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UAG Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Navigator - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Urban Armour Gear for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features a protective TPU case with a brushed metal UAG logo insert for an amazing design. In white.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41364
$41.70 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 61 customers

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The UAG case i brought is absolutely perfect for the phone. Tough attractive and light. Plus speedy delivery and easy to navigate site.
Thanks again
Brought the UAG case for my samsung which fits and looks great. Thank you
best one out there
Awesome product very secure, slim light weight, nice grip. Great colors.
Best case yet
I had been using the Samsung S view case since I had purchased the phone. Although this case did make the phone look very smart it offered very little protection. I often use my phone to take photos and the flip case was always a problem. I did a lot of research on lots of different cases and found this one to be a favourite. Upon receiving and opening the package I was at first left feeling a little underwhelmed. My first thought was "how much did I pay for this" however once I fitted the case to the phone I new I had made the right choice. The case offers plenty of protection all round. The sides are slightly raised so that if you put the phone face down the screen is away from the surface. All corners have protection in the event of a drop. But in my view it is the look and feel of the case that won me over. I have had a few comments all were positive.
The case may seem slightly expensive but the quality and attention to detail are what makes this case stand out from the others. Also if you have spent £400/£500 on your new phone, then this is a good investment to keep your phone looking good for years to come.
Great when protecting everything except the huge screen lol
Great case, nice snug fit, great protection to corners and back of phone just, as expected (as there is no screen protector or anything) doesn't do anything for protection of the huge screen.
Dropped phone, happened to land on a stone, one knackered screen. £35 later and a new insurance fitted screen and VOILA back to being half protected.
Will be being the official Samsung flip front cover now.
Otherwise a great case if you purchase some screen protection separately. 50/50
Camera Lens Protection
Main reason for buying this case was to protect the camera lens on the back of the phone (a common problem with most smart phones). Now I can lay the phone down safe in the knowledge that the lens will not be touching anything. The lip round the edge also protects the front screen if placed face down.
buy this case, best case for samsungs
Highly recommended case. Very rugged and at the right price. When will UAG do a rugged case for the galaxy tab 3 7 inch. Would buy one straight away
Well worth buying
I have never really been a case sorta person, I have never liked them and always preferred a more naked look on a phone. That's until I swapped from the iPhone to the Note 3 which in my humble opinion is one cheep looking and feeling phone ! It just had to be covered up. This UAG case does a fantastic job of turning the Note 3 from an ugly duckling into the proverbial swan. It's awesome, not only does it fit perfectly and look cool as peas but it's as robust as a snatch land rover !!
I have used this case now for the best part of six months and it looks as good now as it did the day it arrived. I have dropped my phone probably every day since fitting it (not intentionally obviously) and my phone has never suffered any damage. The case kinda lips around the front edge of the phone which not only keeps the case secured and in place but offers great protection when the phone lands on its corner. I opted for the white one which looks as hard as a stormtrooper and even after all the abuse it's sustained it's still perfectly white.
If your looking for a proper phone case then look no further, this is the one for you (just don't buy the white one, I don't want everyone in the pub haveing the same cool phone as me)

Just buy one...... NOW ! Press the add to basket button just up there, you will not regret it.
Space Station
Love my new case for my Note 3. It has a futuristic look of space station doors. Also reminds me of something i might have seen on Star Wars. I highly recommend this case not only for the cool factor, but it is unusually light weight for having such strong protection. what a great value!! Super Happy!
Awesome case! Looks very sleek and sturdy, the color matches the phone perfectly.
UAG cover for Note 3
Very pleased with my purchase. I received the Galaxy Note3 recently and needed a decent cover. The MobileFun website was great, an excellent selection of cases and very fast dispatch. Quality product also. Very pleased and I will be shopping with this company again.
Excellent product
This is a excellent product of the highest quality, the colour show in the photos are exactly the same in real life. Access to ports are great and they've allowed a larger cut out around the earphone jack for a larger plug say headphones ect. The on/off, volume buttons are large and easy to press and the honeycomb grip works great. The hard back of the case along with the hard tpu protective sides slide into pockets easy unlike many cases made from straight tpu that grab and are irritating (especially when you have that call you can't miss and your stuck digging your phone out of your pocket and when you finally do your phone is covered in lint :-( this case does none of that) . Only downside tho it does add a bit of thickness to the feel of the phone. As for device protection I dropped my note accidental from standing height no damage whatsoever to the phone or case. Overall I'd recommend this if you want to protect your phone with a stylish 'tough' look
UAG Protective Case
I am well please with the UAG Navigator protective case for my note 3. It is well designed, I mean very well designed and my note 3 looks good in it's protective case and I I've had several people comment on it.
I will rate this at 5 stars for Design, Quality, Robust & Coolness. Very pleased with it.
Exactly what I was looking for
The title says it all I got what I was looking for for a great price and the customer service is fantastic I will definitely be buying from here again.
This UAG case is exactly what I needed to protect my note 3, well made, easy to fit and at a price that didn't dent my wallet too much.
Perfect Case and Excellent Service
This case is very well made and looks fab, easy access to all the required ports. I am very impressed by the build quality and the excellent fit, volume and power buttons are spot on and the all round protection is excellent as it also comes with a very good screen protector, not the flimsy cheap type where you end up with loads of air bubbles. Great service from MF as usual. I highly recommend this case and of course MF...Go get yours as it is great!!!!!
Light but solid
The cover in question has the appearance of being fairly bulky and heavy but is far from it. The cover is really light adding little weight to an already large phone. It's well built and feels very sturdy with handy honeycomb grips on the side to stop it from slipping from your hand. The cover easily fits into my pockets as well and doesn't protrude much either. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to keep their Note well protected.
Note III
Amazing cover, good fit! Elegant case
Erm, yes i like this case very much, great design, great protection, just be aware the colour and tint of the orange in the picture is darker than the actual case in life. The case in life has a colour much lighter and to be honest looks a bit false, rather like a childs toy. would have been better to have it darker , which would have been more in tone with the industrial look .
However, the case is still great and I'm very pleased with it . :)
Nice but..... not what I want
I got it and it's a very nice case, I like the design, the hard shell material, the big buttons and the color, but:

1- it's nothing like the two layer cases (such as case-mate or outterbox)..... the black part feels more like plastic rather than rubber or silicone because it's very hard, so I don't know how much it can take from the impact if the phone falls on the floor.
2- also as it's a large phone therefore the smooth back doesn't help with the grip
3- there is a small mic hole on the side that the case covers
Great case, fits perfectly, not to large.Excellent design.

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