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Universal Slim Qi Wireless Charging Pad - Clear Reviews

Wirelessly charge your Qi compatible smartphone or tablet with this slim Qi Wireless Charging Pad. Extremely discrete and portable, this Clear wireless pad enables you to easily charge wirelessly in any environment.
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Great quality product for a great price
Very happy with the product. Hassle free wireless charging and good quality. Charging light is a nice ambient glow and non-intrusive. My only negative comment Is with the delivery. I was happy to wait for standard delivery but had no option (although shown several options but unable to select) and had to take next working day delivery which was expensive.
Good value
Works fine, a little slow on charging time
Compact Fast Charging
It was important to know the % charging rate, other products have lower speed/rates of charging ability. this device seems to look great and do the job. My preference is to have this without using the stand!
Charging Pad
This is a nice plug and use item, plug in put the phone on and off you go. I found when the phone on charge and lights off in the Bedroom the blue light that shows charging status illuminates my whole bedroom. So I found it unsuitable. I had to move it to my office. Otherwise the item is very well made.
Wireless charging
I really love this wireless charger. It makes having my iPhone charge a lot easier instead of having to open a case to plug-in to charge. It came as it stated for the delivery time and everything I needed was in the box. There’s a blue light to let you know when your devices is icharging and it will double blink when it is not properly placed to charge your device.
Great little charger
Sits on my bedside table, so all I do is sit my phone on it and it charges overnight. No fiddling with cables.
The charging light is small and inconspicuous, so it doesn’t disturb your sleep.
Excellent little gadget. Easy to use and so much more convenient than searching for charger wires.
Great Product
The Qi charging Pad works really well with both my Samsung Galaxy s4 and s5 phones. An elegant solution will be to also purchase a Samsung 3 Pin UK Super Fast Mains Charger (mains electricity plug) to plug the Charging Pad's USB plug into, as this will mean that the Charging Pad is able to draw more power from the mains and hence deliver more power to your smartphone (your phone will only draw as much power as it knows it can take) and you may also wish to consider purchasing a receiver which you put inside your smartphone (it sits on top of the battery) such as the Qi s4 SlimPWRcard (for a Galaxy s4) or the s5 Qi Charging Receiver (for the Galaxy s5)
It was ok but..........
shows blue when charging , shows blue when not charging , i.e when fully charged was expecting it to change colour when fully charged.
Small and discrete
This is my first wireless charger and it sits nicely on my table just like a coffee mat and it is quite intuitive just to place my phone on top of it to keep it charged. It works well with my silicone case but not so much with my thick armour case. I can live with that .

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