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TrailBlazer Bluetooth Car Kit & FM Transmitter Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The TrailBlazer Bluetooth Car Kit & FM Transmitter enables you to wirelessly transmit music and hands-free calls while also including an attachable steering wheel remote control and separate remote.

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£29.99 inc. VAT
 4.5 stars from 188 customers

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Not as good as the older model
I bought a trail blazer before which was fantastic it connected to an ipad straight away via bluetooth and I didn't even have to look at it could have been in the boot and still connected. This one has all the fancy new features but the only thing it doesn't connect to is an ipad!! How could they get this so wrong. My previous trail blazer broke and I came back to mobile fun and I am really disappointed. It won't even connect through an aux cable. Please bring back the previous models you used to sell. It was easier to use, looked better too and worked with any Bluetooth device.
Better than expected.
The TrailBlazer is a great idea but wasn't sure how well it would work especially out in Spain where the radio frequencies are very crowded, however it works very well. My only criticism is the control for the steering wheel which I find a bit fiddle to use other than that pleasantly surprised.
Excellent device - but not what I needed - no audio to car stereo via Bluetooth
I ordered this device with high hopes as it looked like it would answer all my needs for answering calls and playing the audiobooks I listen to during my commute. It arrived and was installed and all looked well, until I tried to play the audiobooks from my iPhone via the bluetooth connection - it didn't work. After re-reading the product spec in more detail, I noticed the disclaimer at the very bottom to this effect. Rather sad to return it as it could have been my perfect device, but it was not to be. I have returned it and will look for another, similar device.
TrailBlazer Bluetooth
Easy to install, however found the flexible arm of Bluetooth control unit tended to be difficult to keep in a fixed position.
The Bluetooth unit tended to loose the connection with the phone (HTC Desire HD) very frequently and need reconnecting. Music via the device was clear.
Would have been nice to have a facility to randomise tracks rather than a linear playing sequence.
Very pleased with purchase
Arrived very quickly, and was easy to set up... as long as you have common sense, because the instructions were not the easiest things to follow. But once you have it set up it works really well. It intercepts calls and plays them through your car speaker. I also have a usb memory stick will all my song on, and the steering wheel is a nice attachment to have. Overall very happy, and would recommend.
Flawless and easy to set up
I bought this product because my new iphone 5 has 32gb of memory and some of the journeys we make do not have radio reception and my sun visor bluetooth device would not pair with my new phone. Setting the trailblazer up was fairy easy and one paired it worked fine. Even if you are listening to the radio on a pre set channel and a call comes in, you simply have to push the button that the phone and transmitter are paired to (91.1 on mine) and the call comes through the speakers. In short a really good buy
Good, about as good as your gonna get via blue tooth sound.
Not as clear as cd and slightly less sound than radio but good none the less.Easy to set up.
Good sound quality. No problems pairing via Bluetooth with my Nexus 4 when following the included instructions. Successfully charges my phone via a USB lead (not supplied). I've just used it for music, not calls so far.
This little device is excellent. It has basically bluetoothed my car. I can't praise it enough. You can keep your hard to install Parrot systems.

Audio quality is superb with no bass rumble or high tone clipping even at high volumes. Don't think just FM radio station quality, think the best FM quality. I do have a top of the range 12 speaker system installed, so I can tell good from bad.

Phone calls are just great too. Callers have reported some background noise when I'm on the move, but i am using it in a 10 year old Land Rover.

If it works well in my old Discovery then it'll work in anything.
I bought this as I had an old connector car accessory for my car but wen got iphone 5 realised that buying iPhone specific accessories were not cost effective. WHat can I say about this product with that in mind...... It's absolutely brilliant!! Always connects instantly with phone when fire up car and sound quality is amazing. Easy to use and reception in calls is also good. We have a few cars in our household and ill be buying more of these so that can enjoy my music whichever car I am in. Highly recommend and price on mobile fun was an absolute steal considering the quality and clarity this device provides.
Great little device
We had reviewed a number of devices before settling for this one.

