UAG Monarch Premium Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Protective Case - Crimson Reviews

The Urban Armour Gear Monarch in crimson for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is quite possibly the king of protective cases. With 5 layers of premium protection and moulded from the finest materials, your Galaxy Note 9 is safe, secure and remains stylish.
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Firm grip and tough protection
The cover fits really well with whitestone dome glass applied and protects against dust...the grip is firm after cover is attached and the protection feels tough
Definitely my best of the uag series. would recommend this case
Excellent tough and durable
we'll worth it if you need to protect your expensive phone its a must
tough and durable
Love it.
This case is a fantastic fit on this phone. Makes the phone feel very slim. This case replaced an ottorbox I had on before, and it feels much slimmer and it looks great. Moving forward I will only be buying UAG products for my devices period.
Very good
Everything it said was spot on, made up with purchase
The best there is...
This case is a monster! What a feeling...with this my Note 9 is Note 9 Plus :D Feels so much better than without case. Buttons and everything, outstanding... Would be mistake not to oreder it...And red color, I thought that red will be strange, but it is one sexy m.... fu....r. I recommend this case, you will know why if you order it.

About shipping...also good, fast and reliable.

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