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Ultra Desktop Dock for Sony Xperia Z1 Reviews

Charge your Xperia Z1 with this stylish desktop cradle which also acts as a multimedia viewing stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41456
$26.12 inc VAT
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 4.8 stars from 16 customers

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Quick delivery, good price, 100% happy customer
Sony Z1 docking charger.
This charger dock is the perfect companion to the Z1 works like a dream.
Lovely purchase only problem would not connect when aux cable connected. All sorted with a hacksaw and little intuition.
Would suggest there was a little groove so it sits snug with aux plugged in, otherwise it's a DIY job.
Works well
If you have a Z1 and don't have a dock charger you'll know how annoying it gets having to unclip the waterproof USB port flap each time you want to charge it.

Fortunately the phone has a contact charging point on its side, which can be used with docks such as this.

I considered the Sony magnetic charging dock which is a little pricier than this dock - but it only supports the phone in the middle. I opted for this one as it supports the phone across its entire length, meaning it's stable and can't easily be knocked out.

You plug a micro USB cable into it and it charges it does the job of charging your phone. That's it. Job done. Recommended.
Worth while purchase
A very practical way of charging my Z1 whilst providing me with the back ground clock at night very pleased
Fantastic Item
I ordered the Sony Xperia Z1 desktop charger, expecting it to be OK, but was pleasantly surprised at the quality, I am very happy with this product and will definitely buy from Mobilezap again.
The shipping was great and the communication was first class.
Nice little dock.
I purchased this dock because I didn't like how you actually have to use two hands to remove your phone from the genuine Sony dock. With the Sony dock, because it's magnetic and so light, you need one hand to hold down the dock and the other to remove the phone. I wanted a dock that wraps around my phone and didn't need a magnet to line up the charging pins. That way, I can drop my phone in and lift it out with one hand. Now the description for this dock doesn't say anything about it being magnetic as well, but unfortunately, it is. I was quite disappointed about this but luckily, I was able to open up the dock and remove the magnet. Now it works exactly the way I want it to.
Excellent product
Received with in 5 days of dispatch through a well protected bubble bag. As mentioned it is only a charging dock. Using the USB cable given one can synchronize it with PC. Aesthetically good looking. The logo "KIDIGI' could have been less highlighted
Better than what I expected!!!
After much debate on whether I should get the Sony dock or this one, I settled for this one since it worked out to much cheaper and the original Sony dock wasn't available in Indian retail market yet. I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality of this dock. I have used the original Sony Xperia play dock and this one seems very similar in style. It houses the entire phone conveniently and comfortably. This dock is also magnetic. It sits flatly with rubberised base pegs and you don't have to worry if a slight shake would tilt the entire dock with the phone sitting on it. Overall an excellent product and worth the money!!!
Limited Function
At the time of my order the add stated to synchronise and charge.
This dock is really a one trick pony... It,s a charging dock. If you need to synchronise with a computer the phone must be out of the dock and directly connected by the micro usb cable (supplied) Also the phone must be out of any wallet or pouch... as it's a tight fit into the dock. On the plus side it will charge from any usb source and looks great on the desk.

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