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UAG Monarch Huawei Mate 20 Pro Protective Case - Black Reviews

The Urban Armour Gear Monarch in black for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is quite possibly the king of protective cases. With 5 layers of premium protection and the finest materials, your Mate 20 Pro is safe, secure and in some style too.

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 4.7 stars from 25 customers

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Heavy-duty protection
This is a great case for the clumsy like me, or anyone who wants to shield their phone from damage when dropped. It isn’t elegant but has a rugged charm and when you drop the phone, its weight means invariably it falls with the screen uppermost. If you want ultimate tough protection, this os a very good choice.
Amazing cover!
Best cover I have for the p20 mate pro feels so good in your hand and provides plenty of cover
True to its word
This case is as advertised, great protective case, allows wireless charging and provides grip for holding your phone
All Good
One of the better case's
It's a good solid case with a back that makes a glass phone easier to hold. Light and durable.
Only concern is maybe the protection for the curved screen could have been a little higher?
This product will not protect your screen. I wish I had done more market research. This product is NO WAY near as good as an Otterbox.
Very well made case
Superbly made and, bearing in mind it's not a Huawei-made case, the fit and finish is superb. Great protection.
Fantastic phone case
Can't recommend this enough. Great case, feels good, grips in the hand very well as the phone by itself is quite slippery. My phone feel secure in this case.
You need is case if you got a mate 20 pro
Buy it at fun mobile phone and you do not have to pay more for shipping
Amazon the prices are too high
Haven't dropped my phone yet so can't tell case is good or no. It looks great, quality is very high so I feel comfortable with it.
Thouh it it a bit expensive I would recommend it. Hmm... I think it's better to spend some money on good case than to repair your phone ????
Best cases in the world
The UAG range of cases have been proven over the years that I have been buying phones to be superb, excellent quality and a great fit, they are also compatible with some of the tempered glass screens these days as they don't intrude around the frame of the phone as much as other brands. I've tried dozens of cases over the years but I always come back to UAG
Very good
Very nice protective case
Great case
The case is very sturdy and is a snug fit. The textured rubber surround makes gripping the phone much better and less likely to drop it. It also looks fantastic. Love it!
my opinion
hi i am very pleased with the cover when i received my new phone it felt so slippery i was on edge in fear of it slipping through my fingers and smashing on the floor i put the new cover on and it looks and feels great the buttons on the side of the phone work well it would be even better if you offered a clear front glass cover to go with it well pleased
Great product
Well constructed, giving optimal protection. The design is nice and adds a premium but tough look. Also well priced for what it does.
Well worth it, product design is great and quality feels solid, definitely recommend the supplier and the product.
Works alright
Installs easily enough. But the side edges of the screen are too are exposed. Still the best of what is available.
A good looking case that gives the phone a very sturdy feel. The case has a good coverage, looks good and allows me to hold the phone comfortably. Overall the weight including the phone is good. I havent dropped my phone (yet) so can't say how much the case protects from falls but the design and feel of the materials gives me confidence.
Good product and Fast delivery
It's a very sturdy and looks very rugged. Not dare to test dropping the phone though!
Really nice..
Really nice case. Expected to to be a bit bulkier and robust looking especially for the price.
This case is very nice, and fast shipping(10 business day)
Great case!
The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is quite a slippery phone. I wanted a substantial case that would be nice and grippy and this fulfills my requirements, very well.

Plus I'd read a lot about UAG and how well they're made and the protection they offer so I thought I'd try them out

It's an expensive case but then a fraction of the price for a repair or replacement phone.
Good phone case!!
It's a very good phone case. I would highly recommend to everyone to get this one and it's well worth it.

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