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Veho Pebble Smartstick Portable Charger 2000mAh - Pink Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your smartphone's battery topped up with this small and compact universal portable battery pack in pink by Veho, designed to charge virtually any small mobile device.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37363

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 4.5 stars from 140 customers

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Does exactly what it says
Bought this item for when im out and about and needed a little charge in my phone. Perfect for pockets and bags everyone should have one.
Compact and Portable - Very Handy
This was one of four products purchased and all four have been really well received. This little gadget is very handy to have. It isn't massively powerful but when you are about to run out of batter and you can pull this little number from your bag and plug straight in that's all you need to tide you over until you are able to resume full charge from the mains. Very handy and worthwhile. Customer service, speed of delivery was also outstanding and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this website for new customers and repeat ordering for myself. Overall outstanding service!
I think these are great chargers as when I am on my computer I just charge up ready for on the go package was great and next day service
Great little piece of kit
Goes in my grand daughters handbag. Now she has no excuse not to call or when she does saying it is just a quick call as her battery is running out. Gave it to her for her birthday and got a call by return saying she had used it already as it was charged up when she got it. Well done for keeping us in touch!
No good for Galaxy Note 10.1
Great for teh samsung phone but not even the original cables from note will enable charging....a pity!
A very practical solution
Wish I'd known about this sooner..better late than never!..great gadget to solution battery charge in the go..fantastic
Life saver
After running out of battery a couple of times recently, I decided that the time was right for a battery back up. Mobile fun sent an email with a link to thr pebble smart stick, for what I thought was a reasonable price.charge up the stick before a weekend in Krackow, used it twice over the weekend to fully charge my phone when running low. Charged it up on return and now don't go out without it if I'm not going to be home within 8 hours.
Pebble Smartstick is awesome
Love, love, love the Pebble smartstick. I can charge my iPhone or ipad anywhere I need. Don't know why someone didn't think of this earlier! Definitely recommend it!!
Pebble Smartstick is awesome
Love, love, love the Pebble smartstick. I can charge my iPhone or ipad anywhere I need. Don't know why someone didn't think of this earlier! Definitely recommend it!!
Won't work
I have tried several times to get this to work, it says comes with charge but I charged it for a while the red light was on so I presume it was charging it, when I connect to my iPhone nothing happens-not too happy with-:(
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jennifer, we are very sorry to hear that the product you received had a fault. It sounds as if you have unfortunately received a faulty unit. If you could return this to us using our free collect plus service then we would be more than happy to send yo
It works
Small, pocket size, not too heavy and very effective it does what it claims to do.
Good Portable Charger
Works fine as described. Very pleased with product.
not charging the phone
Received the charger, charged it up until the blue light came on. Was out on the road and partially charged the phone for 30 mins, tried again 3 hours later, and nothing. Recharged the Pebble, and could not get it to charge the original phone, nor another S4 - so the Pebble is the common denominator....

Can't recommend it.
MobileFun Reply
Sounds like you may have a faulty unit, please follow our returns procedure.
Always wanted one of these
Came ready charged and works really well. Small enough to carry around and comes with a variety of adaptors. One small point is that I still haven't worked out when you know this is fully charged, the light was on when I plugged it into the PC, does this go out when full!!! doesn't really say on the instructions. Still a valuable piece of equipment that is easily carried around.
If only I had one of these in January
I went skiing just after Xmas and my wife fell behind as we came down the mountain........my phone died on me and I could have really used this brilliant device to help me locate her......she had taken a tumble and had broken her pelvis and without a working phone it took hours before I could get her off the mountain and into hospital. I never go anywhere without it now; in my opinion it's a 'must have' device.
Just what i needed
Amazing product. Just what you need for those "oh crap I got no battery" moments
I would highly recommend this product
Does just what I'd hoped
I use a training app on my iPhone, but the constant GPS reading hammers the battery so that I only got about 6 hours life. The Pebble gives a 100% recharge when inactive, but still charged to 86% while continuing to use the GPS app. Brilliant product.
useful when travelling
I bought this item 3 months ago and was very happy to use it while travelling. however, the bit that goes into my Samsung ACE 3 phone for charging has snapped and I am now trying to find a replacement for the cable. not very happy but will contact Mobile Fan to see if they can help. Liz
Already proved invaluable
This portable charger enabled me to continue to take notes at a meeting when my phone was out of juice. Worked brilliantly.
perfect travel charger
What a great item.. just used it when out cycling and I as totally lost with my phone nearly out of charge. Plugged this beauty in and it gave my phone a good charge to get me home with the Sat nav running. Without it I would have been, well you get the picture. Buy one you won't be disappointed.
Just a great little device
I bought this charger primarily for holidays. As I use my phone a lot for photos it will soon come in handy. No more running out of juice.
Very Good
Small but powerful battery charger, i have used this only once so far and i have been impressed, sufficed to say it fully charged a HTC One M8 from about 25% to 100% in about 1 hour 30 mins.

