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Veho 360 Noise Isolating Earphones with Flat Flex Cord - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Enjoy your music comfortably with the Veho 360 Earphones, featuring interchangeable earbuds and noise isolating technology.
Price: £9.99

RRP £29.99 | 67% OFF

Enjoy your music comfortably with the Veho 360 Earphones, featuring interchangeable earbuds and noise isolating technology.
 4.4 stars from 95 customers

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I wanted to buy something affordable that may be for everyday use so I thought to try these. I’m not going to lie, these are pretty good as the audio comes really well and if you are listening to music, you could hear the nice beats which could make you move your head around. Overall, I recommend this product and I can’t believe they are underrated in the market!
Good for price.
Average sound quality with not very good bass, but at the price, good value.
Great little headphones
I wanted a nice little set of headphones just for work and these are perfect. I like the flat cable and the different size ear buds. Great headphones for the money.
Waste of money
Loved the flat no tangle flex but sound quality very poor. Total absence of bass. They were in the bin 2 days after I received them.
Superb clarity
Clarity superb with no tangles
Great price for a lot of earphone very clear sound
Great price for a lot of earphone very clear sound...combined with excellent customer service
Not noise cancelling ( few are) and the sound quality was poor. Fine for a film but no depth of sound for music, the sound is almost completely devoid of bass. I do like the non tangle leads though but they are now in a cupboard somewhere with all the other useless earphones which should really be in the bin.
They are so good to listen to music & fits very good
A-one buy for this new veho 360 noise isolation earphones they are so good to listen to music & fits very good A-one all round 100 % ok. Thanks for them to buy from. Nicky
I love the flat cable as it esay to keep from tangling
I bought these and found them really good I love the flat cable as it esay to keep from tangling
Great quality ... great price ... quick delivery ... great communication.
Great quality ... These earphones are amazing. We're a family of 'Smule' singers, and we're always being complimented on our singing (which is often dependent on the headset you use)
Great price ... I'm suprised these sell at such a small price, but well worth the money you spend on them.
Quick delivery .. I was expecting a delay in delivery, but these were at my door sooner than I imagined.
Great communication.... every step of the way I knew what was going on with my purchase; and here I am today being able to honestly say it was a pleasant buying experience.
A good purchase
Bought as a Christmas present. No complaints so far!
Great Sound for the price - BUT
Great sound for the price, but even with being really careful with the cables, the right-hand earphone started crackling after 4 weeks, and gave up 2 days later. They are in the bin!
Earbuds are okay.
The earbuds are decent for the money.
great pair of headphones
These are the best headphones I've ever had. They do block out an awful lot of external noise. Really superb value for money. Will definitely be buying another pair whenever these ones pack in.
As advertised!
I borrowed my wife's ear buds and was so impressed, that I ordered two sets for myself.... compared to my $70 buds with the German-sounding name, these are way better!
I borrowed my wife's ear buds and was so impressed, that I ordered two sets for myself.... compared to my $70 buds with the German-sounding name, these are way better!
Nice item-but.
These are comfortable and the sound is reasonable. I bought these to wear in the gym to drown out the music played there and while they do reduce the outside interference fairly well they do not eliminate it entirely; in a slightly less noisy environment I think they would be very effective.
Perfect for the Job
These were bought to replace a nearly-identical older version which had ceased to work, one channel dead. They are perfect for the job I need, acting as in-ear monitors for live music performance. And they now include an (in-line) clip, which means I can clip the cable to my shirt and so not risk the ear pieces being pulled out by any sudden movements. All in all, an excellent product at a very good price!
