Ultra-thin Protective Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - White Reviews

Keep your iPhone 5S / 5 protected from scratches and cosmetic damage with this extremely thin and fantastically lightweight white case.
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I chose this style to replace my a dense plastic protector. I like the simplicity and ease when slipping into pockets. Very pleased with quality and appearance.
very thin
Happy with this product, this is the third one I have brought in 2 years for this phone, so they don't last forever but at this price it's fine
very thin
This case is flat along the screen so not sure it would protect the phone if it fell on a stone floor - had expected a tiny fraction of a raised side to prevent the glass smashing - so now need to buy a protective cover as well.
Great online service
Was a bit too tight
Disappointed with the overall quality
The cover broke within less than 24 hours after putting it on my phone and the corner of my phone was damaged from the case as well.
Perfect fit, thin and looks great.
Perfect fit, thin and looks great.
At the best price as well.
Well done and thank you.
Very Good
Items were received on time and as ordered.
Good looking but bad quality
Looks good and feels nice. Terrible quality solince it broke after one fall. The fall was from just a bit above my knees and it fell on my foot, not even on the floor.
Wouldn't recommended, well at least based on my short experience.
Phone case
Quite flimsy. Already chipped on the corner & now offering no protection on that part
very sleek and minimal cover
very sleek case which still offers good shock protection, I have dropped my phone twice, once right on the corner which would normally smash the screen, the cover was cracked but my phone was completely undamaged, very impressive for such a thin material
breaks too easily
its a nice case, very thin and flimsy though. Had this on my phone for no more than a day before it broke. I Very gently!!! (not even joking it was so gentle) knocked my phone on the edge of a table and the case split all along the side and back so the plastic was hanging off. Idk if i was just unlucky but the case definitely doesnt last
Purchased this phone case for my son who tells me he likes the texture of the case, although it feels slightly flimsy, once fitted to the phone it is fine.
Fine, clear, minimal and smart
Fine, clear, minimal and smart but unfortunately has cracked along edge of one corner. Already. Have only had it for a couple of weeks.
an outstabding phone case. fits perfectly and I can hardly feelit on the back of my phone. when I drop it I knoa there will be 100% protection cos its basically made out of kryptonite. I love this phone case.
Style and a price,but low.
This is the 2nd case I bought for the phone, the first mad it look and feel like a walki-talkie, why spend so much on sleak and stylish and then cover it with thick black rubber. Madness but we all have a need, got rid of that in favour of this and it does live up to its title, it has given me back a modern, user friendly device that had vanished under a coating of protection that made functionality difficult to use.
Excellent service and case
The usual excellent service from Mobile Fun. I also like the case, slim and doesn't detract from the phone. It would have been better if the sides were slightly higher to protect the screen if dropped face down
Good good good
Good item, nice price swift service
Good case
I'm happy with the case. There's not much to it - a piece of plastic that clips onto the back of your phone covering the back and sides with holes for all the relevant buttons. It's very unobtrusive which I like. It looks good and hopefully will keep my phone safe.
Sleek and tidy
Unlike many other cases, this case is fantastic. It's sleek and neat and is easy to put in my suit trousers unlike many other bulky cases. It's fits the phone perfectly!
Ultratra thin protective case
Excellent website and fast delivery. Everyone should use Mobilefun for all things " mobile " Product was even better than I expected ! Thank you.
Slim, transparent in lighting conditions. Well made. Add 5 g weight
Lovely discreet cover!
This attractive, opaque cover fits perfectly and adds discreet protection to my new phone.
Excellent product
Bought this to replace a silicone case, which was floppy & not a very good fit. This case fits the phone like a 2nd skin, all the buttons/ports are easily accessible & because of the slimline build it fits easily in a pocket. A previous review warned that it does not have the apple logo on like the one in the picture, this is because the case is so thin the apple logo can be seen through it. Thoroughly recommended
Thin in appearance but Fat on its uses
This thin piece of tempered glass once fitted becomes invisible, it dosent impead the use of the phone but gives it fat protection.
The cover is super thin and fits the phone like a glove. You hardly know it's there! Would highly recommend if you want a cover which is minimalistic, light and protects your phone from bumps and scrapes.
Ultra-thin iPhone 5S case
I was nervous about buying a cover for my new iPhone 5S. The covers I've seen in the past looked cheap and chunky. I use a car kit for my phone, so I needed something really thin to protect my phone.
The case I ordered is perfect. Slim enough to fit into the car kit yet good solid protection for the phone. It's even a great texture which feels like good quality. Delighted with the case and delighted with the quick delivery service.
Great fit
This item is such a great fit for the phone, so slim you can barely see it which is exactly what I was looking for. Also like the frosted look of the cover.
Well made case
Super thin yet sturdy case that doesn't make the iPhone feel bulky.
We'll worth the money
New to iphone so was looking at all the cases all prices etc