Only compliant is that it did get a bit warm when charging the phone but its no big deal.
The service was great. The order was quick and the delivery was amazing.
Very Happy, thank you
Excellent product
I bought this charger stick as a backup for when I go out for the day. I need to have charge on my phone for medical reasons. This comes ready charged and it's easy to recharge using the supplied USB lead. An excellent, good value product.
No more battery Worries.
This has been a life saver for me, no more keeping my phone on airplane mode to save battery as I know this pebble is in my bag for emergencies.

So easy to use straight from packet, charged it until light turned blue, then when my battery went down to 20% plugged the pebble in and charged my phone up to 95%, happy is an understatement as know I now can travel without battery worries.

This is a bargain, other makes charge a lot more for similar devices but this is worth every penny, would definitely buy again .
I found that my Samsung ACE 3 phone's battery runs out very fast and looking for a handy charger while on the go I found this wonderful smartstick.Easy to charge from the normal phone charger and take with you wherever you go. It charges 75% of the battery which is enough for a few hours.The smartstick has 5 different 'heads' and can charge different types of phones my daughter uses it for her Iphone to. very happy with the smartstick
This device is very small and easy to take around, it also keeps a decent amount of charge, in my opinion, it was a great buy!
Veho Pebble Smartstick Emergency Charger - Black
Fantastic Product, just as publicized..
Very happy
My product arrived on time. I am totally thrilled with my battery. It has save me worry that I will be stuck in an airport and my Kindle will die on me and then I will have nothing to read.
Thank you.
pebble smart stic
This is a nice small charger.
Just what I need (and it comes with a sock!)
Compact, neat and attractive and with a nifty little sock to keep it scratch free. Hopefully it will avoid having to put my S3 on charge before the end of each day.

The only disappointment - the carry pouch for the tips is a very flimsy plastic bag. Would have been better if the instruction booklet hadn't mentioned there was one.
Solves a serious problem
Is a great relief to be able to carry this around, knowing that I always have one more charge available. It was a good plan to add the lights to indicate charging and usage activity while the "sock" stops it rattling and banging in my bag. Very glad I've got one.
My Little Recharger
Well, what can I say? Does what it's supposed to do. You can charge up the Pebble Smartstick, pop it in your bag or pocket....and you know if your all singing, all dancing mobile dies on you, you have all you need to bring it back to life!
Great if you're out and about and maybe taking photos too - no chance of missing that important call or that perfect picture. Yet to test how long device holds its charge once powered up...but very happy with my Pebble....
Little life-saver
I needed a discrete device on my travels to guarantee I had power for communication etc. This powerful little charger comes with connections and adaptors for everything I have.
It charges up fast and passes its charge on to any device with a simple, short fitting arrangement. So simple you can use your device whilst it is charging.
My iPhone is always dying at the most unhelpful times and I've been on the lookout for a portable charger. I didn't like the idea of a charging case as I prefer the slimline shape of my phone. This had mixed reviews but I couldn't praise it enough. Charged up quickly and charged my iPhone from flat to 100% battery very quickly. I would definitely recommend this.
Re charge when you need it
Received the Smartstick within a few days of ordering and has turned oyt to be the most useful accessory I have purchased. It is simple to use and gives a full charge to my phone in about 15 minutes. Looks well and charges very easily from my laptop.

