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Veho Ayrton Senna Pebble Smartstick+ 3000mAh Portable Charger Reviews

The stylish Ayrton Senna Signature Collection Pebble Smartstick+ emergency portable battery pack charger for mobile devices has been enhanced with an increased 3000mAh power supply, ergonomic re-design with protective screw on port dust cap.
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 4.5 stars from 54 customers

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Really nice pack very light and small enough for bag or pocket
This pebble power pack is a really good piece of kit. unfortunately it will not charge my phone which is a galaxy s 7edge
very disappointed as I liked the item very much. It's very neat and lightweight.
A treasure
As a long time fan of Ayrton Senna da Silver, I was delighted to come across a memorable item, which is also affordable. And better still, it is something really useful. Thank you Veho.
Very good
Looks good does job granddaughter always got power now no excuse to keep in touch when out she
This power pack looks great
This power pack looks great, fits easily into the pocket and it's hot......I mean really hot! It does it's job but I almost can't hold it when it's plugged in to my phone which for me is a big draw back.
Great product looks good
just what I was looking for to keep my mobile topped up I'm always forgetting to charge it up so just the job tks
Bulky and quite heavy
I bought three of these for my children and whilst they appear to be of good quality my early experience is that they do not retain the charge for long and appear to need regular and frequent topping up efforts. The appearance is great but a different type of mobile charger that I had bought for myself last year, retains enough charge for at least two devices for at least two months.
Don't take as carry on luggage on an Aircraft.
Great portable charger, especially at this price but it lacks the printed details of its capacity and output on the casing. This was bought to replace a different make of power pack which I bought from here last year. That item was taken off me at customs at an airport because of the lack of these printed details. I only had carry on luggage and so they confiscated it.
I use a Garmin Cycle computer and wanted to be able to charge it on really long days. It has a Mini USB adaptor which is very rare to find these days. It is ideal for my purposes but I will make sure this travels with my bike in the hold and not with me.
Quality construction, a lot of connectors, pretty sock and large capacity. I can recommend.
Magic speedy charger which is very portable
The name suggests a fast bit of kit -- well this is 100% correct magic speedy charger which is very portable and does everything it says on the label
Not often do I congratulate myself on a top purchase
does the job
this item certainly looks good and it does the job just like it says tks
Great Kit
I have been looking for a good battery bank for a while that is easily transportable in various bags to give additional power for both mobile and tablet when travelling.
The Smartstick fulfils my requirements on all fronts. It was a little larger than anticipated but when considering 3000mAh capacity a suitable size. So far has fully charged S3 Mini 3 times with one charge of Smartstick.
Overall delighted with choice.
great idea
A great item it looks good holds a great charge and itis easy to carry in your pocket

I would recommend this to all
Great charger
This item was delivered days before I expected and has exceeded my expectations. Charging it from the mains does not take long and it provides virtually two full charges for my Samsung Galaxy. It's ideal for camping. I bought one for a long weekend at Le Mans and it kept me going from Friday evening to my return home on Monday evening.
Super Cool Smartstick
Have been really confused about what type of extra portable power to invest in...and then I saw this, so took the plunge at last!! A really useful and stylish lightweight piece of kit that will be useful anywhere and at any time. Love it, and so glad to have been brave at last!!?!
Warranty replacement
I bought the pebble smart stick as I often found that I needed an emergency charge whether it be at work or stuck in a field at a festival. I used it on numerous occasions and found it to be a vital bit of kit and could get a full charge and another 50 % charge when the smart stick recharged. Unfortunately after about 8 months the charging point on the pebble smart stick became detached internally which meant that I couldn't recharge the device, I contacted mobile fun. Explained the problem. Within 4 days I had a brand new pebble smart stick as it was within its 12 month warranty at zero cost to me.
Good Product
Slightly larger than I anticipated. Takes it from very practical size to a fraction big. Still a nice, practical, stylish, premium looking product. Take note: Stated on packet 'comes fully charged' - it doesn't, resulting in a bad situation and annoyance for me. Lost a star for this. 4/5 otherwise.
A very handy device for recharging your mobile on the move, the usb feature enables all kinds of devices to be charged, good concept.
Senna pebble smartstick
Speedy delivery, fantastic product, ideal for when away to festivals to charge up my phone
Exactly What I Needed
The only element that lets this down is the clip, it's very flimsy & I would never trust it to safely secure the pebble to my bag.

