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Universal High Power 2.5 Amp Micro USB Wall Charger & 1m Cable Reviews

This Olixar high power 2.5A Micro USB mains charger kit is designed to allow you to charge your Micro USB devices quickly and effectively from mains electricity.
Price: £14.99
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This Olixar high power 2.5A Micro USB mains charger kit is designed to allow you to charge your Micro USB devices quickly and effectively from mains electricity.
 4.6 stars from 48 customers

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Just what I wanted. .
It is probably better than the charger it replaced which came with the phone. I asked for a new charger suitable for the phone I have and your description told me everything I need to know.
Needed a quick charge charger and was not disappointed excellent.
Just what I needed
I needed a mobile charger where I didn't have to compare inputs, outputs, etc. MobileFun advised me to get this one, and it appears to work just fine. So thank you people !
Super Fast charger
I recently ordered 2 of these Olixar high power chargers for mums old phone it's best & most reasonably priced I've found it charges phone twice as fast.
The 2nd one I got for work so when I need phone topping up quickly I can leave it in locker, rest easy that when my phone battery drains I've got best charger to fast charging it quickly so I remain productive at work use phone help public out.
Mobile Fun have excelled once again.
mains charger
I made sure it was the right charger for my phone.
I am very pleased with the chargers performance, and the fast posting.
Thank you.
Great mains charger
I needed a new mains charger & this is perfect. Charges my phone quickly, exactly what i wanted. Definitely recommend this product. 5*
rather expensive
cable is very short
The charger for my Hudl2 literally takes hours, and I do mean hours, to charge, I always charge it overnight for that reason. I've been given a new lease of life, why, the Olixar Universal High Power 2.1 amp Micro USB Mains Charger Kit charges my Hudl2 within just over an hour, its amazing!! Thank you MobileFun
olixar phone/tablet charger
I bought this for my fire tablet,it charges very quickly.I would highly reccommend,ordered in the morning,got it the next day,thank you mobilefun.
Very disappointed!
It only charged my phone 12% in 15 minutes! Those power chargers are meant to charge my moto x close to 50% in that time!!!!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Peter

Sounds like you may have a faulty charger, please contact our Customer Services team.
100 percent charger
If the charger would work properly as pervious phone chargers haven't by far the best ever charger I have bought and the charger quickly charges my phone up I will definitely buying more phone chargers from your company again highly recommend product
Excellent charger
This charger was delivered very quickly, and the quality of the charger is very good. It charges my phone very quickly, and the removable USB cable means I can charge on my computer if I can't use the socket. Very happy with the purchase.
Excellent charger
I really like Windows Phone 8.1 so I have abandoned my Galaxy S4 in favour of an old Ativ S. However, I noticed how slow the supplied charger for the Ativ was in comparison with the one for the S4. A quick look at the output revealed that the Ativ charger is only 1amp whereas the S4 charger is 2amp. As I intend selling my S4 I looked for a 2amp charger on the Net and found the Universal High Power 2 Amp Micro USB Mains Charger on Mobile Fun's website. It's exactly what I needed and does the job perfectly. Add Mobile Fun's excellent service and you get another very satisfied customer! Well done Mobile Fun.
Perfect Spare Charger
I bought this product as a spare charger for my Samsung Galaxy S4. It is perfect for what I needed, does exactly what it says on the tin, and not as expensive as the official Samsung charger. Would definitely purchase one of these again if I ever need another charger.
Phone charger
Generic but powerful with fast charge rate. Good value for money
Phone Charger
Fast Efficient Delivery and Quality Product!
charger for a tablet
I was just what I needed and came within a couple of days.
It's a mains charger. It charges things.
It's hard to get excited about something like a phone charger, but there are so many underpowered ones out there you have to be careful which one you choose for your particular phone.
This is a high powered 2 amp Micro USB charger that will work with many of today's modern phones. I have a Samsung S5 and my wife has a Samsung Fame. She needed an extra charger for work and this fitted the bill perfectly. I'm sure it will come in useful for other micro USB items as well. It has worked perfectly up to now and seems to be of a decent quality so I have no doubt it will keep on working for some time to come. Once again MobileFun deliver when they're needed.
Intermittent charging
The USB port is too loose causing intermittent charging and when you do find the sweet spot to charge it does make a noise. would not buy again.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Dave