After all the reviews for this case I bought it next day delivery as normal with mobile fun the case itself is solo thin so you don't lose the looks of the phone which itself is a brilliant bit of kit.

If you need a case which will not bulk the phone to much buy this

Great item
Great product, good price, best case I have found (and have tried so many!!!!) this is slim, feels nice to the touch and certainly protects the phone! Recommend
Photos don't do justice
This case is very thin and very slick looking. Just the thinness and coverage I was looking for. Doesn't look like it will protect from serious impacts but will certainly protect the edges from scratches (which is what I want). I use it with a BuiltNY neoprene sleeve. Fits just fine!
Just great
Fits perfectly, protects even the shiny edges of all but the bottom of the phone. Keeps the the phone and case feel as light and elegant as the phone without a case.
Very effective, but not longlasting
This does exactly what I want it to do - protects the back, sides and corners of my iPhone 5S against knocks and scratches, without adding any bulk to the phone. In fact this is the only cover slim enough not to need removing when the iPhone is put into a recharging cradle. Because it is so slim, though, it damages easily. If you do drop your phone, the likelihood is that the cover will scuff, scratch or split, and if you care about the appearance you'll find yourself changing covers pretty regularly - I change mine every couple of months on average. My phone still looks as good as new, though, and I consider it a price worth paying. I wouldn't use any other cover.
Tight snug fit
Lives up to product description ‘ultra-thin’. I have a phone cradle in my car and was fed up having to remove my previous ‘thin’ Case Protector every time as wouldn’t fit so in the end didn’t bother. This one does, mobile just clicks into place with case protector on, great job to manufacturer and MobileFun.
Cheap price for a cheap case
You get what you pay for. The corner of the case broke after less than 3 weeks but for the price, you can't expect more.

It's probably the slimmest case I've come across and the frosted white case makes it almost invisible. Just to note, the case doesn't have a lip to cover the front of the iPhone.
Just perfect, I bought it because it is thin and I can still put it in my case. It's transparent I still see the logo and button are very accessable.
Delivery is correct to.
Ultra-thin Protective Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - White
Regrettably this case cracked at one corner soon after I bought it despite it not having been dropped or knocked in any way. It is extremely thin and therefore very good if you want to use another leather case around it for additional protection.
Super Slim, Matte Black Finish
At first I was a bit spectacle, but after reading reviews I thought I would give it a go, as I was really tempted to buy the original Apple iPhone case. But am I glad I brought this received it super fast. Service is second to none. But the case don't disappoint only 0.4M thin. Good textured finish for a nice grip. Good product.
Well I purchased myself an Iphone 5s not long back and one of the first things I wanted to do was protect all of its natural beauty! Almost like a mother does to her children.

So I ventured out into big wild world of Internet to find a case that can protect my beautiful iphone from all the potential dangers in a mobile phones life.

That's when I found this case! It comes in all it's beauty Black, and it doesn't degrade the phones beauty by bulking your phone! It fits just like a magic glove with out making your phone look over weight! It snaps on and off with ease but not that easy that it will just fall off! So in my experience I would recommend this to any iphone owner wanting to protect there precious iphone as no one wants a iphone with bust up edges or scratched backs! Over all 10/10!

