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UAG Protective Case for HTC One M7 - Outland - Orange Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Urban Armour Gear features a protective TPU case with a brushed metal UAG logo insert for an amazing design. In orange.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39599

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 4.7 stars from 23 customers

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Purchased for my son
he said lovely gubbly noticed straight away that it does not cover mouth piece on phone. Looks superior compared to the grey and red one he got with his phone. My son was impressed with the way it protected his phone.
Almost Perfect
This case would appear to offer very good protection and as an extra it makes the phone much more comfortable to hold.

I do have a reservation and that is that it seems the microphone is being partly restricted by the case and people cannot hear you at all well if you hold the phone as normal.

This can be overcome by putting your mouth much closer to the mike and holding the top of the phone away from your ear. You could, of course, put the phone on loudspeaker and point the microphone at your mouth.
htc one case
uag case for htc one a great product,well made and a good fit
I wanted the case which will give me max protection but with minimal bulk added, and UAG complies perfectly on that. Very stylish, industrial look, and white color fits just fine with my silver HTC One. What comes as additional bonus is screen protector for which I didn't expected much, but it comes out of surprisingly good quality, no bubbles after it's settled down (be sure to clean the glass thoroughly before applying) and when you include great customer support from MobileFun which I experienced for this item, you get the case and service of the highest quality.
It's a very good case, offering great protection from any impact I suspect. The HTC one looks well but is not designed to be held by the average hand. It's too wide and thin, offering little grip. It could easily slip out of my hand.
Holding this case is a lot more comfortable and safer.

It does not make the phone much larger and slips in and out of my pocket easily. The plastics used are hard and look durable, they are not as sticky (and irritating to me) as Otterbox.

The sound rocker works better than the phone rocker (bizarre but true).

The phone now sits on flat surface without rocking, a major plus.

The ON/Off button works as well as it does without the case. Which is not well at all, it's a major design failure in the HTC One. Fortunately for me I do not bite my nails and so have a decent index finger nail. If I hadn't I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO TURN THE PHONE ON. I now operate the phone by using Gravity Screen which bypass' the button entirely.
Outlander orange case for htc one dual sim phone
Pretty and gorgeous cover (case) from UAG for my smashing HTC one dual sim phone. Mobile fun store is smashing hit.
A well built good quality case
I was worried that the case could be somewhat bulky but was pleasantly surprised to find this is not the case when I received it.
The back side has strong material whereas the corners have softer plastic and the case has about a 1 mm protrusion at the front which will also protect the screen if it's lying face down.
All the buttons are fully accessible, in fact the power button is easier to press with the case.
There is also a tiny opening so the IR blaster also works.
Overall, one of the best cases I've come across for the One.
Does what it says on the can
Simple, tight fit (but easy enough to pop your phone out when necessary), the phone looks and feels like it's in very safe environment! Obviously I wouldn't like to drop my phone but if I did I have the confidence that this case would do its job! Doesn't add much weight to the phone, chunks up the phone a little in the hands but I have big hands so it isn't an issue....the orange case also looks very cool!

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