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Verus High Pro Shield Series Nexus 5X Case - Satin Silver Reviews

Protect your Nexus 5X with this precisely designed high pro shield series case in satin silver from Verus. Made with tough dual-layered yet slim material, this hardshell body with a sleek bumper features an attractive two-tone finish.
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 4.5 stars from 78 customers

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Sturdy case but volume buttons now very sensitive
All round it's a very good study, solid case. It does make the phone quite bulky but if you want decent protection then this is the price.
The only slightly negative is the volume buttons are now quiet sensitive to pressure so you can find the volume is inadvertently on it's highest setting! No big deal but otherwise a good case.
Great looks, solid
I love this case.
Since I got my 5X six months ago I've scanned reviews looking for the right case (I'm pretty fussy). Mobile Fun had several colours available but i liked the look of electric blue - despite it being out of stock I decided the 2 week wait would be worth it and biy am stoked that I did. My mates and family all noticed it straight away, generally saying something like "Niiice!!! Love the colour".

For me the colour is brilliant, the phone is much easier to pick up or pull out of my pocket and feels so much safer to hold.

I haven't dropped it yet so can't comment on effectiveness of drop protection but it looks like it'll do the job.

The only issue I've found (and it's a small one so doesn't affect my rating) is my right-angled headphone jack is too fat to get past the edge of the case - easily sorted with a straight adaptor or new headphones which is fine because current ones are over 6 years old

Bottom line - I highly recommend this case
Well worth it
I was immediately impressed when I opened this package, the case is smartly packaged in a high quality plastic container. It fitted to my phone very easily and quickly, and protects it well while making it look even smarter. Well worth paying a higher price for a higher quality phone case!
Perfect Fit
This case is stylish and is high-quality. The silver trim gives a premium feel to what many people complain so be a some people complain to be a cheap feeling phone. The lip an the edges provides that I can place my phone on it's face and then simply pick it up and the android OS will light up the screen and show me my notifications. It also very effectively minimized the camera bump on the back. Very impressed with this case-- it will be staying on my phone probably as long as I have it.
Nice case
I bought this case as I am usually not too careful and I don't want to worry every time mu phone drops.The case feels really secure. Already 'tested' it and phone is totally undamaged. Really happy with the phone protection part.
From a design point of view, the back side looks nice and elegant. Not too thick and minimal. Front side can be definitely be improved as this was the only part I was not 100% happy. The front part makes the phone look bulky and considerably wider. Still this is part of the protection but I am sure it can be thinner.
The frame around the phone makes the phone look stylish.
Overall, a nice case for your phone if you care about phone safety!If you care more about the way the phone looks you could skip.
Well made product.
Extremely happy with the case which fits perfectly and is professionally made.
This case is fully protective and I like it because of its design.
Makes the phone more bulky..
While it is a good-looking, protective case, I find that it makes the Nexus 5x phone much more heavy and bulky to hold (when compared to without a case).
Very good case
Nice well fitting protective case that also gives some drop protection for the screen. Quite stylish with different colour metal outer case rims available.
Only slight letdown is the earphone jack is slightly out of line so a fat plug is hard to fit.
Fits the bill better than I expected
This Case fits perfectly and snug on my phone, I have access to the charging port, the earphone port and all the buttons. The case is smart with just a touch of colour on the sides to show the creative side. The design is slightly raised on the back which gives it a nice not slip effect and it doesn't add much to the size of the phone already. Overall a great case would recomend to anyone with the same phone!
Best ever case for Nexus 5X
Light weight, perfect fit, stylish look, good grip, feels safe
Great protection and appearance
After having my Nexus 5X for around a year and changing 2 cases (both made by Spigen) I bought the VRS case in order to receive high amounts of protection and a bit more funky appearance. I love the red colour (balanced coloured, not to bright) and the fit is tight. Also, all the ports are fully functional.
looks great, perfect fit
Just put it on my Nexus 5x. Looks great to me.

Small instructional note.. the image on the pack looked to me like I had to add the soft case, then the hard frame. I think I would have broken it if I had tried to separate them :) It just illustrates the layers.

It's a snug fit.. so just pops in with a little force without dismantling it at all ;)
High quality finish, snug fit.
Really happy with this product. Delivery was a bit slow but it was worth the wait.
Solid, but feels weird
This is a well made case, but the back material has lots of thin ridges. Obviously this is a design aesthetic, but for me personally I find it feels really horrible if my finger nails brush the back of the phone. Feels a little bit like nails on a chalk board :-(
Product perfectly fits to phone
Product perfectly fits to phone. Nice labeled. Good quality. The best I needed.
Not useful!
I had to stick some blue tack to make it hold the weight of the phone on the desk. The angling of the bracket is not really well thought out. It's really hard to see this being something that you'd prefer to use!
Excellent product and professional looking.
Excellent product and professional looking.
Quality product, exactly what I expected.
Sturdy phone case and looks great. Happy.
Very classy case
When I received the case I was shocked by the initial quality of the case, the inside is thick and sort of soft but is very well insulated, the front of the case provides a nice lip so you are able to lay the device on its front and it will be nicely protected as well as the back, it covers the camera very well. As I got the light silver trim band around the phone, I noticed its brushed metal look, making it have more of a professional and expensive looking feel to it.

