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UAG Maverick iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus Protective Case - Blue Reviews

The Urban Armour Gear maverick cobalt blue tough case for the iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus features a protective TPU case with a brushed metal UAG logo insert for an amazing design.
  • Mobile Fun ID 56017
$33.18 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 29 customers

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Awesome case
I put the case on the phone and its awesome snug fit great grip.the case do not add much bulk to the phone.its very thin and all round perfect case for the iphone 6 s plus.
The best
The best
Great and looks good
Great protection - looks good too - the blue is almost a grey and looks cool imho.
Stylish and Tough
This handsome case would be worth the price even if it was only a sleeve to provide a secure grip on the iPhone. It is, however, a beautifully designed and engineered protective cover that cushions the iPhone from knocks and high drops. (See the You Tube reviews and demonstrations.)
I loved the case I got and it had come to my house in great condition every time but if it was a little bit quicker or more on time I would like it.
Phone case not satin finish easily slips out of dry hands
Not worth the money imo as it is a simple blow moulded case
Phone cases satin finish easily slips out of dry hands,returning and going to order another Otterbox defender
Better than I expected
My wife wanted an "indestructable" case for her phone and this was definitely not what she was expecting.

Once it was on the phone she was more than impressed with the design and feel of the case and screen protector. She loved it from the beginning and has grown more fond of it as time passes.
Best case ever
Seriously, this is the best case I've ever had on any of my phones. The case fits perfectly, makes the phone easier to grip and gives the impression of protection. I would recommend this case to anyone who wants to bypass all the ordinary cases and go straight to the top.
Awesome case for my iPhone 6 plus
This is my second purchase from this website i am fully satisfied with the service and the product. Best quality product at cheap price.
Solid Case 5*
Brilliant Case doesn't feel to bulky and really protects the phone i would recomend this case to any iPhone 6 plus users!
UAG blue case
The iPhone 6 plus is a big phone and I find it slippery without a case on it. I take a lot of photos for work and need good access to the camera, which this case gives. I like all the shaped cut outs on the back as it makes it easy to hold. I put an old screen protector on the back to cover the exposed holes. It lies flat on it back which is great and feels like it will give pretty good protection from drops. I haven't tested it yet. I don't plan on it either, but feel confident that it will protect it in the event of a drop. Well made, good price. I prefer it to the leather Apple case I had before. The button operation is great. The back is also anti slip so it doesn't slide out of a pocket or my hand. Really impressed.
I like the cover a lot, has saved my phone twice since I got it!
Great item with full protection
Amazing item for this devise clean and sleek design with attention to detail around the buttons, making this my top case so far, great price too but I must say the service and speed of delivery was so fast m speechless....thank you again
Sturdy and good looking
great case. up there or better than what is locally available in New Zealand! I'm happy with how it makes the 6+ look and also the support it provides as i am an out n about on the job male who needs good gear to protect quality items such as this apple smartphone
UAG Maverick iPhone 6 Plus Protective Case - Clear
I considered it a priority to obtain the best quality case so as to protect such a hefty investment just as quickly as possible after purchase. I only ever considered a case that other customers had reviewed at nothing less than five stars. So then, if it was good enough for them then it would likely be good enough for me. I am indeed delighted with my purchase, it is a superb and precision fit for my 6 Plus, and exactly as I'd hoped. MobileFun were very prompt in dispatching the item, and I think it arrived with me certainly within forty-eight hours of placing the order.
Very good cover
The UAG iphone 6 plus cover looks good and works well. Have already dropped the iphone 6 plus from a great distance and the cover protected the phone, which did not bend!!
Buy this product.
Uag case
I would recommend this case to anyone it is very good quality and definitely worth the money it's a perfect fit and it doesn't bulk the phone out either would say it was better than the other cases I've tried as though broke very quickly this is definitely a strong sturdy case
Hard, light, slim
Perfect choice, it is really light weight, and it doesn't add to much size to your phone.
Nice Looking Strong Case
Very pleased with this strong good looking case.
Anti Bend 6 plus.
Case arrived and looks good, i am still waiting for my new phone to arrive (6 plus delays!) but very impressed with the case, seems sturdy and well made. I am confident this will stop "bendgate" in my pocket.
UAG Case For iPhone 6+
Getting hold of an iPhone6+ case was proving to be almost as difficult as getting hold of the phone itself. All the "Big" companies producing cases/covers can only tell you to watch out for exciting news in the future.
So well done UAG in having something ready to go so soon after the release date.It's a very well made case that will definitely prevent damage from drops and scratches, and if you believe the hype - bending.
More importantly well done to MobileFun for getting a quick supply and dispatching the item really fast. My only problem - they were too quick coz like most I still haven't got the phone! Still no harm in being prepared I guess :-)
A bit of a must !
This was my second case in as many weeks. Im a bug guy with big hands but even i have to use two hands to use my phone. The first case i bought was a spigen neo and it was a awesome looking case but i found it a bit smooth. So the UAG was my next stop.
It looks awesome has a definite protective feel to it and most importantly is it has a grippy texured design on the sides! For a phone this big this case is a must ! 5 stars
It's tough. It's rugged.
Many of us have heard about the bendy new iPhone 6 & 6 plus. With this UAG Scout protective cover you don't have a problem. I've already dropped it numerous times and there's not a mark on it. I carry it around in my pocket and it can no longer suffer from the "bends"! It does what it says on the box.

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