Fab product, I bought one for my iPhone 5 then bought the same one for fiance's iPhone 5s. You can hardly tell it's there and I've dropped mine a couple of times and even though the case cracked slightly, the phone was left intact.
Ultra thin ... More like Ultra Awesome!

I bought this case for my iphone 5s as it's my baby and I love it more than the majority of the humans in my life. Therefore I wanted to protect it without taking away any of my gorgeous iPhones design or thinness.

Try and try again I did to find an iphone case that wasn't an abomination that ruined the wonderful iphone, I was at the end of my teather ... I was considering giving up.


Never have I found a case so slim yet so well put together, so clear yet actually adding to the iphone and making the colours almost look better.

Saved my iPhone 5s
Great low cost product. Hardly notice it is on the iPhone. Never has a case on an iPhone and have had each iPhone since originally released. iPhone 5s arrived, case followed a day later (delivered promptly). Fitted the case and was happy. 2 days later I asked my 5 year old to get my iPhone from the lounge (being in IT she has had exposure to iPhone's/iPad's and Computers all her life and is well aware of how they should be treated). Anyway just as she arrived in the kitchen the doorbell rang and our 7 year poleaxed her whilst heading in the other direction. The iPhone nearly hit the celling & did hit the tilled floor about 4 times. After a moment of silence/shock the iPhone was picked up to find the case had protected it 100%. Yes the case had split a little on 2 of it's corners. But it lasted whilst a replacement was order/delivered. Hey a few quid saved a 64GB iPhone 5s. Happy Days. Great product.
Perfection - like an invisible shield!
This is by far THE best phone case I have ever bought. Having recently plumped for a stunning new silver iPhone 5S, on the one hand I wanted to protect it - but on the other hand I didn't want to hide its sheer beauty.
This is the perfect answer. It is literally so ultra-thin and transparent that I almost forget it's there.
Absolutely delighted... And incredible value too.
Great case and very quick delivery
Very impressed with this case. It's similar to a rather more expensive ' branded' case I bought a year ago but seems to be a far better fit and is half the price, Adds very little bulk or weight to the iPhone and does the job. Not overly protective, being so thin, but as good as you can get imo.
If you're looking for a case that protects from cosmetic damage and that doesn't really affect the feel/size of the phone in your hand, then this is an excellent choice.

It fits well, although there it seems about half a millimetre too long as you can feel a slight shift of the iPhone as you plug in headphones or press the sleep/wake button - but this is really negligible.

It adds virtually no extra size in any dimension, and as such it's also not going to protect the entire phone from big drops, but for everyday use for a careful person, it really does the job. It also has a nice texture to it, which isn't too slippery, whilst at the same time never being sticky, and therefore it feels good in the hand, as well as easily slipping in and out of the pocket.

It doesn't really have a lip (there is a slight raise, but it's so small that a grain of salt would touch the screen, should you put it face down), so doesn't protect the screen when turned face-side down.