I highly recommend this case if you are looking for a light, professional and lovely designed case.
Fits like a glove
Really good fit and doesn't add much bulk to the phone. Quite understated yet exudes quality in both build and appearance.
Excellent quality case, brilliantly c
Excellent quality case, brilliantly constructed, does exactly what it is required, nice and slim fitting. Great company to buy off.
Let's not test it
I'm not one to trust internet shopping. Was expecting my cover not to arrive or not to fit or be flimsy. I exhausted all local shops looking for a cover for my Nexus 5x so decided to gamble with mobile zap.

It took 5 days to get delivered and it arrived in good sturdy original packaging. It fits my phone doesn't cover any holes and gives me piece of mind. I haven't had any drops yet and I don't want to test how good this product protects my phone but it appears quality, looks good and doesn't interfere with the phone.
Great protection + Unique
Bought this case for my new 5X as my previous phone had smashed, and so I needed a case just in case something happened. Sure enough after 12hours with the case I dropped my phone out of a car and onto a gravel road.... But my phone was fine with only minimal scratches to the case, which is a small price to pay! The case itself is unique to mobilefun in the UK from what I can see, and although a little steep price wise compared to other cases, it is totally worth it considering its protection, and it's ability to stand out from the crowd. As well as this the case is lightweight and other people have commented on how they did not realise it was a case at all, but just the phone itself! The only downside of the case is that the headphone port hole isn't large enough for an AUX cable to fit, and so the case needs to be removed every time you want to use an AUX cable....which is easier said than done considering the case is designed to be a tight fit, and it sure is! Overall it is a great case that looks amazing and will protect your phone no doubt, and gives you confidence that you can throw your phone around the room with no concerns (although I suggest you don't!) I would have given 5stars if the headphone port wasn't how it is, but it is certainly worth a buy :)
nexus 5x case
very fast shipping, very good quality of item.
Gorgeous case
Gorgeous and great fitting case. Protects the phone and improves appearence.
Excellent product
Great cover, sturdy, fits perfectly in the hand. Great quality.
Great case
Love the way if feels. The metal rim gives makes it feel very sturdy and that your phone is well protected. It's a little wider than the Speck candyshell grip case but it's thinner which is my preference. The headphone jack port is a little small and I've had to trim aux cables to get them to fit. Headphone plugs will fit fine.
Ideal case
Case is 95% perfect.

PROs: Very stylish, feels great in your hand, offers excellent protection, fits the phone perfectly and has all the correct cut-outs.

CONs: The cut-out for the 3.5mm jack is just big enough for regular headphones. Thicker ends will not fit. The case is also awkward to take off, due to the metallic band around it.

OVERALL- The positives far out-weigh the (relatively minor) negatives, excellent case and the best I've used compared to two similarly priced cases from competitors.
Good choice
Case is very good quality, but delivery service is not convenient.
Excellent phone case, good quality, sturdy
This phone excellent build quality and keeps the phone well protected. Highly recommended.
True to description
No complaints. Fits well. I believe the complaints about it being loose fitting refer to the first batch, and that has since been fixed.
Excellent Protective Case
The case looks amazing and feels very protective especially with the double edge approach. I used mine with a tempered glass screen cover and it looks very smart indeed.
One of the best
This is one of the best phone cases I have used it keeps my phone safe and also gives it a nice apperence.I have dropped it loads of times and all those times it has protected the phone completely. I am pleased with my purchase and will happily recommend this to other people.
case is very good
case is very good.
solid buy
Everything works with no flaws. Sleek design for the price point.
Good fit - Poor Durability
Was impressed when I received the product. After a few weeks the corners have worn to reveal white plastic under the silver steel finish. Looks poor and not what you would expect for the price. Would not buy again.

