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Veho Z8 Premium Designer Aluminium Headphones Reviews

Enjoy your music with crystal clarity, defined bass and beautifully balanced sound with the Veho Z8 Headphones in black and silver - with soft leather ear pads and cushioned adjustable headband for a supremely comfortable fit.
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 4.8 stars from 5 customers

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Brilliant sound most compact when folded
Because of where I have my tower situated I needed an extension on the wire, but the headphones are brilliant, very good sound reproduction with virtually no noise for everyone else- watch football and listen to music with no hassle now :)
Brilliant sound most compact when folded
The description was correct, I found the sound quality to be brilliant with good bass, comfortable when worn for a couple of hours, like the folding of the earpieces to make compact- most helpful :)
Great sound
Being a bit of a technophobe, I know nothing about the workings and what's good/bad about this item. I read the reviews and decided these were probably the best for me, not expensive and good quality sound.
I can say that I am not disappointed. Sound quality is better than I anticipated (I only wanted them to listen to programs/music on my iPad at night' as my husband has to get up really early for work so needs a good nights sleep
Amazing Sound
Great Product! Very comfortable on the ears and easy to store with its folding features and retractable cable.
The best part about this product is still the incredible sound it produces. A great product for a respectable price. You get beyond what you pay for.
This is a very good Item
This is a very good Item of its type --- Efficient, Comfortable & comparatively Light-weight.

The only criticism I have is no to do with this Unit in particular but aimed at head-phones in general --- the inevitable fact they tend to come into conflict with my spectacles to the extent that unless I remember to take care, removal of the head-phones can and does mean that my spectacles are also dis-placed!! A minor criticism. I know, but nevertheless annoying to find the dis-placed glasses falling to the floor out of reach!

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