Good sound quality
Good sound quality. The item came quickly.
very good
excellent service delivered on time great product
Not good
These earphones are terrible. No base whatsoever. Horrible tinny sound. Def not worth the money.
Not good
These earphones are terrible. No base whatsoever. Horrible tinny sound. Def not worth the money.
As I travel a lot on public transport these are perfect . The sound is brilliant and they are small enough for my pocket without the wires getting tangled. A really good buy.
Good product
Tried them out,very ,very good
Great value
Great product at avery reasonable price and with usual excellent fast delivery service
I love these earphones. Sound quality is good, they sit comfortably in your ears and best of all, being flat cables, they do not tangle.
Crisp clear sound, great quality item for low price
I bought three of these items as I go through headphones like you wouldn't believe, I don't like to spend a lot because of this but I still expect to have a half decent sound. Well I have to admit I am very pleased with these - the sound is great and these actually fit and stay in my ears! I was beginning to think these types of earphones just are not for me but persevered literally because I don't like the over-ear ones. These have been great, feel good quality and I love the flat cable which does not get tangled AS MUCH as previous ones. I think they are an absolute bargain and when I get through the three I have purchased I will be back for more. The delivery was also very prompt. Thanks!
Gret value for money
Great value for money and they work will
Better than I expected
Great transactions. Earphones really very good. Price fantastic. Delivery very quick
Veho 360 Noise Isolating Earphones with Flat Flex Cord - White
Awesome purchase. Clear sound drowns out any outside noise, quality of sound is crystal clear. earphones are comfy in the ear, you don't realise you have them in and they stay put. Would highly recommend them :)
Gerat product
Great product, works very well
Gerat product
Great product, works very well
Quality at a good price.
Quality workmanship and balanced sound characteristics of these headphones justifies their unequivocal recommendation.
As a nice surprise evaluate their inconspicuous when worn, which can be attributed to their advanced design.
Sound quality is good, the flat flex cord does the job of stopping tangling. I wasnt able to determine the 'noise isolating' qualities of these earphones as it appeared to be no different to any of my other ear bud type 'phones. I tested them in a noisy gym (music and grunts!) with a pair of Sony clip over ear phones and a pair of 'fake' Samsung Galaxy phone ear buds and the intrusive external/background noise was about the same ie no noticeable reduction between any of them but there was a considerable difference in the sound quality and the Veho won hands down. Perhaps I was expecting to much...
Finally I can Hear the Music
I am a music fiend, always have headphones on me, You can get quality at a good price without paying through the nose, plugged them in straight away and turned up to full blast , no distortion when up on loudest setting (Best setting)
Fit into the ear nice & flush
When they break (Due to over excessive use) I will be back to purchase more ... Keep them stocked up for me ;)
stopped me.borrowing from a friend!
An excellent product. My young grandchildren thought it was cool that their 65 year old grandma had "pink" earphones. Enjoy now sitting on my caravan patio listening to my music without my neighbours having to listen too. A very good sound product.
I've been a regular customer on this site for some time now and the products are always great and exactly as described.
I took a chance on these earphones as the Plantronics I usually bought were out of stock and I needed a pair to tide me over. Not only are they just as good if not better sound-wise, but they're also a third of the price and they have lasted much longer. They fit in your ear perfectly and are pretty much flawless in terms of price, longevity, sound, fit and they never tangle either! Brilliant!
Better than expected!
So I took a bit of a gamble with these earphones, as I'd read a few mixed reviews about them. I bought them for a tenner including postage, and it has to be one of the best ten quid I've ever spent.