Other than that it feels & looks fantastic, it charged my HTC in a couple of hours from flat & still had charge to give.
Very clever piece of kit.
The smartstick arrived in good time, as promised and is a superb unit, which will be very useful. Ideal for keeping my mobile charged in all cicumstances.
Very Portable and already saved my life on the second day, charger broke.. needed to meet my friend in central, plugged my phone into it in my pocket and it charged it from 0% to 63%. For £20 awesome investment and I can see it saving me many more times to come.
Very Portable and already saved my life on the second day, charger broke.. needed to meet my friend in central, plugged my phone into it in my pocket and it charged it from 0% to 63%. For £20 awesome investment and I can see it saving me many more times to come.
Radical. ........Dude
Just what I wanted. Juice on the go. My partner has a serious illness, so I need my phone 24/7.....this product takes that stress away.......no matter how much I use the phone for me, I now have a product to keep my battery topped........real peace of mind.
Compact size, good looks and useful clip
I have bought several other "lipstck" style chargers for self and family. This one is thinner than the others, is masculine enough looking to please the husband and does the job of charging (about 1-1/2 times) perfectly. Only caveat: replaced the cord that came with it with as separate chargers heads are always annonying.
Aryton Senna pebble power pack
Never had one of these before so gave it a go . I have to say very impressed not only did I fully charge my phone it had power to spare. Charging was fairly quick and caused no problems at all. Hand size sits in your vehicle or back pack ready to use. I
Got four charges before I needed to top up
The pebble . Well worthgetting
Portable charger
When received the item, it was larger than expected, was expecting something that I could connect to my key ring (guess I didn't read the full description) . Was also expecting a short lightning cable to plug into a iPhone 6 but again a little disappointed with the supplied cable and connrctor adapters supplied. Yes It does work but was looking for something special geared toward the iPhone 6
This Portable Charger is Great
I brought this as a birthday present for my partner. He loves Ayrton Senna F1 and also wanted a portable charger. When I found this I was over the moon and I have given it to him and he loves it. It does everything you need from a portable charger and it's also compact and I am really happy with it. I recommend it to all and the extras are great as well. 100% great useful top gift.
Great product
Quality item, easy to use with all the connectors I need with the normal fast despatch from Mobile Fun, forget the sock though it won't last.
Ayrton Senna Pebble Smartstick
Bought this smartstick for my son, who is travelling with the school this year. Although the first one I received was faulty Mobile fun replaced it immediately without quibble. The second one works perfectly and that fact that it has the Ayrton Senna badge just adds to how cool it is as far as my son is concerned. It is easy to carry around as it is nice a compact.
Cool looking
this is an ideal gift for a teenager who can not functions without the use of there mobile phone. it can give mobile phones two full charges, so if you are on a camping or a even glamping holiday where there is no access to electric this could save your teenage child from becoming a stroppy teenager. its is compact and cool looking. and very reasonably priced.
Very good for the size of the unit
Given that a lot of 3000 ma/h chargers can be quite unwieldy this unit is compact and has a quality feel to it.

I would have given it 5 stars but I am not a fan of the multiple heads and single cable options as the fit can be an issue as is losing the bits (this is the same for many devices so I am not singling this unit out).So you might want to seek out a short Micro USB cable for your phone.

