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Ultra-Thin Wireless Sliding Keyboard Case for iPhone 5 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Ideal for travel and commuting, this white Ultra-Thin Wireless Sliding Keyboard Case protects your iPhone 5 and includes a sliding Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37010

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$26.54 inc VAT
 3.8 stars from 5 customers

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Keyboard not sensitive enough
The device works well, and does not add too much weight to the iPhone. Does make it quite a lot thicker, but would had been fine with this.
The main issues are two-fold. You have to press they keys quite hard, and are not as nice feel as you get on a Blackbery. All the autocorrect from the normal Apple screen keyboard is disabled, so you must capitalise everything manually, for instance. You have to hold the shift key down to get a capital, unlike on-screen keyboard or Blackberry. Overall - close but no cigar.
Ultra-Thin Wireless Sliding Keyboard Case for iPhone 5 - Black
I liked the sliding keyboard and is satisfied with it; functions as stated in the website; however, my only concern is that getting the phone out of the keyboard case is a hassle because of the tight fit.
Now I will spend my money on an Iphone
Saw this in the Sprint Store for wayy more...like almost $60 Bucks...for someone which is touch screen challenged or for women like me who do not wish to cut their beautiful nails down to a knob...just to used an iPhone...which was the two reasons that I have not entertained purchasing any touch screen only...style phone. This item by far is the best case for a touch screen only phone every invented. Please find me one in BLACK and it is a done deal.

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