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UAG Metropolis Rugged Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Wallet Case - Magma Red Reviews

Equip your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with extreme military-grade protection and storage for cards with the Metropolis Rugged Wallet case in magma from UAG. Impact and water resistant, this is the ideal way of protecting your phone and providing card storage.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63246
$46.46 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 13 customers

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seems ok
prob won't last long
does what it says on the tin
is very good only comment have to remove to put in car holder
Very Tough
Lovely product and is very practicable for my phone.
Excellent case and service
Bought the UAG s8 plus case and love it. Does what it says on the tin and we'll Worth it. Excellent quality and couldn't fault mobile fun' s service.
Almost Perfect
Quality is over and above anything else.
Keeps the device feeling sleek with minor bulk.

Issue I found is that you cannot hold it well in right hand as the flaps attachment gets in the way. I think the attachment should have been at the top of the device and not the bottom.

Folding the flap behind phone and hold is not natural or comfortable, you are always afraid you will drop it as the flap does not fold flush.
This case is amazing, from the structure to the protection all is super high quality, the materials used are by far better than any case you have or will ever have.

Unfortunately I did drop my phone 2 days before the case arrived and I cracked my screen a little, my FAULT!

One minor flaw I found though, the flap that covers the screen, it is attached to the LOWER rear of the case so holding this with 1 hand is not possible, I would have liked to either lessen the piece of material so you can one hand it or move the attached part to the top.

Otherwise incredible.
Top quality case..
Top quality case.. Lightweight but extremely strong..
Easy access to buttons and protection 360..
Nice case bullet proof..
Lovely case I am in Wheelchair have bad grip with my hands. case has save phone from more damage nice job .
Great case
I like the case. It fits perfectly does a good job. Doesn't affect my screen protector. The only problem I have is actually with the phone not the case. When the screen cover flips.to the back of the phone it makes the finger print scanner continually beep at me.and I can't figure out how to turn it off

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