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Veho Vecto 360° Wireless Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Veho Vecto 360° Wireless Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker has been designed for the outdoor lifestyle with its robust chassis and water-resistant housing. It also doubles as a 6000mAh power bank for charging your devices.
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 4.7 stars from 4 customers

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I love this
I was looking for a speaker to use on the go and stumbled on your speaker. I noticed that it also have a SD card slot. I love this and will recommend it to my friends. Thanks.
Fantastic Sound From This Little Speaker!
Great sound from this little speaker, very easy to connect using Bluetooth option on my HTC One but sadly won't connect using Bluetooth to my IPad 3, but not to worry as it can be connected using the headphone socket. This also increases playback time to 20 hours instead of 16 hours using the Bluetooth option. Charging time of 4 hours is also very good although I haven't tried to charge anything from the speaker using it's 6000 mAh battery capacity.
All in all very pleased with the product. Would have given 5* if it had connected using Bluetooth for my IPad 3.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jason

Connecting to the iPad 3 shouldn't be a problem. Ensure your other device isn't connected at the same time as this may be causing the issue you are experiencing.
One of the best speakers I have ever had
There are so many speakers out there it's very hard to find just the right one. Each of them has their benefits and drawbacks. I have had quite a number of portable bluetooth speakers over the last few years and to be honest it has become a bit of an addiction for me. On to the review of the Veho Vecto speaker though. I was extremely impressed with this offering. It has a whole host of features that make this speaker really stand out. In terms of connectibility, this speaker ticks all the boxes. You can connect via bluetooth, NFC, or even the vintage line in. The speaker can be used as a loud speaker for a phone, giving you the options of using your phone hands free. I am not sure how this works or how good the microphone is as I have not tested it out, but it's still a useful feature to have in there I believe. It can charge ones phone as well which will always be a plus. You don't need to carry a power bank with you, not unless you are needing to do some heavy charging. Finally you can insert a micro SD card and play MP3 files with this speaker. It's a shame you can't shuffle or repeat with the micro SD card but at least you can play the files on it. As of this writing I have not tested this feature either but I hope to do so soon. The phone has a nice rubbery texture which should make it fairly waterproof. Even with all those features the speaker is actually lighter than I thought it would be. The most important thing for any speaker is its sound. Given it's size I was actually impressed. It has a very decent volume. There are certain situations where it does sound a little tinny, however this is acceptable given it's size. Even still I was impressed so much with the speaker I felt a compulsion to write a review about it. I wish it came with a carry case, that would have been a nice touch, but I can't fault the device because it's a pleasure to use. Over all I would have to give this speaker nearly top marks for being so feature rich and delivering on the aspects I have tested on it so far. A special mention should go to the cable that comes with it because it's very nifty. It has a micro USB, USB, and line-in all on the same cable. I am very happy with this purchase.

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