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Type-S Universal Air Vent Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Stay legal on the roads with our unique TypeS universal Air Vent Car Holder.
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 3.5 stars from 45 customers

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Clips are very fragile, has fallen apart and dropped down my air vent. Very annoyed, and expect a hugh bill to repair. Avoid.
Sturdy bit of kit
A great piece of kit which is very sturdy - **be carefull when you install/remove it** as the fasteners are desigen to split apart to allow removal - so make sure you hold them as they split to prevent the parts falling inside the vent - luckily a quick blast on the vent blew the offending bit out. Maybe some clearer instructions/warning would suffice
Not sure how this item is universal, found the fixings not robust enough, and eventually lost one of them in the air vent, could not fix this item to the circular vents on my transit connect van, yet it clearly shows circular vents on the packaging? Did not like the spring loaded jaws, found it difficult to fit the phone to the holder without using two hands, may be ok on some cars, but not the ford connect.
Small and versatile
This is useful for anyone who wants something to throw in a hire car to use their phone as a Sat Nav. It will take a Samsung S3 with a thin case (Just) and swivels for vertical and horizontal. It's pretty well made and looks discreet. If I could make some improvements I would have the "Feet" fold away, some stowage for the clips (but an elastic band does that)and ratchet arms rather than such a stiff spring.
Not great
Expensive for what it is. It feels cheap and brittle, and and it's now unusable because the clips that attach it to the vent came apart when I was putting my phone in (carefully), and they fell down the back of the air vent.
Usually all my purchases from Mobile Fun are excellent but sadly in this case I am very disappointed and cannot recommend this.
Not bad, but some tweaking needed
Thought it was a great product, held my ipod securely, then I tried to fit it to my car vents and it fell off straight away as the clips were not strong enough, have solved the problem now by sticking it to my dashboard and is now doing exactly what I wanted it to do in the first place.
So pleased I bought this!
Read reviews from all the vent holders and chose this one. So pleased, it fits so easily to vents and takes my Nokia Lumia 800 perfectly with the case on it also. It does not get in the way on driving, such as indicator switches again. Absolutely perfect and highly recommend to anyone to buy this product.
great price great product
When I bought this I was suprised as was my friend on what a great product it was it looks stylish and keeps my phone very secure even makes my car interior look smarter and organised not mention as its universal if you ever change your phone it will accomodate the newer phone.

Great price great product
A shaky start
I bought this holder for my Blackberry torch 9800, and the phone is a nice snug fit into the holder, and it is a really nice feature that the holder swivels through 360 degrees so you can have the phone at the orientation you prefer. The first time I went to fit the holder to my car's air vent (I have a Nissan Patrol) the two "lugs" which clip in to the air vent just fell apart - I was really disappointed; it was as if they hadn't been glued together properly. I have fixed them with super glue, and tried again - so far so good - seems to be doing OK.
Very satisfied
I got this for my Nokia Lumia 800 and if anything it's too sturdy. The spring to open the jaws is very strong when opened wide (Lumia with cover = about 63mm). I overcame this by sticking a piece of plastic between the back of the jaws to hold them at about 58mm.
The cushioning is also very good.
Would I buy again - Yes.
Extreemly helpful service and great product
My wife had already got a vent holder and had just upgraded her phone to an HTC Sensation XL only to find that she could not charge the phone when it was in the holder due to the positioning of the charger port. I contacted Mobile Fun Customer Support who quickly responded with information and a recommendation for the Universal Type S air vent holder. This was ordered (and was quickly delivered) and proved to be an excellent solution as it not only allowed access to the charger port and the volume rocker switch, but also easily accommodated the larger size of the HTC Sensation XL. In addition, the ability to easily change from portrait to landscape proves useful when using the HTC Satnav. All in all, the Universal Type S air vent holder has proved to be a flexible and value for money product.
The type S is the perfect budget solution, it took 1 minute to fit. I can plug in my in car charger, and the audio output straight to the car stereo at the same time, very useful for longer journeys.
Delivery was, as usual, very fast, thanks MobileFun
Just the job
Just the job is just that - perfect for the Wildfire in any position
Excellent little in car phone holder.
This was recommended to by Chantelle in Customer services, as the one I had ordered, a rear view mirror mounted one was no longer available. This one made a excellent alternative, as I didn't want one which was windscreen mounted, as I have had experiences of windscreen mounted devices falling of windscreens.
Another speedy delivery from mobileFun. The Type -S Universal Air Vent Holder is a solid built bit of kit.
The jaws of the holder are spring loaded and self adjust to hold your phone snuggly, without marking your phone due to the soft padding. So will hold every phone on the market.
Phone can be put in landscape or portrait mode due to the mount being able to swivel 360 degrees.
Being air vent mounted it is unobtrusive and the clips which hold it in the air vent hold it most secure.
What more can I say?!? Excellent!
Type-S Universal Air Vent Holder
Disappointed in product.Using an old Nokia 6310i ,still the only real car phone for business,I find the holder too short. In particular when the charger and headset are plugged into the phone it does not rest on the bottom supports but on the phone connections for above.. It also is not easy to remove from the air vents in current car (Toyota).
OK, but not great
It's sold as fitting a Samsung Galaxy, which it just does, but it's spring-loaded, and requires a firm hand to stretch it that far.

