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Veho VBC-001 Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Make and receive calls safely when driving with the stylish Veho VBC-001 Bluetooth Car Kit, compatible with all cars and all Bluetooth supported phones.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38325
$41.70 inc. VAT
 3.6 stars from 7 customers

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Good and cheep
This Bluetooth decide is quite good value for money. It is easy to use in the car and has great battery life. It is a little noisy when used at its highest volume settings and can be hard to hear but over all a good buy for 40 bucks
Not quite the Cat's whiskers!
On the positive side, the unit is neat, quite attractive and fits nicely on the visor and was easy to sync with my phone. However my visor is obviously more upright than might have been envisaged by the designers and therefore I cannot see any of the buttons to answer calls or the + and - buttons for volume control. Because of the angle at which it is 'sitting' on my visor, it also seems to keep switching on and off and therefore keeps making tuneful little noises (I'm presuming this is because of the 'person recognition' facility). The volume of the ring tone is quite low and, although my callers can hear me beautifully, I find the clarity for me is poor - quite distorted and unclear and I am not particularly impressed with it for this reason.
Easy to set up & use
This was simple to set up. There were only a few steps to get it going. I always expect that things won't work the first time I try but this did. It detects me entering the car immediately and sets itself up straight away. I do have to raise my voice a little so wouldn't want to have a really long conversation using it. I bought it as I drive around a lot & do deliveries for our business. I now don't have to stop to answer calls. So glad I bought it.
Poor sound quality
Looking for a Bluetooth that can connect to two phones, look no further as this device is what you are looking for. But the sound quality is poor.
Not really that good
This is a neat stylish device with some neat features like multiple connectivity, auto connection and a great battery life, unfortunately it's badly let down by the variable call clarity. Sone calls are crystal clear whilst others are simply impossible to understand due to fuzzy voice reproduction. I'm disappointed.
Stylish,neat and perect
This is first Bluetooth device i have bought ,and a good choice to ,The Veho VBC easy to understand once charged in under 40 minutes ,connect to my phone instantley activation .recognition entering and leaving vehicle amazing ,sound and speech quality perfect ,easy to operate too,i just have to remember to switch kit off when parked overnight to save charge .Best ive seen and used

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