All in all - a very good case, especially for the price.
glitter case
I was so pleased with my glitter IPhone Case cover
No good at protecting and breaks easily
This is really thin/discrete. However offers very poor protection - i dropped my phone twice since using this and the case itself cracked slightly and was damaged - the second time the iphone was very slightly nicked on the top side. It's also easy to slide out of your hand as there's no tackyness to the casing and as it doesn't sit proud of the front also requires an additional screen guard. If you want to see and show off the back of your iPhone also its far too opaque for my liking. Have started using a different case now.
The thinnest and most inconspicuous case I could find for iPhone 5s!
After relentlessly shopping around the internet for an 'ultra-thin' case to go on my new white iPhone I was at a loss, due to every other case being bulky or covered in branding! Then I came across this case, which at first I wasn't sure what to make of, but after watching the product video I thought I would go for it, and my decision really paid off when it arrived! It is super thin and protects my iPhone from sliding on tables and general everyday scratches. Of course this kind of case will not stop it from breaking if you drop your iPhone, but to be honest not many cases do prevent screens from shattering! Its also worth noting that this case is not completely see-thru! For me this wasn't a problem as I love the frosted design. You can easily make out the apple logo and colour of the iPhone through the case. More so than on the video too. On the hole if your looking for a super thin, discreet protective case I would highly recommend this one...
Perfect Product
Actually very pleased with this product surprisingly its what I wanted, it protects the iPhone around all sides just enough. It attaches to the iPhone and leaves enough space to add a screen protector.
Thin but slippery!!!
I bought this case as I wanted a minimal case that showed the aesthetics of the phone when covered. No doubt this case achieves that perfectly. My only gripe is that the material does feel a little cheap plastic and it quite slippery in the hands. It's a great case just wish there was a little more protection on the bottom as it's the only bit exposed. Otherwise a great case for people who want the absolute minimum.
Very thin and keeps the phone looking sleek.
Unfortunately even though I haven't dropped phone I have noticed today case has stated to crack in one corner. Disappointed, do not purchase if looking for protective case.
Excellent, value for money and Light
This case offered an excellent alternative to the many bulky oversized and frankly ugly cases that detract from the aesthetics of the iPhone 5S. Think lightweight, slick and easy to grip - this case offers excellent value for money and good quality.

Super slim iPhone case, good value for money
I've gone through three different cases with my iPhone 5 never finding something I really liked. Most are too bulky for such a sleek phone and ruin it's aesthetics. This case caught my eye on a friend's phone as it's almost not there but still stops scratches and damage. It was easy to attach and tight around all the edges, even having a slight bezel to prevent the front from touching a surface if face-down. It's matte black finish matches the back of the iPhone and doesn't show finger prints. Overall it's nice and understated and actually feels like I got a new phone!

It might scuff over time but cheap enough to replace with a new one. Placed my order at 5pm and delivery was the next day, so brilliant experience dealing with MobileFun.
THE best case for Protecting against scratches- PERFECT
Having just bought my wife a new Iphone 5S 64GB I obviosluy wanted to protect the phone. With a ZAGG HD screen protector on the front, I wanted something that was thin: a case that would not detract from the beautiful aesthetics and weight of the iphone.

Unfortunately everywhere I went seemed to be unable to meet these. From chunky silicone/ rubber bumpers in a variety of cheap-looking plastic covers to hard "super-shock absoribing"plastics that brought back the nostalgic effect of a phone 5 years ago- and weight too!

Then, I went home to Mobilefun and within minutes found this case. I can't tell you just how light this is!!! Weighing in at a measly few 6grams, you'll honestly not know its there! Perfectly fitting for the phone, it clips into place and adds a "frosted" effect to the back of phone. It's thinness aides the semi-transparent effect of allowing the apple logo shine through which is great.

The tactile feel of the plastic is of a 'brushed effect" giving slightly better grip and feel than a smooth plastic. The thinness also allows the phone to sit nicely in the hand for both guys and girls ( who often have smaller hands).

Protection wise, the case protects well against scratches and daily scuffs. In addition, being frosted allows it to hide these well unlike 100% transport 'crystal' plastics that look old and worn aft only a few weeks.

Now, the thinness does have its drawbacks: this case is unlikely to protect against drops onto hard surfaces. If you work in an outdoor environment or are VERY accident prone then perhaps something more rugged like an Otterbox is more for you - but the extra protection sacrifices thinness, aesthetics and weight. There is no extra "lip" around the phone screen to protect the phone face down so a screen protector is recommended.