The prongs that hold the blades of the air inlet are a little fragile (and a bit too long for my Skoda), and I don't know how many times you can force the phone in and out before they break.
Great delivery & product
Have to say well done to MobileFun for the speedy delivery, as always. Have used them a lot & they've never let me down.

At first I was a bit concerned when using the product. The fit was excellent & didn't block the vents as much as my previous holder but the arm was leaning against the volume down button which kept putting me into vibrate. I was about to think about returning it when I saw the very helpful post, by Mel Richardson, saying that you could reverse the feet. I did this & now have no problem with my Wildfire S sitting in the holder. I like the snug fit though have to be careful getting out (hold phone with one hand whilst pulling arm away with other) as I did have it spring out onto the passenger seat lol Like the way it rotates as use landscape for the navigation. Very happy to give the product 5 stars :)
Type-S Universal Air Vent Holder
Not a great product for any wide phone as its very hard to put the phone in place. Phones the size of old nokias etc will be fine but not wide phones like htc smartphones.
Does it's job
Fits my Samsung Galaxy SII handset (which is one of the widest screens for a smartphone) which is the main reason I bought it. Does tend to move back and fore on the air vent but it is held very securely in the cradle. Only real niggle is it would be nice to be able to angle the screen towards you - rather than just rotate it.
Service from Mobilefun was excellent.
Does what it says
Used in a Ford Foucus. Allows a good posistioning. Used with two smart phones , one from the wife and mine. HTC and Samsung Galaxy.
Would have got five stars but the spring on the expanding 'gripper' is a bit on stiff side. I suspect it will loosen the more it is used. A good holder.
Mini clubman
Please be aware that it can not be used on the air vents of a mini clubman
Just what I needed!
Good quality item at a reasonable price, item as described so not let down. spring loaded action a bit too tough and it does depend on the quality of your air vent, but in general a good buy...
It does the job well. However a couple of comments:
1. When inserted into the Airvent it is not easy the remove and it also gives the impression of being "floppy" !
2. The Spring loading is very tight and can be a little 'ticky' to insert the'phone (without the case) !
Just what I wanted
This item is perfect. It stretches to the size of my android phone, and was very easy to fit to the air vent (and if i can fit it anyone can! - unless i'm just lucky and have got an air vent that is compatible?). The video on the website was very useful, and the holder is as good as it looks on the video. I would definitely recommend it.
Twice as satisfied.
I have received my second purchased of this mobile phone holder. I was that please with the first I got one for my partner's new phone. Fitting is easy. Removal, should you wish to relocate it, not so easy. A small screwdriver to gently prise apart each of the two vent 'grips' makes it easier.

