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Veho MUVI X-Lapse 360 Rotating Camera Mount Reviews

Perfect for budding photographers, the Veho MUVI X-Lapse can be used to mount your compact camera, DSLR or smartphone to create panoramic shots and sweeping time-lapse movies.
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 4 stars from 60 customers

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wrongly marketed
I have no problems with the quality. However I think this should me targeted on the serious camera enthusiast as I cant see many mobile phone owners being happy to leave their camera on stop frame (if they could set that up) for an hour! the cheaper rotating mobile phone holder is far more practical for this application
Looking forward to using on location.
Bought on a whim by an avid photography nut ! Looking forward to using both with my mobile and Go Pro cameras. Impressed by design + finish, the built-in feet and its universal compatibility. don't like the clockwork sound. Need to concentrate on motion direction (practice!). Should be fun !
Great kit accessory
Ok it was a present and broke but it's being replace but what a great piece to keep in your kit bag
Great Product
Fantastic kit My first broke but has been replaced, The idea and usage is fantastic results ... Well made not sure why the first broke but I have hope thathe 2nd will be perfect.
Not for mobiles
May have inadvertently mistaken this item for a 360 auto mount for taking 360 photos using your mobile phone. THE Mistake was that this is a time lapse 360 mount for dedicated outdoor cameras (weather proof) taking 60min to do a full 360.

I was looking for a 360 in like 10-60 sec.
Good fun gadget
This is a simple to use good fun gadget ideal for smartphones or small cameras. I have not tried it but doubt it would be suitable for a DSLR with heavy lens but at this price a very good buy.
What a wicked bit of kit this is,tried it on the main camera worked like a dream.Still have to play with the Phone camera but it should also work wll.
very helpful
For landscapes I use
Good for the money
Pleased with item,used with gopro Hero 4. It is a posh egg timer with the benefit of a tripod stand insert as well as a stand alone unit. I have researched many items of this nature and basically all the same but this one was cheaper than most so thought I give it a go. It has a very smooth action and is quite robust. I was researching a timer that can be adjusted from 1 Hour to 2 hours for night lapse or a unit that can be time adjusted,but for the money; Im happy with this unit.
Good could be better
Used my gopro Hero4 on time lapse. Although I only recorded 30 minutes (180 deg) on time lapse the rotation on play back it was quite a fast pan. On the plus side movement was very stable. It is based simply on an egg timer. It would and could be better if the movement could be adjusted. This model is 360 deg = 1 hour an adjustment to slow down to 360 deg = 2 hours would be good.
Holder doesn't work
The pan is good.
But the holder doesn't hold my iphone nicely and safely. And it doesn't hold in a straight position either. It leans.
Great for timelapse
Great addition to those who like to shoot timelapse videos. Reasonably priced and good quality!
Beginner to Pro
If your a dedicated beginner then this is for you. Forget about all the expensive stuff. With this bit of kit you automatically become a pro.and at a fraction of the cost, than the most profesional expensive cameras.
Best thing I ever purchased.
Simple operation and setup
The description was not clear I was hoping for clockwise and anti clockwise operation but it will do the job that I want.
Limited use
I only saw the word panorama. Great I thought. No speed control, so it is only useful for time-lapes photos. No good for a smart phone panorama shots.
Great fun device
Works very well for cameras and camera phones, but the timer mechanism is a little noisy
Well, it's basically a modified cooking timer that goes up to an hour - but a very clever idea. Can put a 'phone or camera on it easily, and take photos! Be aware you would probably not use this for a normal panorama - it's too slow. You would normally use this for creating a movie using multiple stills - eg once every ten seconds or so over an hour. Build quality is ok - not amazing, so would want to be careful not to damage it. Overall, definitely a neat little toy to put in the bag.
360 time lapse for Sony Z3
Brought the time lapse mount for my Sony Z3. Works well with small camera screw mount but the clip provided for mobile phone is generic and does not hold the Z3 firmly. needs channel inside clip to hold specific size phones.
Will probably only use it on my camera.
I love this gadget
Muvi adds style to my time-lapse projects with a gentle panning up to 360 degrees in one hour - its a great idea. Its design is well thought out with a tripod mount and smartphone clamp giving me plenty of options. I had lots of fun experimenting with this and can't wait to get out in the country to really show off some scenery with it.
Simple and effective
At last I can create an effective, professional looking panoramic video by allowing this clever machine do the work.
The simple idea of the longer you leave it running the greater the circumference filmed is obvious and that is as technical as it gets. The rest is up to you A small amount of imagination as to the most effective positioning, length of time necessary and a small tweak in your editing software, if required, and hey presto you're friends will be impressed.
Great gadget. For less than 20 Euro i was able to turn my iPhone into a powerful timelapse device.
Nice one!
Working well, tick tick tick...
time laps mount
This is a fun and great way to capture time laps at a great price. Just remember to download a time laps app. I liked it so much I bought two.
Not Turning
First I tried a dry run and the bell that was to ring failed then upon mounting a camera the unit failed to turn. This may be a one off but for those who require a 360% time lapse there is no adjustment and a full turn takes one hour.
Veho MUVI X-Lapse 360 Rotating Camera Mount
This item is well made and works as described. However had I read the details more carefully I would have noticed that it takes 1 hour to rotate through 360' and I would not have placed an order. As the Samsung S3 can create a panoramic photo in less that a minute, I will probably never use it as intended. I will simply use it to mount the phone on a tripod and pan manually.
perfect and simple to use
The X.lapse rotating camera mount works perfektly fine with any phone that can be used with a time-lapse app! It works as an egg timer - you wind it up to the time mark you want and it starts moving. the extractable legs adds stability when in use. Its the size of a tennisball and weighs not much at all. Would be perfect if a tripod was inlcuded so that it could be elevated above ground.
Muvi x-lapse is a great little tool for experiencing moving time-lapse movies. It does exactly what it says.
Efficient for panoramas
Efficient for panoramas. It has been put to work since the day I received it. It has only one disadvantage, in case of filming. It ticks during rotation and so it would be better to remove the sound during montage.
360 Pictures
I love my photography, I love taken different types of pictures, I have always wanted to take 360 degree pictures with my D-SLR but too expensive. Now with the S4 I can do this and with good results. My first 360 was in the office where I work every one thought it was great. I have done landscapes, town scapes and anything else that I will think of. The Veho is very good and fun to use. If you like taking panoramic pictures, this is the item for you. just be aware of the sun you have to shield the camera as it goes round, if not you will loose you picture for that time, it's like putting a lens hood on your SLR. The only down side I think it has, there is only one turning speed, I would have liked a slightly faster speed.
for Work and for (mobile)Fun
i've used thie device for fun. just for making timelapse videos of the clouds, or the view in sunset from our apartment. it was great.
i've also used it for work. i've made a very nice t-lapse of a fashion show arena.
attach the MUVI to a gorilla, or just put it down on a table... it works perfect.
I expected to be able to adjust the speed of rotation - but it takes an hour to rotate 360 degrees, not good for a quick panorama
New use for cooking timers.
This is a conversion to old fashioned clock work kitchen / cooking timers. Shame they didn't leave the bells in so that when the times up it would ring .. it does tick rather loudly though so when it goes quiet your cooking is done. ;-))
Amazing Product
What an amazing product. So versatile and compact with all sorts of possibilities for use.
A great buy. Highly recommend
Great unique gadget
I love this, it was given to me as a Xmas present and have used it loads. Everyone I show it to is also amazed. I think the results will vary depending on what app you use with it. the free ones aren;t that great. I use OSnap which cost £1.99
Better then Camalapse 3
I work in the film industry and this camera accessory is perfect for either personal use or professional use.