Overall, this case exceeds my expectations and, being a techie geek, watching the video and examining the pictures helped solidify my reasoning for this being the perfect case for my wife. I just need to wait a year and hopefully I will get the phone as a hand-me-down when she upgrades to the 6!
Best case I've found
I've tried numerous cases for my iphone 5 including a couple from incase and the Peel case from the US but this little case beats them all. It's very slim but seems well moulded and fits perfectly. Looks more expensive than it is.
slimmest case I've ever seen
If you're looking for the slimmest case for your iPhone 5, something that makes your phone naked, this is that case. I needed something ultra thin for my iPhone 5 so I can fit it in my MK wallet and not worry about it getting scratched while it was out of the wallet. This does just that!!! It is a little flimsy so I don't trust it 100%. But since it goes in my wallet, it doesn't matter much.

Repurchasing another one cause I lose my first one!
Great Service
Excellent Service and fast delivery
Super product!
The phone case is amazingly thin and well-fitting, providing protection whilst adding no weight or bulk. I cannot praise it too highly, thank you.
Amazing product
Amazing production thin and good quality as described even more amazing with the warranty can't ask for more the confidence in purchasing from this site
Awesome service
I absolutely love my I Phone 5 case I bought. It is sleek, and I got it within a week and a half of ordering it. It is truly awesome, I love this website.
The ultimate cover to maintain the iPhone 5's beauty
Bulky cases definitely steal the thunder of the iPhone 5's natural elegance. If you're careful with your device, and like to have the look and feel of the iPhone remain relatively similar, this is your perfect cover/case!

Looks very professional and clean, while protecting the phone from scratches and minor dings.

Bought two already!
Bit expensive
Very thin and light weight. You can get better quality covers for a less less money out there. In saying that, it's still a good cover. It covers everywhere it needs to. It will prevent scrapes in the sides and back of your phone but probably won't give much protection from a fall. It is a good product but double the price it should be.
Perfect minimal case for iPhone 5
If I could carry my iPhone 5 without a case I would.
It such a beautiful phone, I hate covering it up with a bulky case.

Then I discovered the ultra-thin case from MobileFun, and wow!

Fits perfect, is super slim, and makes holding your iPhone enjoyable, and feel the way it should.

Plus, this company has superb customer service.
Great cover for iPhone5
This is a great cover for the iPhone5. It is a nice slim cover. The back has a very light frosting which allows the apple logo to show through. Love it and would recommend to anyone. Also good quick delivery by MobileFun.
Poor quality
I've used this case for about 4 months. Whilst it is thin, it doesn't protect the phone.

Mine has split on the back and there are chips out of two of the four corners leading to damage to the phone.

Looking for a replacement.
Best aesthetic protection fro iPhone 5
I dont like the bulky cases you get that just hide the design of he iPhone. This one has a nice look and feel to it - not perfect but for £10 its very good - I reccomend you get a screen protector or wallet to kee it in though.
Wafer thin skin
The iPhone 5 has a perfect rear case - so why hide it? If you have one you will have discovered that although it seems a shame to cover up, it scratches really easily. I love pouch type cases, but they're a pain as you need two hands. So to avoid ruining the phone, a skin or snap on is essential. Most of the skins available (there are literally thousands) ruin the slim lines of the handset. This is by far the thinnest, and yet offers all the protection you will need without compromising the iPhone's aesthetics. Ridiculously cheap but great quality.
This is what you want
Really good case. iPhone 5 is durable so with this little extra bit of protection i don't worrying about it breaking. Looks better in person. Can see through it well and it matches the color of the phone better. Fits perfect, feels nice in your hand. I suggest getting the zagg invisible shield extreme screen protector I have it and this case and my phone is completely protected while having the least amount protection possible
This is what you want
Really good case. iPhone 5 is durable so with this little extra bit of protection i don't worrying about it breaking. Looks better in person. Can see through it well and it matches the color of the phone better. Fits perfect, feels nice in your hand. I suggest getting the zagg invisible shield extreme screen protector I have it and this case and my phone is completely protected while having the least amount protection possible
good protection for iphone 5
This does just the job, it's see through so the iphone still looks good, it's tough enough to stop any chips or scratches, but probably wouldn't protect it if it had a very hard fall on to a solid floor, but it's not designed for that.
this is a lovely case for the iphone5. I didn't want anything that was too big or bulky. I was most cautious about the back and edges of the phone and this protects it without even really being seen. I have had at least three comments (only got it 5 days ago) about the case and I know two of those people are going to buy one themselves.
Love it
After many purchases of cases that didn't fit properly blah blah blah I eventually brought this one. It's great. Perfect fit, nice feel when in your hand and all ports, buttons etc are fully accessible. Really glad that I purchased this. Not the greatest protection wise but my iPhone is treated like a new born baby anyway. Buy it.
Light touch
This is great for keeping scratches from your phone case, which is why I wanted it. It's light and virtually unnoticeable when fitted. I wouldn't want to rely on its protection if the phone was dropped from a great height, but that's not my requirement.
Excellent Case
Very happy with the case, adds no weight at all and is extremely thin. You don't really notice at all that it has a case on. It protects all edges except the bottom front edge.
Fits alright. BROKE quickly
Fits quite alright to the phone. The semi see-through makes it look good on the iphone.

