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UAG Metropolis Rugged Samsung Galaxy S8 Wallet Case - Magma Red Reviews

Equip your Samsung Galaxy S8 with extreme, military-grade protection and storage for cards with the Metropolis Rugged Wallet case in magma red from UAG. Impact and water resistant, this is the ideal way of protecting your phone and providing card storage.
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 4.8 stars from 13 customers

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Feels rugged. A few niggles
I am overall happy with this asmit looks more rugged than my Samsung case which didn't provide any protection when I dropped the phone on the corner.
The case fits well but the leather ( type) hinge for the front cover needs a top fixing point. It isn't rigid enough and that's a shame.
Also the original Samsung cases have some sort of disc ( magnet? ) built in and the screen goes off when the case is closed but this hasn't and I use more battery power unless I remember to turn off the screen.
Excellent (for wallet type)
Lovely fit and feel, slight resistance when you push phone into case which means a nice snug fit. Looks excellent and I know it'll comprehensively protect the phone from damage. That said, being the wallet type, you still have the cover flapping around when you take a call, or have it folded back for calls or texts. Not a fault specifically to this case, but just a reminder that this style, I think, is more cumbersome than non wallet style. But this is definitely the best one of it's type I've owned!
Fits great, solid clip and not too chunky
This case fits the s8 really well. Love the reinforcement on the corners and how close it fits to the phone. Feels like a quality magnet has been used in the clasp which holds the cover shut well and unlike cheaper cases the flap has a soft lining so shouldn't scratch the screen too.
All in all the case fits well, is functional and doesn't add too much bulk to the phone....
It works!
Excellent case looks great and functions perfectly. I was out hiking on Sunday and even with the extra grip it gives you I managed to drop my phone on some rocks. My heart sank, I picked it up and apart from having to wipe off some dust where it took the brunt of the hit on the bottom right corner both the phone and the case were immaculate!
Brlliant case
This case is just what I was looking for it's light and sturdy compared to some n the market which are heavier and more expensive
It's great.
Very user friendly. Comfortable yo use and easy to keep in my pocket.
Want 360° protection? Get this case and you won't worry about cracking that infinite screen!
Saw the brand UAG on YouTube and it stood out straight away. I wasn't to sure if it was the style (I love rugged items, cases etc) or the look. I went for the black version, but I would imagine red would look great. Either way I got this case because of the flip style case. I need to protect the front and with bulky screen protectors not working I went more practical... Was not a mistake.

This case allows me to have the best protection for my phone WHILE looking great and useful, with the shock absorbers and the great feeling rubber it's a easy, tight, snug fit for the S8. It's even got a card pocket which is great to carry things on the go like my credit card. You might be able to fit two cards in, but it'll be a very tight fit so I'd suggest just using the one. But a card and a few cash notes?... You'll be fine.

The flip pad is very durable and is locked in by a strong magnet.

The buttons are firm but easily pressed and both the bixby and the sleep button are textured allowing you where and what your touching.

All the ports are nice and open and all features are unblocked. Overall a great cause and well worth the buy to protect that lovely shiney slippery piece of art that is your phone.

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