It arrived within a couple of days. My first impression when I opened it was it was smaller than I was expecting. I am used to Bluetooth devices so it was just a case of plugging it in and pairing it up. Once I found out how to scan for clear frequencies it hasn't been off. It's simple to use, not intrusive, there's nothing to plug in to your phone and it gives you the added bonus of hands free calling through the car stereo.

I would recommend this device.
Great product !
This is a brilliant product. It works as stated !!

The bluetooth connection to my Iphone is perfect and so easy to set-up. The connection was solid and did not waver.
It is easy to dial in the radio transmitting frequency, it is very visible on the goose-necked attached display. Again the radio transmission was steady and does not waver. Good reception gained on car stereo and good clarity - pick an appropriate quiet frequency area of local FM channel, and there is no persistent background hum as you get with some units.
The music controls button on the periphery of the display unit are large enough to use when the car is in motion. The telephone feature works adequately and I had not problems using it coupled to an Iphone.

I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it to others.
I've used several different FM transmitters in the past, all with varying results.
This is by far the best one I've used. There is zero background hiss when playing music and I havnt even had to find a 'dead' frequency. It seems to overpower pretty much station that's on!!
Connects quickly when u get in the car and the clarity of the hands free is good. I use it whilst my phone is in a cradle on the windscreen and the mic easily pics up everything. Can also charge your phone if u buy an additional USB whatever your phone needs cable.
Great, this will be the last one of these I buy!!
I went through 3 FM transmitters bought from Maplins (they're awful don't go there) each one breaking itself after the other - first 2 were technical faults and were excanged, third one decided to crack itself then get technical faults. So I bought this and it is far better than an overpriced Parrott kit I had in my car not long ago. Sound quality is excellent, connections are sturdy and it doesnt get in the way, sits tightly however you position it. Buttons to play / skip track etc. Connects to my iphone via bluetooth, also has a usb port so you can also charge your device. Very easy to use, didn't need to read any instructions just pulled out of the box and the rest wrote itself. Don't bother wasting money changing your whole car sound system, just spend £30 here (the price of an adaptar for a different radio for my car) and you're good to go.
Quality Product, perfect to play music
Bought this product with the thought that it would be a bit like my i-trip and not always be of the best sound quality. But this is a great product and I can play my music clearly through it. Easy to set up which is a must for a technophobe like me and means I can play whatever music I download on to my phone in the car, which is especially use for family days out.
Great quality sound
The sound is excellent, no loss of reception and so easy to set up.

Great service from mobile fun keeping me informed about delivery.
Just what I needed
Their service is brilliant ordered Christmas Day received a text Thursday item arrived Friday .brilliant piece of kit does exactly what it needs to do would highly recommend
Bringing my car up to date
This is a compact, well designed product that brings Bluetooth connectivity to cars that lack this capability.

The sound quality from the devise is very good, with music coming through to the car crisp and clear.

There were some issues of poor communication at the time of ordering with the item being out of stock, but a second call to customer services sorted the problem and all actions after this point were as promised.

