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Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 4S / 4 - Brown Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
An iPhone 4S / 4 case and wallet all rolled into one with a unique book style.
Price: £49.95

Was £54.95 | 9% OFF

An iPhone 4S / 4 case and wallet all rolled into one with a unique book style.
 4.6 stars from 38 customers

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Satifaction guaranteed
Finally found a supplier of a genuine Twelve South 'Book Book' phone case. Quality superb, value excellent and super fast delivery from Mobile Fun. Total satisfaction. Thank you.
I was looking for a combined phone case/ wallet. Some reviewers complain about not cut-out for the camera, but it's easy enough to slide up, and at least I dont have to worry about scratching the camera lens on all teh other junk in my pocket. It is unusual - good if you like standing out.
Top case
Simply the best iPhone 4/s case out there, everywhere I go people talk about it. The quality is also second to none.
My bible
I absolutley love this item. It's looks, feels and even smells great; my friends have all asked where I've purchased it from. At a glance, it comes across to people with more common phone cases, like a bible or small reading book. Ideal for sitting in a quiet area, watching the world go by as people unknowingly walk past. My older brother has the same item which pursuaded me to do likewise. The item's bigger brother, for the iPad, isn't far from being added to my basket too. The only improvement I have is that it could of included an open area for the camera but I don't use my phone for this. It would unfortunately reveal the hidden phone inside though. If you like a phone case that is original, uncommon, not main-stream but still stylish...then this is for you!
Simply Perfect!
I spent a lot of time researching cases for my new iPhone 4S as I was looking for something a little bit special. I didn't want a common plastic case or a standard end over end flip type of case. When I saw this case I couldn't believe it. It was exactly what I was looking for. It oozed quality off the web page, the reviews were all glowing and the leather exactly matched my trusty desktop organizer. Yes, I am still old fashioned in that respect!. I had been looking for a case with some card slots as I was sick of my bulging wallet sticking out my back pocket and my old phone sticking out my front left pocket. I can now just reach for my phone book knowing that my card, some cash and my phone are all in this beautiful case. It draws admiring glances whenever I use my phone at client's premises, on the train or even at the supermarket. Don't hesitate to buy this. You will not regret it. The leather is sumptuous, the look is classic and it completely protects my phone. Simply brilliant!
Brilliant, smells divine, and looks lovely, no complaints.
Never judge a book by its cover!!
On the outside this looks great and feels great. People will admire it and ask you where you got it. You can keep a couple of cards and a little cash, so great to just pick up and go. But sadly when it comes to using the phone, it doesn't function that well. It seems to be activating the screen in some way, putting calls on loud speaker for no reason, opening facetime, none of which happened with my old case. It may settle down, but when you are paying £50.00 you expect it do the job. Overall, for looks a bestseller, for functionality could end up getting dusty on the shelf!
A Sensual Delight
The smell, feel and look of good leather can't be beaten. Looks beautiful and does what you need plus you get a place for some cards and cash. Perfect for the steam punk enthusiast. I love it.
fantastic bit of kit,fits the phone perfectly,looks great feels great,well worth the money should have bought it sooner!!!!!
i looked at a lot of cases for my phone,much cheaper ones but ithought what the heck,it looked good, when i got it and put my phone in it,it looks fantastic,its not a lot bigger than the phone,its light,most of all it protects the phone brilliantly,i have dropped it a couple of times,no damage to the phone or the case because its leather and leather takes a hell of alot to damage because its quite thick,in all a BRILLIANT BUY,so well done mobile fun,a great purchase,thanks
Don't think, just buy!
If you crave perfection, as I do, and worry that spending this much might have you regretting it because of a little flaw that will constantly bug you, don't.

When I first saw this case, I knew I had to have it. The price made me think twice, but the reviews gave me some confidence.

