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Ultimate Micro USB Charging Pack Reviews

The ultimate Micro USB charging pack for 'all' your power needs, featuring a super fast in-car charger and mains adapter, portable power bank and 3x Micro USB cables. Never be without battery power ever again!
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 4.7 stars from 15 customers

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Excellent value
I found this to be accurately named as it really is the ultimate in charging kits. It comes with everything you could want for nearly every eventuality.
If i could improve anything it would be the connections pn the power pack as the charging lead dosent fit all the way in but thats only a minor detail.
Overall impression its well worth the money
No good at charging!
So I bought this becuase my original Apple charger and cable were suffering wear and tear after extensive use and thought this one seemed good value, especially after reading the reviews. Unfortunately the supposedly fast mains charger barely charges my iPad unless the iPad is not in use and then only very slowly. My original Apple charger recharged very quickly indeed, even when the iPad was in use with a number of apps, this charger took 5 hours today with the same apps open/in use and barely charged 40%. Also beware, I think someone mentioned the mains charger has two sockets for charging - it dosn't only 1. It's the car charger which has 2 which I have not had a chance to try yet, as the supplied cables are incompatible with my iPad case bought at same time from Mobile Fun due to the case socket being deep and the cables being too wide at the plastic sheath above the plug, so don't push into the case far enough. So in order to try I would have to use the one and only old cable I have that fits into the case socket which I can't be asked to swap around all the time. The battery bank does seem to work, but same problem with supplied cables, which Mobile Fun seems incapable/unwilling to temedy unfortunately. So, tegrettably, due to poor charging and problems with cabling I cannot recommend this product.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Pixie

Sorry to hear you are not happy with your items. The car charger is a fast charger capable of delivering up to 2.1A, which is faster than a standard iPhone charger so perfect for smartphones and also capable of charging tablets and a very good
Never go flat agan
This bundle is ideal for all your gadget needs....superb 2000mAh powerbank ensures you will never be without battery...And the option to recharge on the go...perfect....Fast delivery and an easy transaction.... 5 *****
Already put it to good use
Ordered this item recently and have already put it to good use. Arrived very quickly excellent service. This is the second item i have purchased from MobileFun and would have no hesitation in using this company again or recommending it to family and friends.
The Ultimate Micro Charging Pack
If you have to charge it with a Micro USB Charger then look no further, At home either from the mains or using a USB Port on your laptop or PC, In the car using the cigar/cigarette lighter/12v socket or even out and about no where near any of the above, it doesn't matter you CAN charge it!
A genuine at home mains charger with a powerful 2.1A output.
Three, yes Three Micro USB Cables.
In car charger with two outputs 1A and 2.1A suitable for powering a Satnav and charging your phone at the same time.
Finally a portable power bank which will charge your devices Fully with an added small LED torch in case of emergency.
Buy for yourself or a gift you will love it, guaranteed, what are you waiting for.
This small bundle is very comprehensive and enables you to cover every option that might arise when the charging of your device becomes necessary. All locations are covered - home and vehicle. When neither of these are available the handy rechargeable battery comes to the fore. This small but powerful unit is fitted with a torch so when all power and lighting is unavailable fear not, you can not only charge your phone but see to do it. There is even a choice of connecting leads. This compact unit is a must and is extremely attractively priced.
Great item, fantastic value
Great quality products unlike some I've bought before from other websites (particularly a famous auction site) where you never quite know what you're getting.

The 3 lightning leads are as good as Apple originals. The mains adaptor with two USB outputs is great and frees up a socket. The in car charger, again with two outputs is superb. And the power bank is light, compact and extremely useful. Fast delivery as usual and Mobile Fun once again fits the bill.

A must if you own any Apple products with the Lightning interface
I wanted an additional Lightning cable and found this package on offer for very little money.

This is absolutely a stunning bargain for what you get. If you add up the cost of the items you receive then this has to be a no brainer.

I only wanted a few cables but found the portable charging pack and the car charger invaluable now.

Fast and dependable delivery from Mobile Fun, well done again!
Charger powerpack
Excellent product bought before now buying for family
Excellent Purchase
The Ultimate lightning charging pack offers great value for money. Extremely useful for battery hungry Iphones particularly for anyone now travelling internationally as travellers will not be permitted to take electronic devices on board the aircraft unless they can be be proved to switch on! Very happy customer.
Ultimate Satisfaction
Summary: Having one package that contains all of these items... it's just tremendous value. I couldn't be more satisfied because everything works precisely the way I'd expect it with my iPhone 6 and 5!

Context: I was a bit apprehensive when I bought this because, a couple of years ago, I had previously purchased a similar product from a different company and wasn't satisfied. Unlike my previous purchase, everything works as I had hoped!

- This time, the Lighting cable(s) does not produce a message warning me that I might experience compatibility problems.
- Also, unlike my previous purchase, when plugging the kit into my car lighter adapter... it charges!
- The spare, external battery is a nice size and weight. Easy to pack and is very convenient.
The Ultimate Lightening Charging Pack
I actually recieved the Ultimate Lightening Charging Pack, which does just that it does what it says on the tin. I was so delighted I bought another set for my wife's I phone to stop her borrowing all mine. all the items work very well. I only get about 80% charge from the power bank which as lightening fast which is what you need when the situation calls for it (which is plenty enough for me to keep me going until i get to the car or mains point. overall very satidified with the chioces, products, & service even the delivery which was standard mail arrived with 48 hout of being despatched.
Loads of goodies
There's so much in the pack. For the (Apple) price of two of the the three USB cables there's a car connector, a UK Mains to USB plug and a power pack as well as the cables. All good quality as well. It would make a great Christmas pressy for any proud owner of a new iPhone.
Excellent value
I ordered the Ultimate Lightning Charging pack for my new iPhone 5c so that I had spare chargers for the car, home and for travelling. The service from Mobile Fun was excellent, fast and efficient. The charging pack is better than expected and so much cheaper for the whole bundle than I could get on the high street. Thoroughly recommend Mobile Fun and the Ultimate Lightning Charging pack!
I was going to order the encharge power bank and saw this. 3 good cables, fast mains and car charger on top just for a little bit more dosh. No brainer!

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