However. Dropped it ONCE and it broke..
A for looks..
D for durability..
At last a case that does not take away from the look and design of the iphone 5
I purchased this case in the hope that it would be almost undetectable on the phone. Most cases take away the look, feel and design of the iphone, at last a case that does not. I wanted the iphone to appear as if it did not have a case, was transparent but was still protected if dropped. This case fulfilled the above, however as it is so thin, although protecting the phone can chip or crack. Still worth the money and the best case too appear nude on your phone ! Great Product !
i looked at this and saw the apple logo. however despite advertising it with the image shown and apple logo it does not come with the logo.

be warned
A perfect fit
This cover is the thinnest, lightest and best fitting I have found. It also protects all but the bottom edge.
I have been looking for a simple protective cover for my iphone5 that is effective and lightweight and does not cost an arm and a leg, this is just the ticket, and the delivery was excellent. great show.
Best iPhone case
After going through a few different cases I have finally found the perfect case, ok it won't protect the phone from any major falls, but from scratches and general wear and tear its brilliant.

The case adds no bulk, and looks very smart. I recommend using a screen protector as this case has no "lip" to protect the screen.
Casetastic! (Great returns too!)
I bought this case as a crimbo pressie and although the first one was faulty due to a slightly misfitting edge, the simple and swift replacement means my husbands iPhone is looking great and protected from scratches without any bulky casing. It is casetastic!! Buy one...you know you want to. :o)
Best thin case!
Great case to go with the iPhone 5 design. Very satisfied.
prefect cover if you still want to show off your iphone 5!
It's crystal clear. You can't tell it's on, You can still see the details at the back. Good thing is that the phone does't slip off your hand feels secure. I like it. and still looks white. Must buy!!
Best case!!
BEST iPhone 5 case out there.... Really thin, fits perfectly! Arrived next morning A* service.
Super thin.I had many iPhone 5 cases this one is best.
Great value case
Bought this case after a good search round for one that was not going to detract in size or look from the new iPhone 5. Great delivery as always from Mobilefun I had ordered two, one black and one white.
They are so thin they add nothing to the bulk of the phone and do not detract from it's looks. However if you are looking for a bumper case being someone who tends to be careless (or more practical)with their phone then this offers minimal protection. In fact it will only protect from the scuffs and scratches of normal wear and tear and NOT any substantial impact. The white case is see through and one can still see the apple logos on the back whereas the black is totally opaque and cannot be seen through.
For my needs as a careful phone owner I think it is sufficient coupled with a screen protector but for the more robust user I would look for a better more protective design.
Great present!
Bought this for my son who got his new Iphone 5 in November and it already has scratches on it. He agreed this cover is lightweight and didn't change the feel of the phone too much. As he has the white Iphone, it doesn't change the look either so he's pleased.
Brilliant Value
I was paranoid that I'd scratch my brand new expensive iPhone 5, so I trawled the internet for a simple, thin case that wouldn't take the beauty away from my slick iPhone.