After receiving it and slotting my phone inside, initial thinking was that it looks amazing, but my phone doesn't quite sit snugly, and the case always seems to want to spring open. After less than a week, the leather seems to form itself flawlessly around the phone, and everything stays well closed.

Even after settling in nicely, I started to worry about damaging it through every day wear and tear. Again, something I needlessly worried about! It actually ages like a fine leather wallet, and looks even more amazing for it!

Although some have complained about having to slide the phone up to take a picture, after seeing how well protected it is, I don't mind doing that at all for the protection it offers. I have never seen the sense in cases that are supposed to offer protection having cutouts for the most fragile and expensive parts.

The inside of the case is simply the backing of leather, suede. It feels gorgeously luxurious, and hasn't left even the faintest mark on my phone. Cards are easy to insert and remove, and I tend to fold cash in half and slot it in. This leaves the edge poking out of the slot, so you can see it and pull it out with ease. I really love that when I leave home, I pick up my phone and keys and I'm set (after suffering the embarrassment before of getting to the check out in Tesco with no cash or cards in my pocket!)

I see strangers staring at it all the time, and friends always ask about it. When I tell them the price, I hear a sharp intake of breath, until they actually handle it. Then I hear "Oh wow" as they see the quality of the stitching, feel the leather and as others have stated, smell it!

After some initial trepidation over the price, I would be very happy to pay twice that now. The workmanship is outstanding, it's so unusual that it has everyone asking about it, and it's obviously designed to last as long as the phone does. I would honestly not change the tiniest thing, and I really am a perfectionist.

Buy it now, and I guarantee you will still look at it in awe well into the future!
Nice case - but significant drawbacks
At first glance this is a great case, however there are a few downsides that I have come across.
Firstly, the stitching leaves permanent marks on the screen, so make sure you have a screen protector on your phone before using the case for the first time.
Secondly, and more concerning, is that the case appears to impact the working of thproximity sensor during calls, and the Siri Raise To Speak functionality. Without the case there are no problems, with the case the keypad remains active and as a result you regularly get Muted or put on Speaker. Unfortunately I will be getting a new case.
Mum likes my new prayer book!
Good quality, well made & (as others have noted)it smells lovely!
Looks a bit like a prayer book so my mum approves. Considered knocking a star off as it doesn't fit on any of our chargers so I have to remove the phone to charge it but that seems a bit mean. You also have to slide the phone out to take photos so it won't suit everyone but I love it.
Good item
This is an excellent item which would have received 5 stars except for the lack of camera hole. When in the wallet the main camera can't be used. I've resolved this with a carefully placed hole punch, however it should have been built into the design.
Otherwise this is good quality and worthwhile item
great iphone case
Firstly, I have to say the service from this company is outstanding. The speed in which this item arrived was amazing and the text alert service to let you know your item has been dispatched is very good.
The case itself is well made, a secure place for my phone and protects it from all the 'stuff' i keep in my handbag. I like that its different from all the other cases you see and the fact it has somewhere for cards & money is an added bonus if i just want to pop to the shops. I love that it looks like an old book and the leather smells lush. All in all, its worth every penny and i would recommend this to anyone
Old book for new device
Pretty funky if you like old books.
The only drawback is you need to take the phone out of the cover to use the camera properly.
Also just had a thought that being seen carrying a little leather bound 'book' might get you mistaken for one of those religious types who go around knocking on people's doors unexpectedly.
Robust as I know from dropping the phone a couple of times.
Great but .....
This is a great addition to my iPhone. Not only does the iPhone fit in it well it also acts as my wallet. 2 things in one, less for me to car thats great! Only draw back is the money doesn't fit well for uk notes. Have to fold in three. Makes things a bit fiddlely but not the end of the world. Certainly recommend this.
What a difference!
As another reviewer experienced, I also bought an ebay fake, don't do it, pay the extra, it is well worth it. This 'real' case is superb quality, feels great, looks great, even smells great.
Excellent quality case, the best ever!