I'm surprised this has not been raised with the manufacturer.
Excellent Case
I've read on reviews elsewhere that the first batch of these cases didn't fit great, and didn't have holes for the microphones. Having just purchased the Steel Silver colour of this case from Mobile Fun I can confirm that they have the updated design which fits perfectly and has holes in all the right places (!). The case has a quality feel to the finish of the materials, and seems solid enough to provide sturdy protection with a low profile. Worth paying that little bit more for, it's a good choice.
Elegant Protection
The case fits my Nexus 5x perfectly. It does not protect the glass on the screen or camera, but everything else is covered. With most phones now having Gorilla Glass, a screen protector isn't really necessarry. I have dropped it three times so far and there are no indications or imperfections on the case or device. The case comes in two pieces, the black rubbery part and the gold outer ring. The ring took a bit of effort to get on, but it is securely attached and will not fall off. Overall extremely satisfied, 10/10 would purchase again.
Stylish and strong case - love it!
The case is sleek and extremely sturdy. I've only had it a few days but it looks to be hard wearing. Delivery took the max amount of time estimated but hey, it arrived!
Great fitting case
A great fitting case that doesn't add too much bulk. Subtlety grippy back really grips your fingers as the phone rests on your hand. Improves the feel of your phone as the original back panel of the 5X sounds a bit hollow when touched.
passt genau
Very Good
Everything was perfect. Case is in very good condition.
The product is quite good, high quality and looks nice. However shipment took too long, 1 month waiting for it.
Awesome Case & Amazing Customer Service!
Case provides excellent protection and the customer service provided by MobileZap was nothing short of AMAZING! I had originally selected the super economical "snail mail" delivery method and unfortunately my case never arrived. When I notified MobileZap about this they promptly setup a new delivery using the fastest method (which allows for package tracking) completely FREE OF CHARGE! An absolutely fantastic company with some of the best customer service I've ever received.
Classy Item
Impressive quality case. Not cheap ... but great value !!
really good
Look and feel is really good
Great Case, subtle and sleek
I just received the case and it is very beautiful. Mine is the black color and I love it. Arrival time was 2 weeks however. Buttons are extremely easy to press but almost no tactile feedback which takes a day to get used to. The cutouts are perfectly positioned - well designed phone case!
The case is amazing, my son said that he loves it, he says it both looks great and works really well as a case it is strong had no problems with the ports at all can plug in the charger and headphones with ease and the buttons work perfectly, overall a brilliant product no dislikes at all, its brilliant
Great case
The case took a bit of time to arrive (but then I cheaped out and went with the standard shipping..but it was about 5 days from when I ordered it.. so w/in the expected delivery time). I think i was just anxious to get it after getting the phone. Case fits snuggly and looks great. It was a bit pricier, but since Mobile Fun was the only UK distributor I'm quite happy w my purchase.
An excellent phone protector
The item is sturdy and fits perfectly to the phone. Didn't have a hard time on getting the phone inside the case. Buttons are responsive with the case and it doesn't slide when you hold the phone.
good service fairly prompt, exactly what was described in description of item.
good item very happy
Lightweight, non-bulky, stylish but protective case
The case I had for my previous phone was worth £25 so I bought one of a similar price as I knew quality was ensured. This case adds another element to my phone in terms of look but doesn't make the phone feel any bigger in my hand. The cuts are spot on in terms of positioning and all the buttons (4 of them including fingerprint scanner) are still easily accessible. Best phone case I've had so far!
Works well
Fits well, feels great, offers great protection.
Good Product. Long wait.
The product was exactly what was ordered. However, the delivery time was probably longer than I expected. Overall - good service
etui bardzo dobre
etui bardzo dobre. Do polecenia dla innych modeli telefonow.
Exactly as described, easy to put on and looks good.
I'm a huge butterfingers, and honestly have already dropped my phone more times than I can count. This case has protected it from all my mishaps. It's a solid case. Nice colored border, but I wish there were more options out there graphically for Nexus5x cases.
Great Case
This case looks superb. It fits the Nexus 5X perfectly with all the holes, buttons and cut-outs in the right place. Great attention to detail and would recommend.

Customer Service very good in responding to my queries.
Very satisfied
Had a good experience even though the product (Verus high pro shield for Nexus 5x) was not in stock, it was definitely worth the wait. Was kept informed on when it was getting stocked in the warehouse.
verus red case
Bought this after searching for a case for my new phone. Wanted something that stands out. It certainly does and protects as well. Everyone who has seen it have commented on how good it looks. Brilliant phone accessory supplied by mobilefun, no problems at all. will recommend then to my friends when they need new phone covers/protectors.
Thanks for the quick delivery.
Looks nice but doesn't work
It looks very nice but the hard plastic frame is too loose and slips off way to easily. Shame really.
Great piece after reconstruction
Perfect fit, great look - just take the after-lifting one. The first version used to have some problems with loosening and covered the mic - the new one is absolutelly good-made. I am satisfied, for me - number one.
Very good case
I have had this case on my phone now for a few weeks, fits the phone very well and the quality and case lines up very well with the glass screen protector.
Love this case. Not only does it look great it feels great too. The precision the lines on the back feel and look incredible. I haven't dropped my phone yet thankfully so can't say how it'll actually hold up.
An update to my earlyer review, the case actually covers the microphone so when making calls its pretty useless. rather a poor design..
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ben

We actually tested this and as far as we could tell it didn't cause any issues with call quality. Please contact us if you are having problems though.
Looks great
an extremely robust case which looks great on the nexus 5x. The buttons on the case work very well with the device and everything lines up perfectly.

My only issue is with the secondary hard case which is a little loose on the sides without buttons or ports hence only 4 stars.

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