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Ultra Thin FlexiShield iPhone 6 Gel Case - 100% Clear Reviews

Custom moulded for the iPhone 6. This 100% Clear FlexiShield case from Olixar provides a slim fitting stylish design and durable protection against damage, keeping your iPhone looking great at all times.
  • Mobile Fun ID 49604
$10.44 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 82 customers

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Fits great
This case fits well, feels great and the beauty of the phone is not hidden by a chunky case. I love the feel of the case in my hand and it fits nicely in my back pocket.
Not what I was expecting
Ok but not as thin as I expected. Description said "ultra thin" but my Belkin black case is about the same. Unfortunately that's the problem if you can't try before you buy. Now sits in my drawer.
Protection without taking the look of the phone away
Great protection for the phone, especially when a clumsy teenage has it!!!!
Phone protection
Trusty protection for the phone, not bulky yet feels sturdy. Have used Mobile Fun for years now and always been satisfied with both the products and the service received.
Great protection
This case is almost invisible and very slim yet my iPhone is so much safer with it on. It is clear so the colour of the phone isn't spoilt and gives great grip when handling the phone. Love it!
Very thin case
I like the slim design of my phone, so dislike most cases, so this is perfect- it doesn't add much weight or thickness to the phone
Love the range
Can't fault this case. After I bought one for my iPhone SE, I bought this for my son's iPhone 6 and one for my iPad Pro.
Fits perfectly
A great simple case, that fits the iPhone perfectly.

I previously had a plastic backed case and it added too much bulk to the phone and also you could see the plastic becoming more scratched over time.
Great product, speedy delivery, love it!
Really pleased with this iPhone 6 gel case. It fits perfectly, doesn't detract from the phone at all and is the best one I've found. Very pleased with it
Bought this when I first got my phone about 7 months ago, very slim but very protective. Dropped my phone countless times - never got damaged with his case on, not even the screen (even though the case does not cover the screen).

Very impressed. Since dropping my phone so many times the case was a bit damaged and starting to turn a bit yellow so I bought another exactly the same. Really good value for money!
simply perfect
clear showin the beauty of iphone , fits perfectly as if nothing is there , the grip is so smooth , simply "perfect"
fits perfectly , and looks great i highly recommend
Really slim
Good fit and does not spoil the good looks of the phone. Protects the back from getting scratched. If you are prone to dropping your phone this cover may not be adequate as the screen is exposed. A raised edge around the screen would be an improvement. Still a good cheap cover and I am happy with it.
It's a good case
I wanted a thin case because I like the phone and the case I had was a hard plastic case and was too bulky. This case is perfect. Light, soft and non slip
Very nice case
Very nice case,doesn't feel bulky as outher cases do, and you can still see all of your phone, Defo recommended.
Amazing Case
What a fab product not only does it protect the phone completely including the corners ... ( found others dont do this ) it's completely natural so you can see your lush iPhone and it makes it feel not bulky I love it
Terrific Case!
Absolutely love this case. It fits nice and snugly and doesn't make the 6s bulky like other cases. I want to see my phone - God knows I spent enough buying it ! Delivered 48 hours after ordering - thank you Mobile Fun !
iPhone 6 gel case
Came across this by browsing, glad I did, excellent description of the product - which Similar is available on Apple's website for in the region of £39 !! - it fits the phone like a second skin.
The company's estimated time of delivery was spot on.

