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USB Heating Gloves - Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Recover from the intense cold and get your hands to optimum temperature for keyboard finger activity - Grey.
  • Mobile Fun ID 11984
$19.90 inc VAT
 3.6 stars from 17 customers

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Love these gloves, I can plug each one into the usb ports on my keyboard and enjoy toasty hands for the rest of the day.
Great novelty
I suffer from cold hands, particularly my right one when holding a computer mouse for extended periods in a cold atmosphere. Although any fingerless gloves would probably work just as well the fact that you have a removable mitten tips the scales in their favour: if your fingers remain cold you can cover them with the mitten part, and still use the mouse albeit not quite as well. The heated pad adds extra cosiness so all in all they do the job very well indeed.
Gentle Hand Warmer
First, the gloves arrived promptly and in perfect condition. They fit well and are comfortable to use. The heating pad rests on the back of one's hands (not in the palms) and only gently warms -- it is not 'hot' by any means and located only on the back it will not warm one's fingers. For most people these may be sufficient, but I work at a computer in 13 to 15°C setting, so the gloves help, but do not fully meet my needs.
Great idea
Really good idea and very comfy, though they do not produce as much heat as I would like
don't recommend
The material of the gloves is very comfortable which makes it very easy to type and use the keyboard, but only a little heat on top of the hands is generated from the gloves, my finger tips still remained cold.
Not useful as health product
It doesn't warm up enough to be used for arthritis pain in the hands. Just a gadget. Or conversation piece.
Great service, great item!
I (and my co-workers) were so surprised to see these arrive in the post at 9am the day after I ordered them! Not only do they fit our hands (yes, we share) but the work a treat :D Obviously your fingertips don't get that warm due to the necessary design, but they get VERY warm and are 100% better than the other pair we had from somewhere else. Super service, fast delivery, great price for a great product -what more can you say?
A wee bit disappointing...
Pros: Good fit; great service & comms from guys at MobileFun and pretty swift delivery too.

Cons: Material's a wee bit itchy; connector comes apart with little effort; heating pad is small and a bit ineffective and takes a good while to warm up.

Verdict: As much a novelty item as anything else. Don't expect too much from these and you won't be disappointed.
A perfect gift
I was looking to buy a present for a person leaving our company who was always cold and wearing scarf in the summer: she looked really happy with the present and tried them on, it started to heat quite quickly, and the gloves still looks nice,so all in all a perfect present for somebody working in cold offices!
Not exactly great
They don't so much heat up your cold hands as warm the backs of them.
Excellent piece of Kit
Excellent product, does exactly what it says on the box!!
Good purchase
Heats pads are on the back of the hand and in the mits part of the glove.

Work great whilst at the keyboard in the cold office.

Have also paired up with a portable supply and will be using combined with ski gloves on the slopes.
Great product & amazing delivery!
I placed my order last night around 17:30 pm and I received my items the next day around 11 am!

Very good product, looks better in real life than in the photos, quality is very good.
Play in good conditions
This gloves are the difference. After some hours playing in your notebook, now, you can feel your fingers, they will not be frozen any more.
Comfortable and pleased with this clever gloves
i have fairly large hands, and the wool gloves are pretty good fit.

its quite warm even without the usb heating pads, they rest on top of your backhand and dont get in the way of your fingers.

the wires attached dont bother me, u forget about them being there.

only thing is that theyll fray after a while cos its wool and over time strands will fallout.

i can type easily, and use the mouse easily. its worth the price
Just the job
Nice and cosy for hours of keyboarding! Seriously impressive delivery! Ordered at 4.15pm Thursday - arrived by 9am Friday!!!

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