The price seems a bit high, although if you want to keep your phone in good shape and for a longer period I would recommend this case. It's an excellent investment!


I also bought "Power Support Crystal Film Set - iPhone 4S / 4". Very easy to apply and the phone fits like a charm in the case. The case has also support for credit/debit cards and has a cool look. I work with security in public and already gotten a lot of compliments from my co-workers and customers.


All i can say, superb quality! It protects your phone from fall damage by the looks of the case. I can't find any errors.


You have easy access to all buttons and connection ports on the phone. The only bad thing about the case is that you have to pull out the phone from the case every time you want to take a photo. Instead I would have put a lens protector on the back which you could slide each time you would like to take a photo so you don't miss your favorite snapshot.


I'm rating the product 5/5 because I love it and would buy it again.
great quality case!
on first viewing the price seems over the odds,but in reality this is a case of first class construction that should last a long time,it also has space for credit/debitcards and is very good at disguising your expensive iphone as it really does look like an old book!,and the fact that its that bit different from all other cases make it a winner for me! 10/10!!.
Great Quality, Great Case, Don`t Pass on it,
What is so cool as it looks like an old Fashioned Bible lol,The price is High But you only get what you pay for ? these day`s But this product is really well Worth every penny I would pay Double as its made and really looks the part,and above all protects your iphone4/4s very very well!,there is also space for credit/debit / Bus Pass id Cards and a small amount of cash Bank notes it should provide a long years life due to its top quality finish,So to sum up if you want a really a Great Looking and Different case that has been well thought out for your Security and well made with top Quality Leather`s and is just that a Tad different to what everyone else has then you should say what the Heck and Pay a Little more for this Case from Twelve South book book for that Top Quality iphone 4/4s be safe and Sound, So this is the one for you !!.
Did you find this helpful?
best case ive had
its cool and different looks like a book and its great quality .This is the 2nd time i have brought a case from mobile fun and i must say i would recommend them to my freinds and family
i phone book book case for 4/4s
On the face of it the price looks over the top,but this product is really well made,looks the part,and above all protects your iphone4/4s very very well!,there is also space for credit/debit cards and a small amount of cash(notes not coins),it should provide a long service life due to its top quality finish,so to sum up if you want a really good case,thats well made and is just that bit different,this is the one!!.
Great Product
I have left it a little while before writing this review, so as to give an accurate summary of the Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 4S i did quite a lot of research to fine the correct product my requirements were: needed a wallet and a phone case to protect my new Iphone 4s
I did the foolish thing and brought a South BookBook Case for iPhone 4S from ebay £30.00 my initial thoughts were “to good to be true” haha i was right the ebay product came and was complete rubbish although i could see all the benefits of this type of case.
So in the end i decided to go with Mobile Fun I have used them several times before fantastic service, fast delivery and no problem with returns,
The next day the Twelve South BookBook Case was delivered by my trusty old postman.
On opening the package wow what a difference from the ebay version it was a little more than i wanted to pay but all i can say is fantastic you can feel the quality, in my opinion well worth the money holds the phone really well cards and cash to, don’t let the “no camera hole” put you off theres no problem pulling the red tab and sliding the phone up with your thumb
All in all a great product and again a fantastic service from Mobile Fun
All my friends now want one
Why has it taken so long for someone to come-up with a wallet/phone case. Now I just carry this case not multiple wallets/cases. DESIGN: Great case and certainly gets attention from all who see it, particularly when you start talking to it. Great fun design.
Great product
I just want to pass on a big thankyou for the book book case which I purchased from you a couple of weeks ago.
The quality is second to non, it's sturdy and has drawn alot of attention when using my phone or paying a bill. What I find the most useful about this product is not having to carry my wallet as well as my phone. I personally fit this combination of wallet/phone case a must have.
Great web site, fantastic and prompt service.
Thanks again

