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Vaja Grip iPhone 6S / 6 Premium Leather Case - Black / Rosso Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Treat your iPhone 6S / 6 to exquisite handmade craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. Featuring genuine Floater and Caterina leather, the Vaja Grip premium leather shell case is something special.
  • Mobile Fun ID 55358

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$79.63 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 4 customers

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beautiful product and workmanship and soooo luvely to touch!
Awesome, luxurious case.
I took a chance on this knowing very little about the brand but I trust Mobile Fun as I've never gone far wrong with them in the past. What a relief. The case is pretty much what I hoped it would be, You can tell instantly that its not some factory fabricated run of the mill product but a genuine hand made work of art.
Its not flash, in fact its very subtle but that's exactly what I wanted. A bit of class.
Price is high but when you think of what has gone into making this and the materials used, I thinks its fair enough. If you want the best, it costs and this is easily the best case I've had or even seen in the flesh. Delivery was super speedy as always, the packing was great and the pouch is a lovely touch if you're a fan of leather goods, as I am.
Nice item but too expensive
I've been looking for a premium phone case for a while, Looking around I found the Vaja case. The photos and vaja website looked promising and while the £90 plus shipping raised an eyebrow I went ahead. First class service from mobilefun, received the day after ordering. However, for starters the packaging was akin to what you would find at TK Max... Nice box but the case was loose inside, small detail perhaps but remember this isn't a cheap product. The secondary leather pouch is a waste of time. It's half the length of the case and quickly found its way into the bin. The case has a nice leather smell but frankly is rather dull. Also one corner isn't quite big enough to give the 1mm lip to help protect the screen. Sure it's nice enough but for this much money it should be better. I would suggest that it should be priced at about £50.

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