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Veho VAA-010 Triple USB Car Charger - 5.1A Reviews

Charge up to 3 USB devices at the same time with the Veho VAA-010 Triple Port 5.1A Car Charger! This must have car charging accessory will charge your smartphone, tablet and another device simultaneously. Welcome to the only in-car charger you will need.
  • Mobile Fun ID 53954

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$13.26 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 76 customers

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Does what it says on the tin!!
Works well in both cigarette lighter holder and 12V dc socket in car!
works great
easy and convenient for the car
Smart usb fast charger
A very high quality charger with 3 usb charging ports. Each port has different amperage. The charger has a little blue light to indicate that it's on. Works wonders for phones laptops and tablets and at a very good price.
Appears to do what it says
3 usb sockets from the one car port will enable satnav and phone charger with a spare will save a lot of messing about. Have not had a chance to use it yet but looks smart and compact.
Definitely do the job.
Definitely do the job....what more to discuss
Works well
This USB Car Charger works well. With 2 x 2.1A outlets as well as a 1A outlet it covers many possible combinations of devices requiring charging.
Excellent product - everyone in the car is now happy!
Awesome products, highly recommend.
Awesome experience
Got all the items in very good shape and all items were of very good quality.
Very pleased
Very pleased, will charge more than one item without being cumbersome.
This is great!
I can charge my phone and my Bluetooth device AND power my gps unit all at the same time. It's fab and I'm thrilled with it! It looks expensive and it feels like excellent quality. Mobilezap was super fast shipping and their customer service was the best I've come across.
Works great
Very pleased with this - works fab with an iPhone 6 and Audi TT - I haven't yet charged three things at once - but for just one it is great and I have every confidence it will work with all
This works fine in my car and looks nice
This works fine in my car and looks nice. It is comfortably small in size.
At first I thought this device was not compatible with my BlackBerry Priv but it turned out be very compatible and compatible with my Samsung tablet as well.
Well built charger with modern looks and working a treat
Well built charger with modern looks and working a treat, very happy with this device!
Very satisfied. good quality materials. It works stably.
Cool car charger
The LG G5 uses a usb-c charger and I needed one for my car. Mobile fun car charger is perfect, nice and solid, strong and impressive looking. Decent bit of kit that has helped on those days when you need that extra juice on the phone.
Lighter usb charger
Ideal, good quality build and looks great!
practical, utilitarian
port size must be determined by observation
it works
USB adapter works as it should. It charges my phone just fine without any hassles. A good way to make use of the power my car would otherwise waste. :)
Does exactly what it says on the website
Compact and Ideal
This little charger has three ports, and the unit adapts the amperage to whatever you are charging without you having to change the ports. This is a nifty unit; the extra ports are invaluable.
Excellent Package
Everything in this custom pack is exactly that, customized for the Lumia 550. It is well presented and fits like a glove; every item is useful and loaded with quality!
Charger was excellant genuine and original
Charger was excellant genuine and original. Hard to find and miles better than the rubbish elsewhere
in car charger
being able to charge more than just one phone / tablet is great, recommend this in car charger for anyone like me has multiple products lol
Very good
Good and sturdy. Nicely put together.
Fab divice
I bought this in car triple charge hands free kit this saved my £100.00 on a new sat nav now I can use my mobile phone which has an updated sat nav which I can use in the car and keep my phone charged at the same time. Fantastic and a nice looking piece of equipment.
OK - nothing snappy about this item
Excellent Trple USB Csr charger
Plug and play and very easy to use. The charger worked first time and charged my phone quickly. The ordering process from mobilefun.co.uk was professional and self explanatory.
Excellent service
I was quite happy with my purchases, it was a quick and efficient delivery.
Delivery happened as promised and I received everything I ordered in my phone package for my Nexus.
I would recommend this company .
It was definitely worth the money I spent.
Overall I was very satisfied with the service and the value for money.
Very satisfacory
The package proved to be just what was required and very satisfactory in every respect. Now in constant use.
good products
fast no problem delivery very good products work every time bean using for a long time
Very Good.
Power's phone, kindle and hudl2 from 24v truck supply. Would purchase again if more supply's required.
Needed this
Was happy with this. They sent a lead with it also. All the products needed to charge in the car.
fab charger
This tiny charger has 2 fast ports and a single standard port, its small and fits well with no rattles. does what is should do very well..
Plug and charge
This device far exceeds car chargers I have had in the past. with so much power available I can use the sat nav in the phone and always have a full battery to make calls and take photographs, when away from the car.
Good product
This item was bought as part of a package .I am pleased with the in car charger with 3 USB for charging my apple iPod as I drive. There were also charging cables for Apple which also work fine
Good and fast delivery, quality products.
very good piece of kit.
Handy piece of kit for your car as you can charge three phone's at the same time whilst the driver can stay hand's free and safe to drive
It charges
But there are three ports, allegedly three different rates of current draw: 1.0A, 2.0A and 2.1A. After trying each one, they all charge at the same slow rate. Battery still discharges if the screen is on, so I'm assuming the only current rating that's correct is the lowest one 1.0A. But at least it works, for now.
It is all good
Charges fine
3 is not a crowd
A great little charger which works well with my iphone, S6 and iPad. Small enough as not to get in teh way and to pop in the glove box when not needed. Very useful to have the usb ports marked with the output on the device. The charging time is incrediblly quick as was the delivery time from this company. Well worth the money.

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