Would Recommend Mobilefun to anyone.
Amazingly thin,so I can still holds in my hand while running around , clear so I can still enjoy a rose pink colour and silicon made which doesn't break easily like some designer brands. Best I've ever had!
Great price. Precise description. Fast delivery. A very happy customer. Will definitely recommend.
I think the quality and value for money is second to none!
I think the quality and value for money is second to none, especially when you compare it to the almost identical cover sold in the Apple stores. My beautiful, slim, and lightweight iPhone 6 will now never accidentally slip out of my hand - in the unlikely event that it does, thanks to this noon-slip, see through cover it now has great protection without adding any bulk or ugliness.
Just what I expected
Just what I expected. Sleek design with just enough protection for everyday use.
the product is so good super slim.
the product is so good super slim.
Protective and nice to look at
The shell was exactly what I was looking for - it protects my phone without detracting from its appearance.
This does what it says protects the phone well but still allows the iPhone colour and logo to be seen. It's thin so it doesn't make the phone that much heavier or thicker. Would defo recommend it to a friend.
Best value for money. Efficient. Does what it claims! Very happy
Nice quality
Nice quality product. Feels really good and doesn't spoil the look of the iPhone Very pleased with it.
Really pleased with this cover, it's just what I was looking for.I wanted a cover that would protect my phone without detracting from it's original design.This cover is extremely slim and because it's clear gel it' s hardly nnoticable and yet it gives easy access to all the buttons and sockets.I would definately recommend this cover to protect your phone from scratches,I'm not sure how good it would be at protecting your phone should
you drop it but because it's gel it's easier to grip so this makes it less likely to occur.
The clear gel I-phone 6 cover is better than I expected. Clear super thin, non-slip, I love it. Would recommend to anyone that's looking for one.
Handy Little Case perfect
This case is great fits perfectly and does not make your phone bigger
Does what it says it does
Fits snugly and protects the back and edges of the phone.
Clear design keeps the appearance of the phone along with gel like material protects and enhances grip.
Fits like a glove
I really impressed with the gel case. It's subtle yet gives you extra grip and also protection. Fits fine on my iPhone 6s and I wanted to see the grey colour of the back hence I went for the clear gel
Protects my phone without hiding the asthetics
Protective. Better grip on the phone, than without it. 'Does exactly what it says on the tin'.
Great service
The original case I had received had broken within a week of having it. Once notified, this was dealt with efficiently and professionally. I asked for a different type of case as a replacement and this was organized with no problem. The gel case has been great so far. Thanks!
Excellent purchase!
Just what I was looking for. A discreet, thin, clear case for the back of my new iPhone 6. I'm glad I located this online, because the price is much better than retail stores. Thank you.
Great website
It's nice to have a website that as anything you need for your phone and more! the website was so easy to use! the item was of great quality as well! It was delivered fast and in one piece great job keep up the good work!!
The product does what it says it does. !
Does a job at a fairly low price.
The product does what it says it does. !
Does a job at a fairly low price.
Fits Perfectly and Protects Wonderfully
This case was straight forward to fit and works perfectly in protecting my phone. The great thing about the case is that my phone barely feels any different, as the material is so light weight. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that treasures their phone and wants to prevent damage to it
easy to put on very thin but definitely worth the price
I bought a gel case for my phone and love it
I bought a gel case for my phone and love it as it looks like I have no case at all on my phone and it feels a lot more grippy than just holding my phone. This webshop is easy to use have lots of items to choose from. I will definitely shop here again.
Simple but works well
Great case. Dropped my phone a few times already and no damage what so all. Very light and thin so it makes the phone feel thin rather than clunky like other cases. The edges aren't as smooth as I would like but it's not a game changer.
This is excellent case
This is excellent case. It protects the case perfectly and it looks good. it is also good value for money. I would recommend this item to anyone.
This bumper is great for nights out when you need your phone to look as nude as possible. The edges could be a little smoother from production though.
Non obtrusive
This cover is fantastic to make your iPhone 6s grippy and adds virtually nothing to the phone. My only criticisms are the camera lens is just poking out and it could be finished off a little better, rough edges.
An excellent minimalist cover which protects the phone extremely well. It gives a great feel with added grip without detracting from the beauty and quality of the iPhone. I would thoroughly recommend this cover for anyone who loves the look and feel of their phone without loosing any of the benefits of owning such a wonderful product.
Simply the best
highly flexible case - protection on all sides and back - clear enough to show off the lovely colours o the new Iphone 6S - really pleased - thankyou !
Love it
Perfect cover, good condition, fast delivery
Item arrived promptly and is perfect. Thank you!
The slim cover pulls it off really very well
I previously purchased a slim iPhone 6 gel case cover in clear and I must admit it's not easy to pull of a cover especially on a iPhone due to its thin features etc but the slim cover pulls it off really very well I've had it on for over a week now and it's not noticeable at all that there's a cover applied. Fab service
Ultra Thin Gel Case
My order arrived within a few days and it was exactly what I was looking for.
Simple, good fit, good quality = Perfect
This is a great case for the phone.
It fits really well, the amount of protection is just the right amount (not too thick/thin), it is good quality and doesn't break or loses shape after removing/putting a few times.
Overall it is great value and would really recommend.
Encase is an excellent iphone 6 cover
The Encase ultra thin flexishield fits on the phone very easily and quickly and also has covers for the volume buttons and the sleep/wake button. The cover is made of a soft gel material and absorbs the small shocks of placing the phone down on a hard surface. I find it easier to pick up than a hard shell case and feels better in the hand. I bought the completely clear shell case which shows off the phone as though there was no cover on it at all. Very pleased with this product.
Best ultra slim case for iphone 6
If you are looking for low level protection which you hardly notice this is perfect. It protects back and edges from scratches and mild impact. It doesn't protect the screen but fits like a glove to the iPhone. All the buttons work perfectly. I love feeling the quality of the phone so hate cheep bulky cases so I wasn't sure about this initially - but it feels great reducing a little of the slippyness of the phone and I hardly notice it's there - fab.
Fantastic Cover
I have never used covers for my phones as prefer to use a desktop charger, and usually do not accommodate covers.

I decided on this one, for the following reasons
1. it was clear - so could still see the gold backing
2. will accommodate the use of a desktop charger (purchased Desktop Charger and Sync iPhone 6 Dock with Lightning Cable
3. did not make the phone look bulky and clumsy.

Can't think of anything negative to say about this.
Great Minimalist Gel Case
This is a really lovely soft gel case for your iPhone 6! Being clear, it shows off the phone and is so light and thin, it doesn't increase the size of the phone much at all, so it still fits into the phone slots in most handbags!! Great item which I would highly recommend.
Best case i've ever owned for all iphones i've owned since the first iphone. Love it!!!

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