I would order from Mobilefun again and would recommend this product.
Brilliant service
A great item which worked straight away with minimal work. I was very impressed with the service (ordered Saturday morning arrived Monday even over xmas). Excellent!! Would highly recommend.
trail Blazer fm transmitter
Bought this for my daughter as her other device had broken. she had it working in seconds & is over the moon with it. Can change tracks which she couldn't on previous device & as it is a hands free phone kit too all the better.
Perfect in everyway , I could not believe how easy it was to use plug in adjust the dial as explained and away it went. The trailblazer plays music perfectly and then when a call comes through the reception is crystal clear as it comes through the car speakers and you don't have to raise your voice to be heard one word for it PERFECT.
my daughter loves it.
She said it is so easy to use,brillient sound. The best present for christmas.
Excellent product highly recommend
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my partner, I wasn't sure at first as there are lots of similar cheaper products on the market however I was delighted to have purchased and def made the right choice. The quality of this product is exceptional, easy to use and my partner loves it. We can now have hands free clear conversations and the sound quality from iTunes is fantastic. For the price you really have an excellent product that not only has great sou d but looks sleek and classy too. I now want one for myself :-)
Brilliant piece of kit
I found this a really useful hands-free device which took seconds to set up and worked really well for listening to music from the iPhone and taking calls hands-free .
At last one that works
I have purchased three different makes of unit to play music through my car stereo. None have solved the issue of quality sound without interference. This unit was an excellent surprise. Easy to set up, looks well made and stylish and most importantly it works consistently so far making listening to my iPhone in the car a real pleasure. The hands-free calls are not quite so successful but still acceptable.
Satisfying product
It's great looking product,works fine but abit of noise comes out when the volume is in low even though its in perfect frequency with FM..I'm not sure why is it? I really don't like the long flexible holder(kind off) ..might be it's made to turn around 360 degree but its so flexible that it keeps of falling down..I hate to reposition again and again..overall great product and looks great in any car..
FM Transmitter
This is by far the best FM Transmitter I have found in the market, I have tried several different types, some with the phone mount built into them and had nothing but problems with the connector wearing out but the TrailBlazer Bluetooth Car Kit & FM Transmitter is an Excellent Buy and works great, Great Clear sound with no interference and easy to use while driving.
I give it 5 Stars ******
Great bit of kit
I've now purchased four of these, one for myself and the others as gifts for my children and their partners. Easy to set up and certainly better than breaking the law - could save you your driving license for just over £30 - a no brainer
What a device!
Superb piece of kit! Does exactly what it says and more. Here is a product which actually delivers what it says. I've bought 2 other FM type transmitters for my car and had to throw them away as they never worked properly. The sound was poor and they couldnt hold the frequency. This unit produces great sound quality and remembers your previous selected frequency. It also allows remote control of your phone and stays well away from the gear stick by way of the bendable long stalk. A great product and superp value for money!
Great device
This is a great device! It's been great to have bought it!
If you want to have a wireless with phone calls and music in your radio!
First class!
This bluetooth car kit and FM transmitter is just what I have been looking for! A quality item which was very easy to set up and worked straight away. I received it promptly and am very pleased, thank you.
Simple to connect
This device is very simple to connect to the phone and car radio via Bluetooth.
In comes with a small manual giving details how to connect. However I only looked to see which button to press to pair to the iPhone 5, and it was instantly connected within 8 seconds.
And as soon as I found a station that no radio station used, I connected the device to this station, went to the iPhone music, made sure the AirPlay was switched on to the device and music from the iPhone to the car speakers was paying.
The only downside to this, is the volume is lower than the radio stations.
An excellent car kit
I bought this for my iPhone 5 not really knowing what the quality would be like etc. But I was mightily surprised. And the hands free was excellent too.
Simple, effective & great sound quality
Plugged it in and it did everything it was supposed to, quickly and simply. Sound quality is very good - I've used a Belkin iPod FM transmitter from a few years back which was very hissy and disappointing - this sounds excellent - not quite CD quality but better than radio.
I did find the rubber grips on the power plug can get caught on the cigarette lighter socket internals and cause it to get stuck, so be conscious of the way you insert it to line up the rubber with the smooth faces of the socket and there's no issue. Forcing it once it gets stuck could potentially dislodge or damage the rubber.
The unit has an auto-clear-station-finder function which is not advertised on the site, but this is a great time saver. I'd been looking at the GOgroove FlexSMART X2 unit which had this feature and was disappointed that it wasn't mentioned in the product description - but it is there.
Simple, effective & great sound quality
Plugged it in and it did everything it was supposed to, quickly and simply. Sound quality is very good - I've used a Belkin iPod FM transmitter from a few years back which was very hissy and disappointing - this sounds excellent - not quite CD quality but better than radio.
I did find the rubber grips on the power plug can get caught on the cigarette lighter socket internals and cause it to get stuck, so be conscious of the way you insert it to line up the rubber with the smooth faces of the socket and there's no issue. Forcing it once it gets stuck could potentially dislodge or damage the rubber.