Great service all round from mobile fun. Will certainly be recommending to family and friends.
Just in the nick of time
The day after I got the Pebble Smartstick I immediately put it to good use as my mobile was completely discharged and I was away from office. It really served its purpose
Life saver when travelling
the Pebble smartstick charger has made such a difference to my life. I was always having trouble when on the road and had been caught without a phone to use because the battery was
flat. Thank you
pebble battery charger
brought for traveling with two phones saves changing sim card over when battery goes flat on one phone. its not a fast recharge but can use phone while connected to charger
Very useful, does exactly what it says
Works really well as a compact emergency charger. Delivered really quickly and efficiently.
An excellent buy.
Portable charger
It is a great little device. I would have preferred a better case so that the charger was more secure
A must have for smart phone addicts
I bought this for my wife, my wife is like most people these days, very rarely puts her phone down and is always telling me her battery may die when I'm on the phone to her. This is ideal for her, it holds one full charge for her iphone. Great product, well made and a must have for smartphone addicts.
Smartstick Emergency Charger
Excellent little product. It comes supplied with fittings for various phones and a knitted sock to protect it. There is also room in the sock for the cable with the micro usb and usb so they can be kept together for immediate use. Small, and compact and well worth having as backup when you are not near a power outlet. My teenage grandsons want one too now, but not necessarily in purple :)
Pebble smart stick
Wow! What can I say, firstly the customer service support I received was second to none! And as for the devise it was well worth the price as my iPhone doesn't keep charge but I can keep this in my hand bag and know I've always got a back up. I'm so impressed with the whole customer experience I've purchased another one and will be giving it to a member of my family who has the same problem with their iPhone so thank you mobile fun for your assistance.
Excellent, once it's fully charged
An easy to use, simple device that does seriously give your phone battery some extra life! It is small enough to be held with the phone while connected and is therefore extremely travel friendly.

The only issue is that it does seem to take a while to fully charge after it has been used/drained.
Neat little battery pack
This seems a good product I hope that I will never be left with a flat battery again
Pocket Chargers
Have not received these items yet. So can't give a rating.
Now I can always reach my granddaughter
My granddaughter has a habit of flattening her phone battery. The Veho Pebble has solved the problem..It's easy to use and works well.
She opened her stocking present early
Just what she needed to keep her iPhone always powered up. Although it arrived so promptly she opened it before Christmas while I was away in France. At least now she can't say her batteries ran out when I call.
The Ideal Portable Charger!!
This portable, discreet and very robust charger is just ideal. Very slim and slick design, charges up in no time, and so easy in any small compartments in bags,purses and pockets!
A must have item for anyone who is constantly on the go!
A nifty gadget.
Small and compact enough to fit in a purse or a pocket, always ready to charge up your phone when you need it.
Just plug into your usb port on your laptop/computer to keep this handy little gizmo happy and fully charged.
Every mobile user should have one and at the price, would be foolish not to. After all, how many times have we all been caught out with out mobile battery going flat on us?
useful asset
Have only used this once after heavy internet usage whilst in the city and it worked well. A good buy as it is rechargeable unlike some other products on the market which have a limited life and are not much cheaper. Have also bought one in pink for my wife who is yet to use it.

Prompt service as usual
Great! :)
The pebble needed 2-3 hours charge before I used it (the red charger light changes from red to blue when ready.)

Started with 12%, used the stick whilst facebook messaging, emails and twitter - charged me up to 85% power which is fine!

Tested it again from 9% and switched it off and 91% when it finished!

All in all a great product. Its also great that I don't have to carry two connections for the Samsung. :)
Just what everybody needs
excellent small product, that you can take with you everywhere and can be a life saver when you are out of battery life. Just make sure you have fully charged it before you take out with you and another benefit is you can charge various different items as long as you have the correct usb cable!
Happy Wife
Wify wanted something small and hard with loads of power, quick and easy to use, this was perfect,so she kept me as well.
ideal for holiday
small compact but music quality is great.
Ear phones nice and comfy to wear for long periods of litening
Compact & Effective
Previously used a powermonkey but got frustrated at having to take yet another charging lead around.

Just needing the usb/micro usb lead for both re-charging the stick and charging phone is a real bonus.

Good looking, comes with own storage sock. Little heavier than I was expecting.
Sticker on the front said ready to use. It wasn't, apart from that its great!!!!
Handy Charger
Really enjoying this charger. Great to stick in purse or suitcase. Needs to be charged if it has sat unused for more than a few days.
Small, efficient and cost effective
A small, compact device to provide extra or emergency charge for my phone and tablet.. Easy to maintain and charge and small and light for storage.
PURPLE POWER Veho Pebble Smartstick Emergency Charger - Purple
The spare charger was used the day after it arrived and it was quick, easy and efficient. Allowed enough extra time for finishing some work on the way home, leaving evening free. Fantastic.
Fast, quick and easy.
Fabulous little piece of kit. Tiny and fits into my handbag, smaller than my wallet. Charged my iPhone from 10% to 100% in 15 mins. I switched it off for this. Also then charged my iPad from 34% to 89% while I was using it. Still not needed to recharge it either!
This little Pebble Smartstick is great! Today i receive it and i love it! When my Samsung is out of power i just connect this little tech to my device and start charging my phone immediately! :)
Nice device
Stulish simple device to charge your phone with no need to have your charger with.
It takes more time to charge your phone with this but it has allready saved me
Only charge 50% of HTC one battery
This emergency charger has 2200 ma as mentioned in the specs, my HTC one is 2300 ma. That means it should charge HTC one up to 100% or little less. what happened with me is that it only charges the One to about 50%.
veho emergency charger
Well this emergency chargrer is good
U can csry it rverywhere u go..am just using it
So not tht much to comment. Thnx anyway.to the
Brilliant gizmo
Very useful. so much so I am buying one each for the family for pressies!
This is a well made and solid item. It has a good weight to it and there are no protruding edges to catch on clothing or 'handbags'.
The cable is of good quality and the union between it and the various connectors is solid,so they won't part when you accidently drop the charger while attached to your device. There is a bright blue LED for when the device is charging at it lacks something to indicate that it is fully charged! An in all an excellent bit of kit.
Great emergency charger
A really useful gadget as smartphone batteries often only last a day before needing a charge. This has saved me on a couple of occasions when my battery has gone flat after lots of use of my phone where there was no other means to charge it.