The earphones are much higher quality than I was expecting - they have a well balanced sound and do effectively block out the noise of my commute in and out of London every day. They far outclass similar pairs of earphones I've worn for the same prices, including pairs from makes such as Sennheiser and Sony. The flat cord also means the cable doesn't really get tangled, and is very easy to untangle.

I'd highly recommend these earphones, and this service. I received my pair a couple of days after ordering.
Pink earphones
These earphones arrived and looked very pretty and an added plus was that some money was donated to breast cancer appeal. Sadly when I tried them on they would not stay in my ears which is a shame. I bought a pair for my granddaughter but she has not got them yet - I'll let you know how she gets on xx
so good I even got my husband to buy them
Excellent sound!
These headphones are so good that I've bought the family a pair each.

They produce a good clear quality sound that equals that of similar style buds costing over £40.

Excellent noise blocking from the nice fitting rubbers. Very much needed in a noisy open plan office.

Very impressed, and will replace with the same model again if needed.
I was needed
It's a verry good item and it's truly a orignal item Its working perfect thanks mobile fun management thanks again
Excellent Earphones at price
I have 4 pairs of these ear phones which I think are excellent.
One thing I would say is that they do tent to break near the jack plug leaving only one speaker working. To stop this happening just rap some tape around the cord and plug to give a bit more rigidity This solves the problem
Great sound, Comfortable, but won't last long
I bought 5 sets of these on a Groupon offer. Gave one as a present, the rest were used in the. ALL have broken in the same place. The cables are all intact, but the wires have broken INSIDE the cable as it exits the jack plug.
After getting 2 replacement sets (which have also broken in the same place, so it wasn't a faulty initial batch) I've given up with them. Such a shame as they are the best earphones I've tried, but what use are they if they only last a couple of months?
A Product with buzz
I'm little bit disappointed these earphones because they don't match with my Windowsphone. All the time I'm using them I hear some annoying buzz. Like a cicada in the night in tropic. Also the quality of sound is obedient. Otherwise I've been satisfied with MobileFun services.
Best so far.
Good enough to order a second set---
The tangle free wire is great, much more sturdy than most headphone cables that break extremey quickly. However, the ear buds are extremely uncomfortable. I had to use the smalles ones and they kept dropping off and made my ears very sore, so unfortunately I cannot use them due to the poor design of the ear buds.
Veho ear phones
After all these years of complaining every time I wanted to use ear phones and always they where tangled up. 10 minutes later untangling them before I could use then. So what a god send to have a pair with good sound quality,comfortable to wear and best of all under a tender.
Wow + Wow
First "Wow": the delivery. Ordered Thursday afternoon, on the door-mat Friday morning. Literally unbeatable.

Second "Wow": the product. Nice point is the supply of three sizes of ear-plug. Very nice point is the quality of the product, which is well made with more than enough sound for a person with average ears, noisy surroundings and a high-end sound system at home if I want to go anal.
Excellent Value
My first headphones lasted about a month before one of the speakers went off. I received a replacent with no problem what so ever. The second set developed the same problem after a couple of weeks. Whilst waiting for the second set of earphones to be replaced I ordered 2 more sets.

The reason I did this was 1 The sound reproduction on the earphones is exceptional for the price. 2 I think I had worked out why the problem with the earphones had developed. I think the conection had worked loose from the jack pin so on the new set I wrapped some tape around the cable where it enters the plug housing. I am convinced this will help and is a small price to pay for such excellent reproduction.
I would like to further comment that the service received from Mobile Fun was brilliant. I placed my order Saturday morning and received it on the Monday.
So good i bought 2!
These relatively inexpensive little earphones work exceptionally well. As described, they block out peripheral noise and have a really nice tone. Bought the first pair for my phone and as they worked so well i bought another pair for my Galaxy tab. The differently sized earbuds provided will suit everyone.
Theyre snug...they dont tangle (even in my overfilled handbag!) and they look ok too.
Great value from a really trusted seller. A1 purchase.
Great ear phone's!!
These are the best earphones I've ever used! They block out the external noise incredibly well. I use them when I'm on the train and they work very well to block out most of the noisy people talking around me. The sound is very clear so I don't have to have the volume so high as well. Customer service was very fast and responsive.
Great ear phone's!!
These are the best earphones I've ever used! They block out the external noise incredibly well. I use them when I'm on the train and they work very well to block out most of the noisy people talking around me. The sound is very clear so I don't have to have the volume so high as well. Customer service was very fast and responsive.
very pleased customer
I ordered this item on Monday night and it came very quickly, here by Wednesday'Brilliant Delivery' also the ear phones fit very snuggly in my ears a problem i have had before when they don,t fit very well.
Overall i am very pleased with the item and the delivery service, will definitley use this site again and would recommend it.
They do sound like Desert!, But not Full-Range.