Sounds like you may have a faulty unit, please consider using our returns process.
Mains Charger
Charger arrived quickly and works really well. My phone now lasts for days without a charge. Good device!
Fast good quality charger
Charges my Moto G from zero to full in about 90 minutes. Bright led charging light. Can use with any phone of course.
A good non-branded charger choice
This charger is perfect for a backup at work. It charges the phone as fast as the branded charger and is slightly cheaper. Definitely recommended.
good price quick charger was replacement to different product
Got this as a replacement to the previous charger,which only worked for a day. However,this product which is replacement is far better,and fast.Its a shame I waited extra week as it wasn't in stock,and I had to chase up company! The only downside when its charging makes annoying noise,but if your playing music whilst charging you can't hear it.
Easy to use product
Micro USB Fast 2 Amp Mains Charger Kit --- Lost my old one, and this one is better. Am happy
does not charge a galaxy s3
i brought this for my daughter because her s3 charger was broken prompt delivery.this charger would not charge her samsung galaxy s3 dont know why. have kept it for my wifes phone which it does charge
Pretty good, one small issue...
...would be enhanced if cbale length was loner
great alternative charger
My official Nexus charger gave up the ghost recently and this charger does just the job with a quick recharge at a cheaper price. The lead and socket seems to be stronger too, which I believe was the problem on my original charger.
I was having problems charging my s3 ..bought this and wow...fully charged within a couple of hours..never happened with my old charger...very highly recommend this product brilliant. .happy bunny! !!!!!!! :-D
good service
The printer cable arrived promptly and was good value
Samsung Mob. Chargers
Bought 3 Chargers from MobileFun last week--The price was good and they arrived promptly enough. Chargers seem to be good quality as our phones now holding charge longer
The charger is working well though i later discovered that my phone charging point is faulty but there is no problem at all with the charger even my wife is using it for her Sony Xperia. I will recommend it to anyone.
This kit managed to charge my 2,070 mAh battery (Moto G) from 10% back upto 95% in about 2.5 hours, which is a noticably good reduction in charge time compared to using a PC's USB port (4+ hours IIRC).
A big thumbs up to this 2A charger.
Original charger fell apart, so needed a replacement. This one is better than the original as it has a light to let you know it is charging. Delivery and packaging good too.
Great to deal with.
This company keeps you well informed from order to delivery, product arrives exactly as you would like it to. Would not hesitate to deal with them again.
Exactly what I needed
I was having problems keeping my battery in the Samsung Mobile S3 charged. I decided to obtain another charger and battery but the charger unit needed a lead of its own so I could charge the battery separately at at the same time as mobile phone.
It arrived quickly on time well packed.
Cheap as chips!
Cheap, reliable and it works, can't do better than that!
Android phone charger purchased
I use Mobile fun becuase the web site is well structured, informative and the prices seem to be fair. My charger had gone walkies with my youngest daughter the chief culrpit. No amount of turning the house upside down has unearthered it. Hence a visit to Mobile fub to look for a nice simple charger at a good price. Job done.
Super service!
My young child broke my phone charger on the Thursday and unfortunately my phone battery was about dead. Had a mad rush into town to look for a replacement but found them to be too expensive for what they were. I found MobileFun online and was very impressed with the low prices and the promise of a fast service. Reviews were good also so I ordered a new charger with them on the same night. I was extremely impressed with the service. My charger arrived well packed on Saturday morning. As stated it chargers faster then the big standard charger and I like the fact it has a red light when it is plugged it as well. All in all a fabulous service and product, will deffo use again. This charger will be kept on a high shelf away from small hands!!
Does exactly what it says on the label
Great product and cheaper than I could find from other suppliers. Arrived very quickly which was exactly what I needed.
What I needed!
I just bought the charger today and I have to say, that it works much better compared to HTC original charger, or maybe faster. Overall, I am very pleased. This is my first buy on mobilefun website and I shall be coming back on buying other items in the near future.
Seems good
It claims to be a fast (2A) charger and I would agree. It charged a Samsung Galaxy S2 from 1% to 85% in 2 hours exactly and to 99% in 3 hours and fully charged in 3:10.

This is with the phone on and running and with occasional use. Certainly as fast as the stock Samsung charger, possibly faster. I bought the 2A charger so if I get a Galaxy Note 3 later, it should still manage that in a reasonably short time.

Full marks to MobileFun for managing next day delivery (Royal Mail 1st class option).

Well done folks!
Great charger, just what I neeed
This charger is great, With the 2 Amp's that it has my phone charges nice and fast unlike my previous 1 amp charger which seemed to take almost all day to charge full.
I use this charger in the office at work, its plugged in all day and night, it doesn't seem to heat up much at all which is great, there is a little red LED light to indicate that it is turned on which can also be useful.
Overall, great charger.
Works fine
I purchased this to replace a USB Mains Charger Adaptor (product ref 10521), which did not work with my Nokia 808 PureView. This one works fine.
Just what the wife needed
The service was very quick & the item was competitively priced compared with other websites.
The first that worked
Having read others experiences and having tried a few this is the first that actually worked.
It arrived very quickly and when I plugged it in my Archos went into full charge mode - others would only do a trickle charge.
Only niggle was the USB plug to the charger was a bit loose, but a quick squeeze on the metal shield fixed it
very good and i am happy with my goods
i wanted to know if it would work with my phone. the charger i had with my phone is not the same quality is not as good as the one i bought off you. i am very glad i ordered my chargers from you. if they wear out i will be ordering them again from your company
Finally got the CHARGER I NEEDED!!
Excellent charger it allows me to use my phone while it charges because of the long lead. Also I can charge my phone overnight and it stops itself automatically from overcharging my phone.
Very helpful. Recommenced to ALL with its great price and MobileFun are the best at accessories so its a must buy.

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