A real quality item
Here is case that not only looks good but also works well too. Yes, it's a bit of a compromise between a case and a wallet. It has space to carry three cards and a few notes (increases depth to around 26mm). It has a much better quality feel about it than is projected in the photos and makes the phone more comfortable to hold when making a call. Fully loaded with cards and cash it still fits into a trouser pocket. The phone is held secure in the holder but is easily removed when you want to take a photo. It makes the iphone even nicer to own.
Superb case
I was searching high and low for a case that was not only stylish but practicle then I thought mobile fun will have something and they did.
This case is very high quality leather not only does it protect my phone but I can use all the functions as well and also being able to put a picture of my daughter and carry cash and cards I don't have pockets full with phone and wallet it's all in one. This is the third case from mobile fun now and I will highly recommend getting your phone accessories from them.
And mobile fun well what can I say inevitably the best phone accessories supplier out there top quality service and very speedy delivery.
4 Stars
Have had this for a month now and it's what it is; a Bookbook and I like it.
Pros: protects and hides my expensive phone + bank cards
Cons: no camera hole, have to slide the phone out each time to take a picture
iPhone Book Case
Clever design, well made, eye catching. The price however is a little on the heavy side.
The Best Case On The Market
This is the best case on the market for the New iPhone 4s
It was originally Sold Out when I ordered the Book Book Case - well worth the wait!

When I received my parcel I could not wait to open it and was not disappointed the quality of the leather and stitching its awesome.

The clever ageing of the leather plus gold emboss on the Book Books spine is amazing - open up the case and the clever detail and design is continued inside whats not covered in leather is finished in a high quality valvet feel finishing which protect the iphone.

One side hugs the iPhone safely whilest the other is a functional wallet . And it works well housing 2x credit cards plus picture uk driving Licence and your folding notes.

No need to clutter your pockets with wallet plus case this does it all in one.

Don't bother using another company - I tried one particular company who had a flash web page it turned out to be a tin pot organisation operating from home who made big promises and could not delivery - Mobile Fun did Delivery on Service and Quality Well Done one happy customer :)
After doing some extensive research I concluded that this case was best for value from this site especially with its delivery process! I was unlucky as when I ordered the item it was out of stock and was informed that I'd have go wait 9-14 days which was kind of disappointing but thankfully a couple of days later the item was back in stock and shipped! I received the item in favourable timing and excellent condition! I have already recommended this site to others and will continue to do so.
As I expected from mobile fun exceptionally great case
Very stylish. Fits perfectly. Speedy delivery great service all
Round thanks mobile fun.
Just can't wait to get the Griffin Surviver cases I ordered for my phone and iPad 2 for work now.
BookBook for Iphone4/4s - the best case ever!!!
This case is simply amazing!! It feels good and smells amazing! :) The main worry I had before buying this was how secure the phone would be as its only kept in place by the frame and a little tab to lock it in on the top. But now using it I have no worries at all of it falling out because no matter which way I try to shake the phone out its 100% secure and safe in there.

Next was to test how it handles in using the phone. No problems at all. Texting in portait or landscape mode is comfortable. Two thumb typing in portrait mode is more comfortable now on this case than normal cases because of the way you hold the BookBook to text.

There are no problems during phonecalls when using the the phone in this case either. Just fold over the front cover and you got a secure hold on the phone during calls.

Wallet side of the case is functional. 3 card slots which you can use as slots for folded notes of money if they are not needed for cards. There's also a slot for more money if you require it. Overall I found that it is enough for general day use as a wallet.

At the moment I dont see any downsides with this case. Only thing is the price may seem steep for a case but this is a case of "You get what you pay for" and you will not be dissapointed in this case if you do decide to go for it. Iphone5 isn't released for another year yet so at least you know you're going to get another years use out of it!! :)

Also I must say Mobilefun never dissapoints either. I ordered this case at 11am on the standard first class delivery and it came next morning at 1030am!! less than 24 hours!! Brilliant. Keep up the good work guys.

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