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Universal In Car Phone Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Universal car phone holder offers a smaller, more discrete and stylish way to hold your phone.
  • Mobile Fun ID 1378
$9.28 inc VAT
 3.4 stars from 35 customers

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great value phone holder
Great value phone holder. Samsung europa fits well. Doesnt fall out. Have to pinch it at top though otherwise I cant charge it and the volume buttons keep depressing. Comes with a vent mount and a stickable mount.
Buy a proper phone holder!
Didnt even make it to my car. Mechanism broke straight after i got it out of the jiffy bag. Dont bother wasting your money on this rubbish - remember - you get what you pay for! 1 star only because there isnt a '0 stars'
Problems with adhesion
The UNIVERSAL CAR PHONE HOLDER has so far worked with my Mobile phone. I used a second holder to display a small digital clock which weighs less than the phone.
This fell off leaving the sticky pad on the dashboard. I slightly roughened the plastic base of he holder and replaced the unit.
This time the unit fell off completely with its sticky pad.
Very easy to work. Small and stylish.
Handsfree phone holder
Some reviews of this were very poor. However, it clips to my centre vents. Holds the phone (and in its leather case) and is easy to release. Does what it says on the tin (or website ;))
Utter rubbish
useless waste of money. this does not hold the phone, which falls out underneath, very shoddy manufacture.
Not compatible with Blackberry Bold 9700
It is listed as compatible with Blackberry Bold 9700 - guess what, it is not! It holds the telephone from both sides, but there is a camera button on the side of the phone exactly at the same place where the arm from the holder comes. Basically - I have a lot of photos of my dashboard now...

Apart from that, power cord goes into blackberry from the side. As the holder attached to your air vents is still little loose, it means that the power cord is pulling a phone down with its weight - and a phone is always slightly twisted. It's a minor thing, but annoying.

The only good thing about this product is its price. Otherwise I would be furious for wasting my money. This way I am not.
Good Value
On the whole i am happpy with this product, i just feel it may be a little brittle feeling, the clips for attaching it to the dash or the vent feel like they may break, but i have not had a problem yet, and for the cost this is an ideal little holder.

even if one does break they connect to the back via two seperate sockets, so you get two lifetimes from it.

Good Value, does what it says on the box.
This is useless
Do not buy this as the adhesive pad has as much sticking power as a wet leaf on a window and it does not even support it's own weight. Also the car vent holding clip does not work. You know the old saying "buy it cheap, buy it twice"
This is innacurately sold Be careful
You are given the option of sticking this in the vent or using the self adhesive. However, the self adhesive is crazy - it doesn't last 5 minutes & then you can't detach its support, making it nigh on impossible to fit it into a vent??? Funny, I don't recall reading about that when I was buying it...
car phone holder
Pleased with the item - very useful for my husband who drives for a living.
Car Phone Holder
Fast delivery (Next Day) Tee item is quite goood for the price but I would like to see it with a rubber suction pad as it only has a sticky SA pad. Apart from that it seems ok!
Excellent service
Great company to deal with my 5th Purchase can not be beaten for help-advice and speed of delivery or help via email.
Cheap piece of crap
Absolutely terrible.Adhesive patch on the back that does'nt even support the weight of the holder itself.waste of my time and money!will it be shopping here again.btw average of 3.5,haha what a editorial joke!
phone holder
item as advertised-just the job-fast delivery
Works but ...
... is not perfect. The quality is very average.
I use it with my HTC Hero. The sticker is not strong enough for the weight of my phone, so that option is not usable for me.
I have to use the air vent plug in my case. I works mostly, but it already happened that it felt due to "bad road" (too much vibrations). I will probably buy another model soon, but let's be honest: for that price it works.
good for the price but..
only just holds an iPhone 3Gs. Will likely look for a more study grip.
Universal Car Phone Holder
Ultra quick service - received within 24 hours of ordering! The product appears to do the job well.
universal car phone holder
good product easy to use
A very quick service, was delivered in less than 24 hours. thanks.
Does what it say's
Well, it does what it says it will do and that is to hold a mobi. The pads seem to hold the mobi without slipping and although the release mechanism is a bit fierce, you shouldn't be releasing it while you are on the move.
For the money it does the job.
Great device
Cheap, reliable device for use of mobile phones in cars. Nice!
simple value holder
Just what I needed - keeps my phone secure and upright with no wires etc so I can see the screen when using my bluetooth headset
Ok but small support ledge
If you have a very slim phone this is good but I think the small ledge the phone rests on would not support a brick phone
this is without a doubt the worst, nastiest piece of rubbish I've ever bought. It broke within the second use. It's cheap for a reason. Mobilefun sales person was excellent though and refunded the amount of a better replacement. Product = rubbish, Mobile fun = brilliant!
how wrong can an item be
to use this you need three hands. one to operate the the release button, the second to catch your phone before it hits the floor,and the third for the steering wheel. also when the phone is in the cradle it is lopsided as the arm only operates on one side.
I can't believe the quality for such a low priced item!! BARGAIN
Not impressed
Had to return the item. The side grips didn't seem to always want to stay in position and also activated side keys on the phone (N95). Build quality seemed cheap & the viewing angles aren't great as it can only be adjusted vertically. But I should have expected all this from the price. If you paid me £3.95 I wouldn't want it again! Please be sensible & buy a more expensive & higher quality model.
Very disappointed
Holder poorly packaged arrived broken, also pictures not very good need to show more views of different mount options, my vehicle has a oddly shaped dash and looking for something I can mount on the dash and have access to my phone, the dash mount supplied with the holder is poor.

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