The 2200 mah smartstick can fully charge my Samsung Galaxy S2 from flat. You do need to keep the phone off whilst emergency charging for best results. The emergency charger can't push charge in quickly enough if using the phone whilst charging and you may find your phone switching off. Used to recharge with the phone off and the smartstick does exactly what it should!

Build quality is good and the smartstick takes about 3 to 4 hours to charge up from a PC USB port.

Overall very pleased with this gadget!
Very nice!!!
I love that extra battery and its very comfortable to carry it in my bag and do that promise.
The only defect is that need five to six hours to charge the stick but for me its ok.
Handy little gadget
Handy little gadget, compact, just right to put in handbag !
Fifty percent ain't bad I suppose.
I purchased two items and one in purple mine, the other in pink the wife's the boss.only my one works her one does not hold its charge and of course I am involved along with you in some plot and we don't want her to have a fully charged anything ,,,,, me i am over the moon mine works fine so I can't see her problem apart from this one thing you still get 15 out of ten from me '
This is just what I needed!!
Very good!! Most especially when we are outdoors on a picnic and the mobile charge goes off and needed urgently!!
Ideal gift for anyone who needs portable charger
I have used this product constantly since I bought it. I made the purchase as my phone battery was being used up playing games. This unit is ideal for recharging without the need for mains power. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors, camping etc can top up the charge without the worry of where to find mains power
Eminently portable and easy to use.
Easy to use, carry in bag and quickly charges phone
Pebble stick
Great little device hoping to be able to use for customer gifts (though not purple! - that's a bit girlie!)
Works fine - almost 100%
I read two reviews, which was not so positive, before buying the Pebble so I decided to make my own test.
I charged the Pebble for 7h (one night) and in the morning the blue light had turn red wich I assumed was a sign saying it is fully charged.
I then plugged in the Pebble to my Galaxy S3 which then had only 5% battery left. After 2 hours and 20 minutes my S3 went up to 87% battery power and the Pebble was empty.
So it charged my S3 in 2h20m with 82% power which is quite acceptable I think.
In the description it says it holds 2200mA which would be correct then if the S3 battery is 2600mA and the Pebble delivered 87% to the S3.
So, all in all, I would definately recommend this device to other buyers!
I give it 5 stars!
Still to be tested properly, initial impression ok
When I received it, it clearly stated it was charged and ready for immediate use. I tried it, it didn't work. initially thought it was broken but charged it (no initial charge instructions I.e. overnight or just til light goes out). Presumed couple of hours, until indicator light went out, was sufficient.

Seems to work, I.e. charges phone now, but yet to asses its overall worth and capacity.

Been meaning to get a device like this for a while, just most are really expensive so I carry a charger, and car charger.

Not many reviews but thought I'd chance it. Not disappointed yet. All good!
Only just received the device,and not had time to use it. but I've noticed there's nothing in the instructions on how much time the device needs to recharge after first use....
Lets hope its as good as it looks!
Only For Emergencies
Don't plan on using this device to fully charge your smart phone. At best, it will bring your phone to a 60 or 70% charge. New smartphones have a 2200ma battery internally. this unit might bring them to only a 50% charge.
The Veho Pebble is good for that emergency call but don't depend on it as a back up battery charger. With my Nexus 4, the best it can do is bring it from a 47% charge to 77%.
I would not bother to buy one again knowing this.
Important and excellent tool
Using the Iphone all day emails, messaging, Skype, Viber, watching films need to charge twice a day. The Veho Pebble Smartstick charger was quick, amble charge and easy to use, charge and carry. Very good value for money
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