Portable and easily adaptable for me to take on location and also use for multiple devices such as my iPhone and my GoPro.

The bell is a good feature as it lets me know once my time lapse is complete so saves precious battery on any device that I might be using.

You cannot change the speed of the X-Lapse but if you purchase 2 and stack them on top of each other, you can do 1 FULL rotation on 30 mins.
just right for the job
well made does what is says on the tin !!!
No one mentioned the bell
It looked promising on the website, but it's useless for a lot of timelapse photography.

There's a camera tripod screw on top and the plastic holder for phones or tablets that screws in is neat.

However, when Veho glued their plastic cover and feet to the kitchen timer inside, they didn't remove the bell. So the Muvi rotating camera can't be used anywhere quietly without the bell going off once the revolution completes (or the timer returns to zero).

Unfortunately no mention of the bell on the MobileFun product description. Wouldn't have bought it if I thought it would disturb conferences or church services being filmed/snapped.
Well made but limited use
This device is nicely made with mount for standard tripod and fitting for standard camera if required. Alternatively it comes with stabilising feet and mount for mobile device.
Having said that I was very disappointed with the device, I was hoping to be able to take automatic and smooth panoramic photos with my iPhone 5 - this is not possible with the device. I was expecting to use the device to do a 360˚ spin in about 10 seconds, ie have the ability to vary the speed.
I feel that the sales advert did not make clear its purpose, which is to take video over a set time span.
You can take a 360˚ video which WILL take 1 hour.
You can take a 180˚ video which WILL take 30mins.
A 90˚ will take 15 mins to rotate etc.
So for me it has severely limited use. I hope this extra detail helps your decision whether to buy or not.
Useful Kitchen Timer
Ok that may be a little draconian but this item is just that, a kitchen timer with screw threads. It does have good points , it provides a very stable little base for taking pictures of the grandkids at home however apart from not being sure how many people would want to take 360degree time lapse photos over an hour long period which by the way only works if your camera can actually do time lapse , you can get apps for most smart phones though.
On the minus side although useful for holding a smart phone the grip on that particular holder lacks rubber grips and my phone easily slid out of it also there is no tilt. Possibly it would be ok on a mini tripod but that makes it rather expensive just to use the clip. Another drawback is the fold out feet which would have been much better if they actually folded out the opposite way making the thing easier to wind up.
All in all in my own opinion this item could have been much better thought out but that's just my opinion if you want to spend hours taking pictures in circles that's fine too.
Great for doing what it's designed to do
Very easy to use, with good accessories. Compact and stable. Especially with the extending feet. Can be mointed on tripod for extra stability and positioning.
Would have been nice if you could alter the speed of rotation (limited to a total of 1 hours filming whilst rotating).
Egg timer
This is an egg timer for £30 ! You get the impression that you can take time lapse with this and you can. You get the app your self. This is a rip off and no mistake. It works but then an egg timer works for a couple of pounds. Not impressed at all. It is a mechanical device and when it finishes turning a bell goes off.
Great fun and quality
This clockwork camera/phone mount revolves giving a really impressive view to Lapse time photography.
I use 'Lapse It' app from the Android Play market which is an excellent app - either get the free one with ads or pay 1.99 for the Pro adless version.
This clockwork revolving mount has feet to allow for a stable fixing and also has a tripod fixing to allow a camera to sit on a tripod and rotate. This item is a must have and makes for amazing time lapse videos. Thoroughly recommend it and you won't find it for such great value from anyone else than MobileFun.

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