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Trident Kraken AMS Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Trident Kraken AMS case features a red inner layer of shock-absorbing silicone with outer layers of hardened polycarbonate, designed to provide the ultimate protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
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$54.98 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 24 customers

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I've had several Note 3's because I keep loosing them. Now being an expensive phone I'm always on the hunt for the best case I can get, and believe me, I research it to death online before the purchase. I also drop them all the time. In the past I've gone for wallet types (for front protection), staying away from ones with any magnets, and this one blows all the other high end cases away I've ever owned. I got the bright red one, so I wont loose anymore phones, and there is no wallet lid to flip open when it bounces. The built in screen cover is an awesome bonus. The stand on the back is heavy duty and metal plus the box says this case is military tested... so I will definitely wear out this case before anything EVER breaks on it, that's for sure. This IS definitely the best case out there for a Note 3 without a doubt. Enjoy!
Great product. Solid, tough and the colour is GREAT! If you want a phone cover that protects your phone while you live your life, this is great.
Kraken case
Trident AMS case for Note 3 arrived swiftly and silently.
The good things: strong and tough; the extra screen protector works well on top of my own stick one. I would NOT recommend using the screen protector alone, however, as any dust or grit that gets under it may scratch the original screen. All the buttons work and the Note 3 is no longer in danger of snapping in two.
The bad things: very heavy; the belt clip is too flimsy to hold the Note 3 outside of a pack, pouch or pocket while hiking. You wouldn't notice if the phone went AWOL somewhere on the track. Ditto for the little windscreen attachment, which I did not order because it is reputed to break easily. However, my universal Samsung windscreen holder has rubber clamps, and while not 100% secure, is just wide enough to wedge in the Note 3 and case. Warning here: do not open the drivers window if you stick the holder on the windscreen on that side, because if the phone falls off, it won't break, but it could bounce on something and fly swiftly and silently out the window. May not survive interrogation by car tyres.
Best protection for note 3
Fits perfectly well designed would recommend this product all day long.
Kraken Note 3
This case is big: 3 1/2"x6 3/8"x5/8" not including the corners. Everything works fine. Sensitivity is even better than with the screen protector I had on previously. Inner silicone is really flimsy, take time putting on the front section so the silicone doesn't wrinkle. I took off the kickstand so the case will sit flat and not scratch surfaces. Belt clip works ok but I find the case looks huge clipped on your belt. The power and volume buttons work better with this case than with the slim tpu I had on before. The rubber corners make good contact when the case is laid on it's back and there is sections of rubber where your hand grips the case. There is an oil slick look where the screen protector touches the phone screen but it's not noticeable when the screen is on. The screen protector attracts dust and figerprints. Pulling out the spen is a bit of a pain and the rubber flap covering it won't stay closed but I'll get used to it. I bought this case for protection from drops, etc., I don't put much credence in the dust/water protection claims. Overall this is a good case.
Perfect case !
I buy this case for Note 3.This case give very good protection for my smartphone . Screen protector it is transparent ( the image is not affected , natural colors).
The case is very resistant to shock.
The corners of the housing are made of rubber.
This case has a very good grip when held in the hand. The phone's dimensions are slightly larger with this case but not exeagerate.
Can operate with one hand.
Has built-in dust filter against the speaker.
audio connector and the power supply are covered to prevent entrance of dirt when not in use,The audio quality is not affected.
This case has the accessory belt .
Recommend this case ! ;)
Trident protection
I have to say that i love this and saw exactly why people love these cases because it really is worth protecting your investment. I would recommend this case to any who has a galaxy note 3
just what I needed
Its a state of the art protection for my phone.

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