It comes with a little sleeve and the Ayrton Senna signature which can be worn a a badge (if you so choose).
it's only a pebble, but an avalanche of power
best emergancy charger ever, charged phone & bluetooth & still power left!
fantastic product
this is a fantastic product got one for my daughter for Xmas she should be thrilled to bits , shown to my mate i had to get him one i've now had 3 , thank you MOBILE FUN .
It's a charger, I expect you will say that many times. an interesting shape but does the job at an excellent price, what more could you ask for? OK a different shape.
Great product, but small problem with charging.
I have a small problem with micro USB entrance for charging battery. As a poor connection, red bulb filling does not burn continuously, like it has a poor little contact.
When you move the cable then turns on/off.
But otherwise is a great product.
sooo good
I cannot fault the service from this company its so good , so quick and easy and a really good site to visit with lots of choices to pick from.
Does What It Says
Smartphones with all their bells and whistles don't last as long as the manufactures claim they do.
The Ayrton Senna pebble Smartstick can solve all those awkward moments
when your smartphone dies. Its stylish and is easy to use. For those moments, Plain journeys or outdoor events. Its well made and constructed and will withstand rough handling. For those bells and whistles on your phone that you want 24/7 This is the Job.
Just what I needed
Great charger for price
Senna Pebble Smart Stick
Handy Charger, slight weight, but because of its oblong smooth rounded style, fits well in your bag, pocket, clip it to key ring, handy to carry and to charge on the move, I like this because of its style, I have had two good charges from the stick on full charge not sure if I could charge anymore, it's easy ness to carry it around is useful and I feel that women would like this because of its neatness to place in a bag or handbag I have other charges but this one is now my favorite, personally I like to clip this to my key ring or belt.
Portable Power "top up" on Hand
I recently purchased the Ayrton Senna Pebble Smartstick to have some battery top up. I tend to find myself working in remote areas where the device battery works much harder due to the distances from the cell towers so battery life is key.

This device has been a saviour on more than one occasion since we purchased it.

A MUST have accessory for mobile workers.
Looks The Biz, Is The Biz!
Larger than expected it to be, however that's because of the raw power inside it, capable of charging my device twice over so always there when needed!! Brill...
Rapid emergency phone charge
This is very easy to use - I just charged it up from a PC USB connection and the light turned blue to tell me when it was done. Then when my phone ran down I just plugged the Senna into it using the short cable provided and it rapidly recharged the phone to 100%. A bit heavy, but compact and a great backup if your phone tends to fail by the end of day.
Great back-up to be kept in your backpack
The Pebble Smartstick+ is a great piece to carry with you during holiday. The high capacity means most phone and some tablet will be fully charged from it, (or at least enough so you can get back to the hotel).
Physically the Pebble Smartstick+ is covered in metal, and feel very sturdy.
It is actually not that small, so I would recommend carrying this with you clipped inside a bag/backpack. you will also need that bag, as the charge cable is a separate item and cannot store inside the Pebble.
When used, the Pebble does get a bit warm, but it is to be expected. The pebble is recharged via USB, and when recharging a LED will glow red, and turn blue when charging is completed. The charge speed is reasonable as well.
Best phone accessory ever!!
A Pebble Smartstick is something that, every, smart phone user genuinely needs.
It's so annoying having to stop using your devise just because you battery is going flat.
Well those days are over once you have the Pebble Smartstick. With this little wonderful accessory you get the ability to fully charge 2, yes 2, smart phones from single charge of the Pebble.
To top it off the Pebble looks amazing with it's highly polished titanium outer shell which has the great Ayrton Sennas name emblazoned across it.
Trust me if you have a smart phone just get the Pebble.
Portable charger
A great, easily used portable charger for phones etc. Stylish design and very sleek. LED light shows red when charging and blue when charged. (Manual shows other way around!)
Supplied with connection adapters for various phones. USB points are protected by a screw on cap with carabiner to attach to belt etc. Good price and very fast delivery from MobileFun. Highly recommend this item.
Excellent product good for more than a full charge of my iPhone 5s. As a fisherman I'm often out in hazardous conditions and with the iPhones battery not being the best it's nice to know that I can always rely on having some emergency power if needed. Really compact can just clip it on the side of a bag ready for an emergency would be essential on any camping trip too.

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