I came to the conclusion that this case most suited my desires; the thinness, colour and simple design clinched it for me.

My instant reaction was how light and thin the case was. It adds practically no weight to the phone, and has a soft feel to it. The cut-outs are pretty much millimetre perfect. The colour blends in perfectly with the phone.

I only have two concerns with the case. Firstly, the edges of the case nearest to the screen are cut quite sharply - the back of the cases' edges are seamlessly smooth, but the front edges are fairly rough.
My second and last nag is that the image provided shows almost a translucent case - you can see the Apple logo etc. This is not the case (excuse the pun) as the case is completely opaque and you can't see the logo.

Overall, for the price and quality of the case I can't complain. I did like the thought of being able to see the Apple logo through the case, but it's not the end of the world and at least now my phone is protected!
Good cover!
Having spent over 3 hours on the internet for a cover which meets me need, and I chose this one.
Yes, it's a very sleek looking and very slim cover.
One downside is the blog said when putting your phone face down, the face of your phone will not touch the surface, however, it does. So have to get a screen protector for more protection.
Overall I do like it, but how much protection do you get if your phone falls on the floor? The answer is not yet known...
iPhone 5 ultra-thin case
Can't stand using a case on any of my iPhone's until this its like you don't even have case on the phone I was in a mobile shop the other day when the owner asked me where I got my case from I told him online he Couldn't wait to get one as he said I've never seen a case so slim he paid me £20 cash gave me a pick of any case from the shop win win I come home and orderd a new case you will not be disserpointed it this beautiful slimline case enjoy
Ordered it in the afternoon and it arrived by 9am the next morning. I didn't want a case which made my phone look bulky and this certainly didn't, it is very thin and is an excellent fit. It also gives access to all the buttons etc, and gives a good amount of protection. Definitely would recommend it and don't be put off by the price.
Excellent all around
Great case! Ultra slim is an accurate description. Feels good in the hand and allows the beauty of the IPhone 5 to shine through!
The case looks nice and it fits the phone perfectly. Its also slim. However, the down side to it is that it doesnt last long. Dorp with once and its broken. Even from a height of 30cm.
Very thin & nice...but don't drop it!
Had this for less than a week. My 18 month old dropped it onto some upstairs lino tiles & it cracked the top of the case. To be fair MobileFun did replace it for free inc free postage (took a week or so turnaround). Replacement is doing fine. The only case I've seen so far that still makes the iPhone 5 look slim & cool, so I would recommend it.
5 Star
Excellent cover, ultra slim and easy to fit. Great service and fast delivery
Amazingly thin, no added weight, fits perfectly
Subject says all .. this is seriously one of the best cases for the iPhone 5 when it comes to thinness and inconspicuous design. If you covet your iPhone and are careful with it, this case is perfect for those accidental times when you drop it. I've dropped my phone once since I have it from the counter to a marble floor 3+ feet and the case took the hit, not a scratch on the iPhone.
Ultra Thin Protective Case for Iphone 5
Read the reviews first off and decided to order this item. I did not want to add to the bulk of the phone and this item did just what it says on the tin,adds nothing to the size of the phone but gives exactly the protection it requires as the paint/covering on the phone itself was, disappointingly for Apple, not very durable, and I am particularly careful with things. The price was perfect for the product in my opinion.
Fantastic Product - The slimmest case on the market
The video doesnt do this product justice. I was looking for a slim case that protects the sides and back from the notorious scratches that this particular model is prone to. It does just that but what amazes me is just how slim it really is. It virtually added no width to the phone, no bulkiness just compliments the device. Best case if you want to retain the perfect design and looks of the iPhone 5 whilst still protecting it from any scratches.
Good product
Good product.
Its very thin, you can barely feel it.
But it's not enough transparent for me so it "breaks" a little the white design.
The case is not fitting perfectly on the top, there is a tiny space.
Globally, its a good product for the price :)
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