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UK Power Socket with USB Charging Wall Plate Twin pack Reviews

Introducing the twin pack of this revolutionary solution for USB charging, the UK Power Socket with USB Charging Wall Plate. This intuitively designed product allows you to charge your mobile devices while keeping your precious plug sockets free.
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 4.9 stars from 16 customers

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Very Happy
Very happy with the product. Its a electrical socket with USB charge points, what more is there to say.
UK Power Socket with twin pack USB charging sockets
I think this item is one of the most impressive innovations that has been produced. I use it all the time for its convenience of being able to charge two USB devices without interfering with the double 13 amp sockets. Essentially two USB devices and two mains sockets (four items) can be used in the same wall plate at the same time. This is Brilliant.
UK Power Socket with USB
Handy product. Includes instructions. Earth pin socket holes had a wee chip on them. Which doesn't affect the functionality, but doesn't look that great. For the price the quality could have been a wee bit better. All in all though they are ok.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Lynda

Sorry to hear there were some chips on the item, please let us know if you require a replacement.
enCharge UK Power Socket with USB Charging Wall Plate
Having good confidence in the supplier I know that if the item didn't work I could return it. As it happens the item is exactly as described and working very well indeed.

It is such a useful piece of equipment that I can charge two items whilst still being able to use the mains sockets. Definitely a good and worthwhile idea I think all properties should have them.
Brilliant idea that works well
We now have 8 of theses double 13 amp plug sockets with built-in USB connectors; 3 bedrooms and lounge. It leaves the plug part completely free to use for table lights, coffee makers etc, whilst you charge your various phones and tablets without losing a power socket.
Easy to fit, but if in doubt, an electrician is essential.
Just Great
Dump your untidy phone charges and get this neat replacement, USB has been built into 13A Socket Wall plates. You know it makes sense!

Suited to all USB charged devices, all neat and tidy. Built to UK standards, despatched in the UK and all ready for to fit.
Fantastic Space Saver
Got the twin pack and saved a few pounds to start off.
Fitting was a doddle and took less than 15 minutes for both sockets.
Perfect for charging a plethora of devices and keeps your sockets free for other use.
Can't recommend this product highly enough it is a definite must buy.
So Useful, Excellent!
A brilliant idea which really does what it says! I'm fussy about the quality of electrical fittings and this one seems very well made. Good solid terminals and the USB power section takes little extra space at the rear of the plate. Extremely easy to fit. Good instructions for those not too used to replacing outlets. Good quality switches too. Excellent and it works too!
at hand
very handy not having to remember were did i put that usb charger its at hand all the time
Perfect space saver
Works exactly as advertised. I got mine installed by an electrician (wimp - very wary re mains electricity!). Eliminates ugly wall chargers, tidies work space, and releases sockets for other plugs. Looks indistinguishable from normal double sockets, unless you look closely. Should be standard in new builds!
Just what I needed
we have 3 phones 3 tablets and i use e-cigs so we were running out of sockets,to the point i could not plug the vacuum in !now we can plug 8 devices in to 2 sockets and everybody is happy,really great product,and you can fit it yourself with basic electrical knowledge
As one of my colleagues said: The Designers deserve to be Millionaires!
I knew that this UK standard-sized double socket with carefully positioned and separated USB sockets was what I needed, and to be able to buy a pair at a very reasonable price was excellent news.

The product was supplied with comprehensive notes that gives a user of any competence level, the details necessary to decide whether they should fit it themselves or call on a competent professional to do it for them.

Before ordering I looked at reviews on the Web, and I concur with all those comments, except perhaps the one who suggested removing the printed USB information. I do agree that were those details moulded it would have been an improvement, but that would have added unnecessarily to the cost.

Excellent product at good price, and supplied on time – all I could have asked.
So Obvious!
I haven't come across an integrated mains and USB outlet until now. It makes me wonder why no-one appears to have thought of it before, when it makes so much sense! Overlooking the obvious perhaps?

I bought the twin pack in white, which replaced two of the sockets at my kitchen work-top. No more sockets taken up with an ever increasing number of chargers. These provide a tidy and convenient solution and a very efficient use of space. Brilliant!
enCharge UK Power Socket with USB Charging Wall Plate Twin pack
Never hunt for your charger again, en harge power sockets are neat and robust no hint of them getting warm they do the job brilliantly .I will buy more.
Bought many thins from MFun and bar none this is NO1
I have bought 4 of these 2 in my bedroom 1 in kitchen and living room as my wife was concerned due to the many house fires caused by the cheap and none EU or BS kite marked charger cables which are sold daily through many outlets!
Thanks to Mobile funs invention my wife's no longer concerned as they are hard wired in to ring main therefore nothing to worry about on that score! However talking about score we would give this 10/10 for ease of use and ease of install as well as looking good and like an ordinary socket!

Cheers MFun
Looks good, works fine.
One of those ideas that's so obvious - why has nobody thought of it before? Very easy to fit and it looks much more "cool" than the standard mains socket.

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