The unit has an auto-clear-station-finder function which is not advertised on the site, but this is a great time saver. I'd been looking at the GOgroove FlexSMART X2 unit which had this feature and was disappointed that it wasn't mentioned in the product description - but it is there.
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!
As someone who is well known for being technically challenged I was a bit worried about setting this up by myself. It turns out I didn't need to worry at all as this was so straightforward to do my three year old could have done it! The email and delivery from mobile fun made ordering easy too. All together a surprisingly pleasant experience.
I bought another hands free after seeing my Son fit his. It really is a great bit of kit and well, well worth the money. The sound quality is fantastic. The delivery was so quick as well, ordered Friday night and in my car Monday lunchtime! Perfect.
Works a treat! Very Happy.
After using a couple of other different FM transmitters for playing music in my car and not overly happy in general with them. The trailblazer works wonders, it is easy to set up, use and gains a very good reception. Off bluetooth it works perfectly, so no leads needed at all, this is a real handy feature. The fact it works as a hands free kit too is a really good bonus, as my main reason for purchasing this was to play music in my car. Both aspects (music/calls) work very well. For the cost this one will be hard to beat! Very pleased it is surprising in the differencies out there with these items.
Brilliant Birthday Present
I bought this for my Son's birthday and he is absolutely delighted with it. Installation was so simple it only took a couple of minutes. The sound is crystal clear. In fact, it is that good I am just about to buy another one for myself. Absolutely delighted with it. Thank You
I am very detailed when it comes to sound so i was very hesitant to buy this one with the huge reviews. I was also looking for something that has on/off and this devices answered all my questions.
The sounds quality is unbeatable and if you serious about music in your car, go for this one.
Excellent piece of kit
Bought this because I was fed up with wires all over the place in the car. Great sound for music. A bit quiet on phone calls but that could be down to my phone volume. Easy to set up. Easy to use. Excellent delivery time. Thank you
great service,extremely easy to set up and works really well,quality is just like listening to cd's.excellant hands free too.
Easy product and fast delivery.
As a young first time driver with a pretty old car I wanted access to my phone's music while driving as well as the option to awnser my calls. This product made all od these possible.
Firstly, I can not describe how impressed I was when I recieved my item at 11.00 the morning after ordering it at 17.30. The swiftness of delivery was amazing.
Secondly the item itself is wonderful. It was easy to install/tune into with a very simple guide book that came with the kit. The kit itself although quite thick is easily moved around because of the flexable attachment and so it doesnt get in the way of the gear stick.
Another very good part of the kit is that I am able to plug in my phone via a USB and charge it whilst still being connected to the handsfree and playing music. I honestly am unable to think of anything I can say against the product. It is truely wonderful and I would reccomend to others.
Fantastic Product
I was a little worried about buying one of these fm Bluetooth transmitters as with ones in the past I've had alot of engine noise and other interference come through along with the audio, but to my surprise I get next to no noise at all from this, the build in mic is fantastic. The only gripe I have about the product is that the "next track" key is on the top of the unit so your unable to easily click without worrying you'd hit the tuning dial. apart from that fantastic item!
perfect early christmas present
Outstanding product!!! My girlfriend and i bought htis as she is on the road alot and we both love our music. My car has got a telephone system in so was wary that the two would confuse eash other I was wrong!! music streaming is excellent and cuts out when phone system kicks in..
Job Done!
Top device! I have driven from London to Birmingham several times and not once have I had to change the FM setting in my car or the device. Yes sometimes there maybe a fuzzing sound time to time, but its minimal. The fact you can make calls and listen to music from the same device is great! And the price makes it even more a 5 start buy!
Excellent kit
Once I had tuned a preset button on the radio in it was a doddle. Reduced voice feedback and echo - did it really well in fact. Easy to use and loud and clear. Much better than driving with one of those things in your ear and a lot cheaper than having your car converted to a blue tooth audio system. No need for charging at night either. Great additions like the usb port and line in too. great
Great bit of kit!
I was really impressed with this. I've used similar devices with other phones before and they can be a bit crackly on the radio and not too good quality, but this one is great; clear as a CD pretty much! Great service too, prompt delivery.
Absolutely brilliant!
This really does just plug in and play! On your first use tune it to a free FM station with your radio. Then just turn your bluetooth on whenever you get in the car and music will come out of your car stereo it's as simple as that! Also, handsfree calling with no additional set up. It will also, charge your phone via your usb cable. Does so much and all good quality too! Wish I'd found this sooner!
I bought a Trailblazer Bluetooth Car Kit &FM Transmitter to play music from my phone. I set the device up within a few minutes. Very good sound. Not used it yet to answer calls yet.
Great product
I bought this when I upgraded my iPhone 4 to the 5, and the dock connector no longer fitted the KitPerfect In Car FM Transmitter (which is also excellent). I was a bit worried about how the blue tooth audio quality would sound, and at first there was a bit of distortion, but I found if I turned the iPhone volume all the way up and the Trailblazer down to approx 24, it sounds great. Highly recommend. The track control buttons could be better laid out but other than that no complaints. Easy to set up and picks up blue tooth easily.
Better than expected
I couldn't believe it - plugged it in and 20 seconds later I'd got the iphone music collection coming out of the car stereo. It had to be harder than that, didn't it?
Surprisingly capable
Firsly, I bought this because of the existing high-praise reviews and the affordable price!

