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Verus Hard Drop LG G4 Case - Military Green Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Give your LG G4 optimum protection with the impact-resistant Hard Drop case in military green from Verus.
  • Mobile Fun ID 53272
$26.29 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 22 customers

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Good service, arrived in good order and very happy with product. Recommend supplier. Many Thanks
Excellent product
This case is probably the most well made case I have ever used. It has a very high quality feel about it. It is very robust and solid with a nice matt finish to the metal back. The rubber sides wrap around the bezel of the phone to protect it. It does increase the overall size of the phone quite a bit, but I find it makes the phone much easier to grip and hold. All the ports, speaker, camera and external buttons on the back of the phone are accessible with this case fitted. I would highly recommend this product as it is high quality and excellent value for money.
Excellent Product
Great product well designed and totally suitable for my LG G4 mobile phone. I would recommend this product.
Pretty good
Good case, fits well.

As a bonus there is room to fit a Scosche mount plate between the two halves of the case.

It is a bit sharp around the edges when you hold it.
Tough but elegant
When it arrived, the package is really superb.
I used the cheapest freight but I'm happy that mobilezap sent me an email when it was dispatched and when it's on the way.
The case looks very elegant. All ports are good unlike the comment I saw before. Easy to put. No complains. love it
Tough stuff!
It is not an unnoticed case for such a big device, but it is a real bodyguard!
Built like a Brick
Casually strolling through your website, I stumbled across this beauty. On a whim, I bought it. Why not, I thought?
Once receiving what could only be described as a perfectly wrapped brick, (shipping by the way was a breeze, tracking was perfect) I scampered back into my home with a feverish smile on my face akin only to Gollum regaining his Precious.
Once inside the sanctity of my Batcave, I tore into the package. 10 minutes, a knife, a Drill, a pair of scissors, a hammer, and 3 Redbulls later, I had finally cracked the safe that was the wrapping.
Weight felt great, not too light (indications of being a shabby material) but not too heavy either. Gently jamming my phone into the first piece of synthetic material, I almost thought that the case would be too small, however with a gentle "phbltt" the case popped into place. Perfect fit. Exoskeleton next, I slid that into place as well with a satisfying click. No flex, no play in the case whatsoever. Sturdy. Very well designed. Dropped for effect to ensure protection. Now I have a dent in my floor. Thanks guys. 6 stars.
Little use
Not what I required.As a preventive damage cover for phone ,poor as it only covers the back.OK sides get a lip around.But the most vulnerable part the glass face is unprotected,So as far as I am concerned a waste of money..
I received this case, looking good, nice grip, but no hole on the bottom side for microphone. People say im not loud enough, so its useless this case. i can drop it into the trashcan. each other cheap case have it, but not this one. im disappointed with it.
I'm pleased with the product and value for money
First case for my new phone. From the picture online I thought this case came as 2 layers providing extra protection but it is actually 1 case that you place your phone into as normal. Having said that the case fits nicely over the phone with a good snug fit. It obviously makes the phone bigger and a little heavier but it offers protection against "butter fingers"!! The colour is good, doesn't have a "cheap" gold look to it. I'm pleased with the product and value for money.
Tough and Good Looking Too..
A superb case that ticks all of the boxes. The strong silicon surround edge protects the front of the phone and is raised so no harm in laying phone face down. The top and the bottom of the case offers great protection without losing any access to the ports or functions.
The case is in two parts, but when fully assembled (steel part clips on tightly) it feels as if its one.
Face down it looks great.
Once again, excellent service from Mobile fun. Received promptly the next day! Thank you.
Exceeds expectations
It's nice when you get something that is better than you expected. Firstly, the service was great and arrived next day. Then you receive it in packaging that would survive a near miss from a nuke! But best of all, the case itself - Wow! The G4 isnt small but is is sleek, so to get a protective case that keeps it all sleek is fantastic. It lines up perfectly, this is no cheap case. The rubber edging is tough and will keep your phone safe, I have no doubt. It all just feels so solid and sturdy and well thought out.

This is my first experience with this brand but I can wholeheartedly recommend them if this is typical of Verus. Couldn't be happier overall and my G4 couldnt be in better care. Bravo!
great case great delivery and service
Initially I was sceptical about ordering from this store as I usually buy cases from another major site. Only this time my usual site had absolutely no stock of cases for my new LG G4 phone.

I found this site and with a whole lot of hope I ordered a Verus case. This is where I was converted. The site sent me a few emails confirming purchase and then dispatch. It was literally the next day when returning from work I found a parcel on the door Matt. Well I was shocked to find a perfectly packaged Verus case.

I was so happy to have my new case for a phone I had owned only a day or so. The case fits very well with minimal bulk. I will be buying loads more items from this site from now on.

The company seem to be ahead of all other online companies for stock of cases covers and screen protectors.

Next for me will be a screen protector.
Good case
This case fits the G4 snugly and provides a solid back around the whole phone. The rounded edges makes it easy to hold

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