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Ultrathin Dual Desktop Charging Cradle for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Synchronise and charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a spare second battery with this stylish desktop cradle.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41457

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 3.8 stars from 6 customers

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Note 3 desktop charger
Charger didn't work with my cover on, therefore was a pain to remove cover every time I needed to charge handset.
Tank You for Excellent Yor Service.
Regards Jerzy Jaworski.
Ideal piece of kit
It's specifically designed for the Note and sits firmly on the desk. It's easy to use the device while it's docked. In my opinion, it's a great piece of kit and good value for money.
Good product
I found this to be well built & quite solid. I have two small things which are not so good about it.

1. This will only activate the Desk Clock feature on your phone if you have somthing plugged into the 3.5mm headphone jack on the dock itself. I understand this is a feature so you can also also use it to transfer data via a computer etc, but I primarily use this for the desk clock feature it is a pain to keep a pair of headphones plugged into it all the time.

2. Connecting and disconnecting a phone is difficult, this may get easier with time, but at the moment requires a forceful push to connect my phone, and needs both hands to remove it, 1 hand to hold the base down as the phone is removed.

I still think this is a great, still a 5 star product despite my small issues.

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