Having actually been using the unit now for a week I am very satisfied. It's relatively easy to set up and once configured it connects to my phone and transmits to the radio with minimal start up time. Plug in, turn on and go! Much better than the Bluetooth head unit I had in my previous car that usually required 5 minutes before I got my phone outputting through it.

Also, the microphone seems to be excellent because everyone I talk to using hands-free can hear me clearly.

So, overall I am very happy and would recommend this to anyone.
great little unit
it looks good and i like the long rigid stick thin as it is closer for me to use in my connects straight away and lets u know by a beep. calls seem pretty clear and i cant really fault it in any way.
User friendly..
It is user friendly, but sometimes the quality of the sound gets very scratchy. But I like the fact that I don't even need any other Bluetooth devices to talk while driving.
Good budget kit
Once you get used to how to get the best out of device it is good. You can Bluetooth music through however it sound distorts if you have you mobile volume turned up,so turn down and use car volume.. Other than that, works well easy to set up, mic picks up well. Can't ask for more for £29
The car doesn't have bluetooth, so I got this to help me play music and for voice calls. It does the job amazingly. The music quality is good and the mic for making calls is much clearer than using the mic on the phone.

It's easy to setup too

I highly recommend this!
Does exactly what it says on the box!
I have now had two of these as my son stole mine within 24hrs!! Both arrived within 24 hours as promised by mobile fun. It was so easy to set up with my car stereo and within 2 minutes I was ready to go.
It remembers my phone each time I get in the car and when talking to people by phone through it the quality is by far the best I've found in any Bluetooth system yet! Also, unlike others it automatically charges from the cigar lighter so won't 'die' on a journey leave wires trailing across the dashboard.
Also, if anyone else gets in the car with a phone or iPod its really easy to switch user. Well worth the money!!
Just as expected
The TrailBlazer Bluetooth Car Kit & FM Transmitte is just as described on the website, as long as you follow the easy instructions the installation is straight forward and takes but a moment or two. The quality of the sound using the unit has been spot on so far, taking phone calls on the go is done safely, easy to hear the conversation by both parties. This appears to be an easy and much cheaper way to use hands free than previously used in car fixed units. It can be transferd easily from and to whichever vehicle you happen to be using at any one time.
Received quickly. Set up straightforward and does what its supposed to. Only slight criticism is that it has to be attached to the goose neck and positioning is therefore a little limited.
So simple and great sound
I was amazed at how compact the unit was when it arrived in the post (only 1 working day after I placed the order!). Connecting the goose neck power connector to the main unit was the trickiest part of the whole process, as the diagram supplied wasn't very detailed. But it still only took a few attempts to get it clicked securely in place. Pairing it with my iPhone 4S took less than two minutes as the instructions were easy to follow. The FM transmitter defaults to 107.9, and my radio picked up the signal right away...job done.
Receiving and making calls is really simple and I found the sound quality fantastic with very little distortion through my car's speaker system. I also love the units ability to play music from my iPhone without wires...fantastic! Being able to control the track selection from the unit is another excellent feature. On a long journey the unit kept it's frequency perfectly with no drift. The only niggle i've found is with the dial button. The default function is to change the FM transmission frequency, and if you press it you change the volume. I've gone to change the volume and not pressed the button firmly enough, then changed the frequency in error! It would have been better if the functions were reversed.
Works great, can't remove it though
I've been looking for a good FM transmitter for some time and this has proved flawless so far. Really easy to use and great sound quality.
Only downside - I just can't seem to pop it out of my power point; I drive a Ford Focus, nothing too unusual there so a bit surprising.
An indispensible car kit for smart phones and Mp3 players
If you need a car hands-free kit that outputs through car speakers then look no further.
1)- Easy bluetooth pairing every time-with Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR.
2)- A2DP + AVRCP for streaming music and SatNav instructions -Next track / previous track / pause & volume control.
3)- Easy FM pairing to car radio.
4)- Easily make, take, cancel & end call with auto music muting.
5)-Line out to connect to radio instead of FM transmission.
6)- Line in for any device that outputs sound via 3.5mm stereo plug.
7)- No battery needed - it draws its current from cigarette lighter.
8)- Charge your device from USB socket -5V / 1000mA.
9)-Flexible gooseneck to position this device for optimum microphone input and operation of controls.

