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UPRIGHT Posture Trainer for iOS and Android Smartphones - White Reviews

UPRIGHT is a wearable tracker that records data and offers suggestions on how to improve your posture. Attaching comfortably to your back, the UPRIGHT posture tracker vibrates to inform you when you slouch.
  • Mobile Fun ID 58013
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Works well with will power!
There's an app for everything these days.... This is a nice idea and for once one that actually works. The upright is nicely boxed, providing quite a fun opening experience much like apple's products. You then get some instructions on how to attach the trainer to your back. It will feel a bit odd at first, but you don't really notice it after a while as the "stickers" are quite comfortable. You then need to teach the app how you sit normally, and it can then start to buzz at you as slouch. Much like a step counter which tells you to move, it's a subtle intrusion into your day to day routine, especially if you spend much time at your desk. You get get some stats on how your doing as part of your training programme, which is motivating and helps you track progress. I'm happy to say I believe I sit better now I've used it, which must have some long term benefits for my health. I guess this needs will power to work with it - its no silver bullet on its own. This is trainer as the name says, so it's meant to correct your habit, then leave you on your own. 4* as it's quite expensive, but it is unique.

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