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Universal Magnetic Car Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Small and discreet the Universal Magnetic Car Holder is simple to install.
  • Mobile Fun ID 4168
$13.26 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 35 customers

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Another good product
Very good company, always prompt and fairly well priced.
Good if you've got a spot in the car
This is a good little magnet, very strong and quiet good for its price. Things you need to know are that its only good if you're cruising. So people who drive fast or brake hard this won't hold your phone. Also be sure you have the room available to attach the magnet somewhere. I found no room on my car atleast none where the driver can access the car.

Not compatible with wireless chargers since this is a permanent modification.
Product is not fit for purpose
I bought this product believing that it would at least provide some useful service ! I couldn't have been more wrong ! I attempted to fit the base magnet to my dashboard and before I had even taken the backing off of the magnet for the iPhone the base magnet dropped to the floor !!! This product simply does not have the adhesive strength to support its own weight let alone that of an iPhone . Don't waste your money avoid this product.
Universal Magnetic Car Holder
This works perfectly and have bought for myself and friends. It does exactly what it says on the card. Small but very strong.
sadly let me down
I used the magnetic mobile phone holder for the first time
And on removing my phone after my journey the magnet became detached from it's holder !! - very disappointing
Works Short Term
This item is great when you first get it, more discreet than any alternative mounting system. Over time, however, the magnet gradually loses it's magnetic strength and your phone will end up in your foot well after even the slightest bump. If you don't mind replacing it every 3-6 months then it will be ideal, if you want something more permanent, look elsewhere.
Nice, clean, versatile
This works brilliantly. I have stuck the metal disc to a slip-on case so when I wish to mount the phone in the car, I can do so - and also without it having it permanently stuck to the phone. The whole thing is incredibly discreet and is perfect for phones that work in multiple orientations like my HTC. Only thing is, magnet will mess with the accelerometer, tso you'll have to pull it off and tilt to get the screen orientation to change before sticking it back on. I've had model-specific holders for every phone I've previously had - and this universal beats them by miles.
Rubbish !
Don't buy this product. It does not hold firmly. Spend the extra quid and buy the Krusell, it is far far better.
Agree with majority of reviews
Inexpensive ,simple,unobtrusive. Piece of kit. Works very well with my htc desire. Service from mobile as always very good.
Decent product,does what is says on the tin basically. No matter how wild your driving is the magnets will hold firm.
Great Magnet but backing looses it grip...
I was very impressed when it arrived. Holds my HTC Wildfire in my '99 Seat Ibiza no problems. However a few weeks on and with the temperature fluctuation the sticky pad on the back of the magnet has given up the ghost. I have better things to stick it with so its not a massive problem but worth noting.
Very satisfied with universal magnetic car holder and mfx screen protector.
Universal Magnetic Car Holder
A simple and effective product. I bought this holder to go into my classic supercar so it wouldn't damage the dashboard or involve scraping the vents. It works really well and does exactly what is says it will.
works well- just make sure you have space on your
Works well- but check your car has a flat area to mount it with clear space around for the phone to sit. Since my dash is made up of curved surfaces it wasn't straight forward. Its now mounted over the clock which isn't ideal.
attractive in more ways than one
when i received the holder the first impression was not good,but after fitting and using does the job briliantly.have driven off road a lot and my phone did not move at all,unlike some holders.the other good feature it can be fitted anywhere due to its small size.the magnet is really strong and fits my phone virtually by its self and easily removed with no hassle.brilliant
Great Product
Tiny and strong, holds my nokia 5800 firmly enough to use the touch screen without it moving or falling off.
Great Item
I have never been a fan of sticking a phone holder to my windscreen. this item i have found is great! I have a Nokia sirocco and have stuck the magnetic backplate to the phone which holds firmly in the holder. The holder will stick to any non-flat surface. I have noticed though since the sun is out that my magnetic pad falls off every now and then... but still, its the best car phone-holder i have found... small and discreet, just looks like the phone is floating.
STK Universal Magnetic Holder,Great comes with 2 thin metal discs so you can stick on 2 different phones.Comes with one Magnetic pad that has two swivel self adhesive pads so you can stick it to any shape surface.So 1 base to 2 phones or other device.
really does work and can be placed to suit
Excellent service
Bought two items, both as described and very good. Service was excellent.
Universal Magnetic Car Holder
It's a good, tiny and tidy. The magnet is very good but the adhesive coating comes off after few months(for me it was 6 months). I have used xda orbit, if you are using a lighter phone or device, probabaly you should be ok.
Tiny, tidy and discreet, holds the phone very well.
Again, one excellent item from MoblieFun. Very good quality with 3M stickers, very strong magnet and the installation is very simple.Tip! Also, if your mobile case has a metal secure belt loop, is very easy to place the handset without to use the metal plate to the back of your phone.
Excellent product. I keep my k800i in a leather case and the clever design means that I don't need to remove the case. The magnetic plate sticks firmly to the leather.
Universal Magnetic Car Holder.
Excellent and simple to use.
universal magnetic car holder
This is all you need can move it from car to car and from phone to phone. i have only done this once. I am looking for a handsfree holder for my new phone and will be purchasing one of these. It is easy to use and discreet ,no drilling etc just stick to dashboard or wherever you like. Just what you need

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