I DIDN'T FEEL LIKE I'M IN THE TUNE. not for a MusicStaa!!
Excellent earphones
Perfect. Light, great sound quality and the lead doesn't tangle even though I am reading book called Tangled Lives.
Good while they lasted
Bought for my daughter to replace her other cheapies which had given up the ghost after a year of use. Not expensive, and she was chuffed with their performance but only lasted 6 weeks before one side packed up.
Look Good
They look good, they're cheap, and they sound fine.
just what i needed
great earphones.small but very comfortable. comes with 3 earpiece covers for comfort and sizing.good sound quality. my partner could'nt hear what i was listening to so that will be good on my holiday flights.
Great product!
Well priced good quality headphones with 3 different sized interchangeable ear buds. Snug and well fitting with excellent sound tracking with no external noise! Fast delivery and good communication.
Better than the one that came with my phone.
I like the choice of three different ear pieces so could find the pair that were most comfortable. The sound seems good. Just not sure about the white cord, a choice of colours would be nice.
No more squabbling, no more tangled cables.
Very pleased with purchase and fast delivery.The children were very happy with these earphones. No more squabbling, no more tangled cables.
Have dealt with MobileFun before and been more than satisfied with the items and delivery
Superb first class service. Well done. Many thanks for a fantastic service.
just the job
excellent little ear phones.the flat cable does stop it from tangling up in your pocket when not using.good quality delivery.highly
Great service
I ordered these late one afternoon, received an email shortly afterwards and they arrived the following morning. Best delivery service yet.
A very well made product.
I bought these earphones to use with my MP3 Player. A superb buy. They certainly don`t tangle and the sound is spot on. I am deaf in one ear but found these in ear phones fitted well and I could hear my music with out interference. I would recommend this product to my friends.
Happy Christmas customer
As I am an Elf I need earplugs that sit comfortably in my unusual shaped ears safely. These certainly pass my Elf and safety standards. The sound quality is also great so I dont get bothered by surrounding noises here in Santas factory.
Price was good so I am a happy little Elf
Wish I had seen these years ago
Flat section cord really works well looking forward to tangle free travelling in 2013. Earphones themselves perform very well.

Delivery service Fantastic! ordered 17.30 Friday arrived 08.30 Saturday
Great headphones
Good sound and do what they say...don't tangle.
Comfort at last
Perfect fitting headphones really comfortable
Would recommend to anyone
MobileFun is Simply the Best
Really good bass from these earphones. Great idea with the anti-tangle cord. I used to spend time untangling the cord after carefully winding it up. No more - I can just throw them in my Gym bag and they come out ready for use.

MF is my first port of call for any mobile accessory or gadget. Items are exactly as described, videos really useful, delivery very quick. I have even bought items I didn't know that I wanted and found them really useful. However MF do it should be passed on to other on-line retailers to improve service and customer satisfaction.
No outside noise anymore
Best purchase I have made in a long time they do what it day's on the package now I can listen to my music without any outside noise
No More Tangle
I purchased these earphones because I was fed up of having tangles wires. These fitted the bill exactly and the sound quality wasn't too bad either
At last headphones that stay in my ears
Very pleased, they stay in my ears and have a great sound
Very nice set of earphones
Firstly I must say that the speed of delivery of these earphones was quite amazing. On top of that I bought these on a two for one offer, which made them really 'reasonable'. I like the shape of the ear-buds, they are really comfortable and the cable, being flat, does NOT tangle!! Yippee, super for the gym.
I fricken hate tangles
My earphones normally get stuffed into my gym bag and then whenever I need them it takes 5 minutes to untangle to knots, but with these flat wire types the tangles don't occur and are far easier to use.

That is the main reason I chose these, but I have to say they are also really nice quality for the price.
Look great and sound great
Bought these when my Apple headphones broke and they're great - such good quality for a low price. Definitely recommend!
Epic sound for 13 pounds!
I thought there was no point upgrading my headphones from the ones that came in the box, but the Nexus 4 didn't come with any so I had to improvise! I found these online and decided to pull the trigger due to the low cost. These are cracking headphones, fit in my ears really well and I can barely hear my boss yelling in the background. Great for productivity and everything sounds great! Highly recommended.
Cheap and definitely cheerful
Bought these on the off chance that they'd work - didn't really expect a lot for the price but I was very pleasantly surprised - they sound awesome - really bassy and they look good too!
Top earphones
So much better than the standard earphones that come with your phone, these Veho earphones are the biz. The sound is not tinny and not ridiculously bass heavy either. The fit in the ear is just right (I used the smallest spare buds that came with the earphones). I love the non tangle cable. For me the noise isolation is the best feature as I often listen to the spoken word - podcasts and cricket commentaries are clear and there is no background irritation. This works the other way too as the earphones do not send out that annoying sound to others when traveling on public transport. 10/10

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