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UAG Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Folio Case - Black Reviews

The UAG Rugged Folio Case in black keeps your Microsoft Surface Pro 4 protected with a lightweight, but highly protective honeycomb composite interior, with a tougher outer case, ensuring the perfect combination of style and security.
  • Mobile Fun ID 55579
$59.73 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 21 customers

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Fits like a glove!
A fantastically engineered product, it fits like a glove around the surface and just gives you that feeling of solid protection for something you've paid hundreds of pounds for. It does feel a little bulky as with all protective covers, but my kids have dropped the surface a couple of times already (luckily after I had put the case on!) and its still alive with no scratches/dents. The pen holder is great, the buttons on the top could be a little less stiff but other than that I have no complaints whatsoever.
Result is a resilient cover for the tablet with the keyboard protecting the screen
Process to fit cover onto back of surface pro 4 was straight forward. Result is a resilient cover for the tablet with the keyboard protecting the screen. Nice touch to have a clip for the pen instead of relying on magnetic attachment.
Top quality , excellent.
Top quality product , fits my surface pro4 perfectly! The pull out stand is very strong and works like a dream , I really love this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone who seriously wishes to protect their surface pro4! Bang on job UAG!
UAG have achieved a good level of protection for the Surface tablet with out compromising function
UAG have achieved a good level of protection for the Surface tablet with out compromising function.

The case is a good secure fit which increases confidence in using the Surface outdoors, all ports are accessible, works fine in either desktop or tablet modes.

An essential fit and forget device that keeps your precious tech safe.
Working as an onsite computer engineer my surface has heavy daily use I needed some protection on it so I purchased this one, here are my thoughts of it:
Excellent Case, Fits around and protects the surface pro 4 perfectly. I also fitted a Glass Protector Screen and this case allowed that (Some Don't). Love the stand on the back allows for all angles I need. Doesn't add that much weight to the surface. Doesn't interfere with the touch screen or keyboard and holds the pen better than the surface magnet option (won't loose the pen). Have had no issues while using the case...Love it!!
Would I Buy It Again YES!!!!
ver good sturdy case, well designed
Very good sturdy case, that fits perfectly. Easy has its own stand.

If anything the stand could have rubber on edging so that if using on a scratch sensitive table that won't get scratches. But I haven't tried it.

The keyboard fits perfectly over front to cover screen. Also wraps around back without any issue or strain.

Let's put it this way, I then bought another for a friend.
Microsoft Pro 4 case
This case is a strong and sturdy protection for your Pro 4. It is quite heavy but very sturdy. Like another reviewer, I was almost put off buying it by the little tab on the corner. It turns out it is a very handy tab that holds your keyboard in place while transporting it about.
All in all, it is a very good purchase. You feel that your Pro 4 is very well protected with this case on it.
Excellent specification and price
The case is excellent quality, provides a good level of protection and does not obscure any of the ports or the cameras, but does limit access to the micro SD slot, otherwise it would have been a 5 star review! Another value for money product, plus excellent service from MobileFun.
Very nice, but a little heavy
I like that the cover seems like it will protect the Surface Pro 4 very well. The only problem is that it is a little bit heavy. The rear stand is good, but I think it would be nice if it were a little stiffer to push back in because sometimes if you slide the whole thing back, the back stand will go back in somewhat easily. The stand also feels cheaper, but I think it is only because it is aluminum and just feels lighter.
Great, just what I wanted
I am one of those guys who gets very frustrated with manufacturers making devices slimmer and "sexier". We don't all live in a Vogue or GQ photo shoot set, and in the real world, we all drop. knock, scratch, and rub off stuff every day. I have been using an MS Surface Book for a short time and decided I wanted to just use the smaller lighter Surface Pro 4, but the thoughts of it not being properly protected in day to day in and out of bag, etc, did not appeal to me. I get all my mobile stuff from Mobile Fun and I noticed they had an offering from UAG which looked good, did not hinder port use, and seemed to fit my bill perfectly. Got it two days ago (Sept 16) and it is brilliant. It has actually left me thinking I would happily just carry this to a meeting without a bag, when the opportunity arose. I doesn't feel or look like you are carrying a laptop, but perhaps a big A4 notebook. I like the port that securely holds the stylus, as I have nearly lost my suface book stylus 2x times now relying on the mag grip only. Also, in one of those incidents, the stylus landed on it's nib which was damaged and I had to obtain a new stylus just to get spare nibs!!!.
I would happily recommend the UAG Scout Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Folio Case - Black as a cover for an MS SPro4 if you have one and like to know if it does fall out of your hand it has some kind of a chance of surviving!!!
Good computing and luck to you all.
absolutely Perfect
Just as described extremely sturdy.
Good kit
Excellent dos exactly what it says it dos. Easy to fit and easy to usw. Have not lost stylus yet unlike th magnet on laptop. Company excellent product arrive within 2 days a lot quicker than stated. Will defenately use again.
Highly recommended
looks good and easy to fit, stylus is held well in the clip and has not fallen out yet rear stand works well. highly recommended.
an excellent case and really good value
The only thing that almost stopped me buying this case was "What is the odd thing sticking out of the corner"
It is a pull attached to a small loop of elasticated shock cord that allows you to pull it over the keyboard cover to keep it in place.
Easy purchase and return
great product and super fast delivery

customer services were very helpful to as I ordered the incorrect product and the returns service was very simple and at no cost to the business

Thoroughly recommend
Hardcore Protection for your investment
Mobile fun yet again have failed to disappoint with their speed and efficiency. Best price I could find online and blisteringly fast service.
So, the product..In the simplest terms,protect your investment, get one! Its easy to fit, built like a tank, looks great. I'm Finally comfortable taking my Surface out of the office and using it for what it was intended.
Yes.. it adds bulk and a weight increase but that to me adds piece of mind that my investment is well protected and in reality is not an inconvenience. Yes.. It covers the micro sd slot, but once again, not really an issue as I personally wont be using micro SD's. In regards interfering with a screen protector, to me this is not an issue at all. No bend, pull or peeling is visible, and I am using a glass screen protector by Tech Armour. The case fits like a glove. The kickstand is also a bone of contention for some people, but when closed there is no "flop or wobble"and when adjusted to your preferred viewing angle, its solid, safe and reliable.
At the moment, in my opinion its the best option for Surface Pro 4 owners.

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