extra bulk added to my device. Highly recommended.
Great case, but pick a plain coloured bumper
The case fits perfectly, covering all of the camera glass except the lens and laser autofocus. The back is brushed plastic, which provides much better grip vs the bare phone - much less chance of it slipping out now! Case in general is nice and slim, I think the only thing I would change is the coloured accent around the outside of the case - the faux metallic colour doesn't come across premium like the phone, so I wish I'd just gone for plain black - it's livable though. IMHO this and the Spigen are the best two cases for this phone.
High quality at a great price. When I ordered this I didn't expect much, I've had expensive cases that aren't as well made as this. Snug fitting protection with a injection of style with the metal band that goes around the outside... Love it
Nice case
This case fits nicely my Nexus 6P and it does not add extra bulk. All cut outs are okay and feels good in your hand.
Extremely pleased
Very well built case, sturdy and fits the phone perfectly. Cut outs are spot on and doesn't add bulk to the device.
Beautiful design
Bought the verus high pro shield phone cover for the nexus 6p in champagne gold. Perfect fit lovely design, actually adds to the attractiveness of the phone. There's not many phone cases that can do that. IMO. Would be a 5 if the gold edge was made of aluminium.
Amazing quality case.
Amazing case adds lovely textured grip to the phone and doesn't add too much size to the phone.
Best phone case I've owned.
My phone has been in this case for over a week and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the product. It is clearly made of tough materials, feeling robust and durable to the touch but not bulky at all. As you can tell from the images it actually adds to the look of the phone, and unlike other cases I’ve owned I cannot see any dust particles collecting anywhere and I’ve had no cause to remove the case. I would recommend this case to anyone looking to protect their phone, and dealing with MobileFun was completely hassle free with the phone arriving at 9am the next day (Saturday).
stylish product
nice stylish slim case, the coloured band makes it easy to find and identify the phone. Quick delivery.
Adds a great look to the phone
I have no negative things to say about the case. It was very nicely packaged and I was a but worried about receiving the faulty version, whereby the cut out for the charger doesn't fit, but it's the correct one. Very pleased with the purchase.
Perfect fit. Excellent style.
This, the latest (third, I think) iteration of the Verus High Pro Shield case fits perfectly, with accurate cutouts for all the sensors, microphones and USB charging port.
It has a decent lip around the screen bezel to protect the screen when face-down. The overall finish and style is top-class.

If only Verus did a folio version in the same style, I'd buy it.

But I'm very happy to have bought this.
Great case.
Beautiful sleek case. Doesn't add too much to the profile of the phone and feels good to hold.
The best nexus 6P case
The quality of this case is outstanding, every cutout is perfect and I would expect little to no obstructions in terms of large sized plugs (3.5mm, charger). Its one of the only cases released that, in my opinion, provides significant protection while looking great. The aesthetic is smart and minimal yet stands out enough to be interesting. It matches the phone incredibly well. I waited a while to receive mine, but if I'd have seen the case in person beforehand I would've been happy to pay a lot more and wait just as long. It truly is a fantastic case. I can't imagine anyone being dissapointed.
Sturdy, Stylish
Looks fantastic, the texture on the back and the blue trim are brilliant.

But here is where it shines - a couple days after getting the case, I drove off with the phone (in case) on the roof of my car. It fell off while I was driving just under 50 km/hr. Once I retrieved the phone, there was barely a scratch on the case and the phone was still in absolutely mint condition. Just great!
This case is awesome, it fits perfectly and looks stunning. This case is very well made and very high quality. The earlier batch of these cases when they were initially released in the United States had a problem with the charging port was too tight and the charging connector had to be forced in and it was also difficult to remove and in some instances it broke the bumper part of the case. VERSUs replaced all of those cases free of charge. I am pleased to let you know that these ones are perfect in every way. Stop reading and go buy one :)
Great case
This is a very nice case for the Nexus 6p and the blue colour is outstanding. The phone slips into the case with little effort. I have the tempered glass protective film on the screen and that is a non-issue with the fit. I was worried from previous reports that the usb C cable would not fit but with this revised version that is not an issue at all. The opening is plenty big for the cable on all sides and does not touch the case. All of the cutouts are also perfectly positioned and the black button covers have a nice feel and work well. Overall more than pleased!
Why are you waiting? Buy it!
The Versus Pro Shield is, in my humble opinion the best Nexus 6P case released to date. It is very understated in the metallic color versions (if you so choose they also have a selection of Primary color ones too) The case has excellent build quality and a textured back which is very grippy & makes the slippery smoothness of the naked phone a thing of the past.The cutouts for the camera and sensor are also expertly done & I have had no problems to date getting full functionality from my device. I will be buying more for sure.
Fits perfectly, looks better in person than it does in the images
Fits perfectly, looks better in person than it does in the images. It doesn't add too much bulk to the phone and adds peace of mind, when you are out and about.
Nice snug fit but not perfect
A major drawback I've discovered is that the case won't allow a standard size audio plug to be inserted at the top of the phone. I have to remove the case to listen to music. It does fit a narrower ear-phone plug but I use headphones at work so I'm limited in what I can do.

Haven't dropped it yet so can't speak for shock absorption but its a nice quality built case that fits tightly.
Great product, fits phone perfectly
Great product, fits phone perfectly. Has a textured back which makes it easier to hold unlike many phone cases which are smooth and slip out of your hand. Makes my new Nexus 6p look very slick. Only negative is the area around the charging port is a little tight and can make putting charger in a little more difficult.
Perfect, I can't fault it
This case is awesome. It's a little fiddly to get on - it comes as a rubber case, then has a flexible plastic bumper that sites on top. You need to bend it a little to get it over the edges, but once it's on it's a really good fit. The "metal" bumper has a really nice finish, and the cut outs for the type c charger, fingerprint sensor and headphone jack are perfect. The buttons on the side are still very responsive, with a nice "click" feel as though they are real buttons, even though you are pushing through the black case to get to the buttons. There's a healthy sized lip on the front to keep the screen protected in a drop. The back is really, really nice, it's a subtle stripy effect with tiny indented lines, and then a bubble shape around the camera which shows off the 6p's unusual back camera. Mobile Fun confirmed there are no laser focus issues which have plagued some other cases too before I bought this.

Really, really awesome and highly recommended. Thanks!

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