The holder does not look intrusive due to it's slim design and sensible colour. But still a sturdy bit of equipment. The two I have are used for HTC Wildfire, in a Corsa, and Samsung Galaxy S, in an Astra

Holds the phone very securely. A point not mentioned elsewhere, the bottom support can be moved up and down by depressing the button behind the support. In fact you can remove them completely and install them at the other end giving more variations of spacing between the bottom support and the side grips to avoid contact with phone buttons.

In my opinion a very good product.
Awkward to use
I got this to replace a useless Clingo universal car holder. The Type-S is simple looking enough but it's a major effort to fit your phone each time. The grip has to be forced apart every single time and it's very resistant to movement. Once the phone is in place it's held tightly enough but don't expect a quick process to fit or remove your phone.
Product ok. Holds phone in place tightly, does what it says, however I have the round vents, so it does move around ( the vent ), so I will probably get a windscreen sucker instead.
Not for heavy phones
I can't fault the service from Mobilefun.co.UK, but this particular product isn't great. The clips on the back are quite fragile and don't offer a good hold on the air vent. If you have a car with narrow vent strips (about 10mm) then the holder flops forward and you can't see your phone screen.
This product is probably very good for small lightweight phones but not very good for a heavier smartphone. I have a HTC Desire HD and just about fits the holder with a bit of force.
Ideal for small, lightweight phones only.
Avoid it
The item is not very good.

The clips on the back which attache to the air vent are vvery fragile.

Mine broke during installation, rendering it useless.

Don't waste your hard earned cash on this item
Type-S Universal Air Vent Holder.
This holder works OK. You can remove it easily from the air vent, however the two little plastic 'catches' seem to come apart when you remove the holder from the air vent. They can be put together again, and while holding them, you can slide them at the back of the holder.
So, to recap, this product is very good, but I wouldn't say brilliant.
Does the job
Fits the air vents on my Astra fine, but feels a bit fragile. It holds the phone (HTC Desire) firmly, but requires practice to get it in easily.
Air vent holder
Very good product. I was a bit concerned that it wouldn't fit my air vent but it copes with the vent puller that sticks out a bit. My HTC Legend is a snug fit but maybe the grippers will loosen up after usage. Works well so far (about 2-3 weeks).
Clingo air vent iPhone holder
I have purchased many phone holders for my car and haven't been satisfied with any of my products but since finding the air vent holder I feel it was made for me ! It is great!!!!!
Universal Air Vent Holder
I found the holder easy to place into the air vent of the car and my mobile phone fits perfectly. However, I found that it was very fiddly to take out of the chosen air vent to put it into another vent on the car despite following the instructions to the letter. As a result, the plastic inserts bent a little out of shape but I hope that they are strong enough to hold the item in its final chosen spot! It is probably wise not to keep removing the holder but to leave it permanently fixed. Having said all that it is a useful gadget to have in the car and I would recommend it for the price offered.
Type - S Universal Vent holder
Met expectations and sales description.
Robust, well made, simple to use and effective
Type-s universal air vent holder
Excellent product my desire sits comfortably in the holder + there are no unsightly round marks which you get from the suction holders on sceen. It sits great in the vent. Must comment on service which is great products almost arrive as you recieve dispatch email sms.
Costly Rubbish
Falls apart in use and drops small parts into your vent duct, turns out to be very costly, having your car took apart to remove offending items!
Poor clips
I liked the product but when I came to fit it both vent clips broken - they were just to fragile.
Looks cool and matches the interior dash very well. Pleasantly surprised that the product lived up to its sales pitch. In fact your sales web video sold it to me because it showed it so clearly. My only slight gripe is that the weight of the phone drags the vents down putting the phone at a downward angle (a bit of cardboard in the bottom vent has cured this) car: Nissan Micra
Not for the S3
This phone holder is aimed at phones that aren't as wide as the Galaxy S3.
The jaws of the holder are quite hard to pull apart the width required to put the S3 in.

Twice now (only had the holder one day) my phone has jumped out while driving.

Good for smaller phones but a big NO for S3's

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