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Twinkly Smart LED Christmas Lights - 100 LED's Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Add colour to your Christmas with Twinkly Smart Lights. Using the free iOS and Android companion app, brighten up your tree with a range of built-in animations and effects, or create your own and share them with others. Comes with UK mains plug.
Price: £49.99

RRP £59.99 | 17% OFF

Add colour to your Christmas with Twinkly Smart Lights. Using the free iOS and Android companion app, brighten up your tree with a range of built-in animations and effects, or create your own and share them with others. Comes with UK mains plug.
 4.7 stars from 29 customers

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Great lights - bit of a faff setting up
Lights are fantastic, super bright and the effects are brilliant. The app was a bit flakey during set up, and periodically struggled to connect to the lights, but an update a couple of days after purchase seemed to really improve things.
Still, maybe 1 in 5 times it wont connect, requires a simple off/on of the wifi on my phone which then seems to fix things. Still for the price, you'd expect everything to work every time so docked 2 stars for that.
Overall though, happy with them and the kids love them!
A good product
Haven't mastered all the things it can do yet and havnt6anaged to get it on the home wifi but I have fun changing the lights
Great lights, easy to setup
They are more expensive than your normal traditional lights but you can do a lot more with them. The kids have loved making their own patterns or choosing the free ones from the library. Easy to setup and control with the app
Good set of lights
Wife loves them just wished I’d bought the bigger option
OMG I wish had found these lights sooner. Love all the options and making your own. Love how when I play my Zumba songs the lights dance away to the tunes. Definitely with the money,
If I had read the description, I would have realized these were not equipped with US plugs. Fortunately, I had an adapter so it was not a problem. They were delivered with amazing speed. I am having so much fun playing with these lights and haven't even used some of the features yet.
Very good buyer
I received my order of twinkly lights, very fast... My only problem was the the box was damaged as the delivery was in only a padded envelope... With the product box damaged inside.... The lights worked fine, so I was still happy...... I contacted the company with my first review of how the packaging should have been a bigger box, instead of an envelope.... The company gave me a swift reply of apologies, and refunded me part of the purchase..... Excellent customer service.
Fantastic idea and works really well but can be tricky at times
The Twinkly lights are great and work superbly. They are really adaptable and give many different looks from a single set. Setup can be tricky and for no apparent reason. Persevere and read the tips online and you will eventually get them working to their best. Mine worked OK until I tried to change a setting and then had a frustrating hour trying to reconnect again. Overall they are fab and I would recommend
Good, once it worked
Very clever app controlled Christmas LED lights. First set failed out of the box. Had to return them for a replacement set, which fortunately arrived in time to be put on the tree. Some effects are better than others with only 100 LEDs. I suspect the 175 LED set would be even better.
Excellent Service
Bought first set last year but was faulty when put them up this year. Mobile Fun were brilliant replaced set immediately without any fuss. Fantastic product
I love these!
I am so glad I splurged and bought the Twinkly lights! They are so much fun
One tip, as they come from the UK, make sure you have an adaptor ready so you can play with them straight away
Smart lights
love these lights, nice and bright, nice selection of preload effects with more to download and customize yourself.Twinkly support are nice and fast to respond for any issues with the app
Expensive but worth it!!!
Yes these do seem expensive at roughly £50 for 100 lights but believe me they look great and are very high quality. The differing light patterns look great and you can while away the hours playing with them whilst you ignore the family!!
Good Product
How it works and what it can do. Versatile for changing the pattern output
Great fun Christmas lights
Great product, good quality, easy to set up and really fun to play with the app coupled with a great sale price from mobilefun was a really good find
How big I are each of the trees????
I cannot find any measurements for these trees which would seem basic information.
Twinkle, twinkle, little...programmable lights
This is a truly amazing product consisting of 100 LED lights, with each one being individually capable of being programmed for any colour. Everything is set up and controlled using an app on your smartphone available in both Android and Apple forms. You can use the app to be creative and produce stunning lighting effects or make use of a number of ready made template settings including "static", many of which can be edited. The lights can be connected to either Twinkly's network or your own home wifi network. The software / firmware are often updated so that e.g. you can now "connect" extra sets of lights by software syncing their effect rather than physically joining each string. Family and friends gave out gasps of delight when they were switched on. Colleagues at work were equally impressed when I showed them some video. I have since bought an additional set to be used for an upcoming event, because, after all, these Twinkly lights are not just for Christmas!
Excellents lights for Techy Nerds like Me!
Tracked these down after seeing them on a face book post. Not cheap for Xmas lights but do exactly what they say and great fun. Service from Mobile Fun excellent all through. Great communication and speedy delivery. Will def use again
Led twinkly
Excellent,no comment
Worth money!
Never had better fairy lights! Everyone loves them, 100% worth the price. The only improvement they can make is creating different sizes as they may be too short for some of the christmas trees. But overall they are absolutely wonderful and they are definitely something different from what we can see on daily bases.
Twinkly Smart LED Christmas Lights
These lights will make my Christmas. Plenty of exciting lighting options all controlled from my smart phone.
Have to make sure that, just like my tv remote control, that I stay in charge and keep it away from others' hands.
looks amazing on tree, all though the app didn't pick up the led placement as show in video.
they are supposed to be bringing a app update with new firmware to correct.
I have mine now just on rainbow effect look great.
Great fun for the kids
Bought this for the kids as a novelty item which i thought would probably be short-lived. however, they loved it, they designed their own combinations but then went back to the standard ones - but still enjoyed switching between them on the IOS devices. My main concern was whether 100 lights was going to be enough and it is but our tree this year is only 5 feet 6 inches, any taller and I think it might start to be a little bare. Anyway great item, slightly over-priced but actually worth the money.
Lights up my life!
Amazing product ! Fun and festive !
These are just awesome!
I really love these, me and the kids have spent hours messing around with them. You can basically make it do anything. Only downside is my wife isn't impressed we keep changing from her design (it's boring)

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