THIS HAS IT ALL - affordably priced.
Usual Excellent Service
Ordered this bluetooth kit Sunday evening & received it Tuesday morning. Very quick & an advisory email telling me it had been dispatched on the Monday.
The unit itself was very quick & easy to set up. My Galaxy S2 works brilliantly with it for hands free phone calls & for music. Excellent.
Love it, love it, love it. Excellent product, Excellent service. Thank you
Excellent device
I love this device! Plug into you cig lighter in your car and tune to a radio channel and off you go. So easy and so clear great price as well
Expensive but worth it!
I have recently purchased a car without an AUX port and purchased a cheap FM transmitter online, the sound quality was awful despite the good reviews. I then decide to purchase this after it also had good reviews and this product is amazing, sound quality so far is very clear and you pay for what you get. I do recommend this.
This device ticks all the boxes. it looks good, was easy to install and works well. The sound quailty is also very good and to finish off it was certainly value for money.
TrailBlazer Bluetooth Car Kit & FM Transmitter
All I can say is I'm very disappointed. Selected Because of it's high rating. Had it sent out from England. The sound on the other end is soft at low speeds (60 Km/h) and very little at high speeds (100 km/h). Total waste of my money and time because I spend much of my time on the highway.
Superb piece of equipment
I have tried several types of car kit and wireless transmitters and never found one that works properly. But at last I have one that does what it says on the tin to use a well
known phrase. Being Bluetooth sound through the sterio is
clear and hands free works a treat worth the money.
Totally Brilliant Purchace !!!
The device i bought is second to none, does everything it says on the box. Very easy to use and very nice too see in your car. This is a great product brilliant price and would recommend to anyone.
Thank you for excellent deliver time for this item . I had the unit up and running in minutes and works perfect ( I have a hearing problem and use sat nav often so this piece of kit is a god send to me , just exactly what I was looking for . Only thing that is worrying me is " what do I do if I travel to an area where the signal i,m using becomes populated by a radio transmission ) ( 90.5fm ) would I need to re-tune .
Excellent device
Thanks MobileFun for providing the perfect device for my needs . i use a galaxy S3 for navigation and music and due to me being hard of hearing the device is brilliant . I had it up and running in 2 minutes . my son uses an iphone4 which also works perfect with the device . I would have liked to see a longer 3.5mm jack cable but I have a 3 meter one anyway , not that the cable is even needed but just in case bluetooth goes wrong . crystal clear sound during voice calls at both caller end and car end . For 30 quid this was a great buy , highly recommended . Still giving 5* even though cable is kinda short and light but this is just a minor as its not needed in most situations .
Easy to set up.Exelent clarity.
Very Good
Very easy to set up Works brilliant
Good piece of kit.
Received the item very quickly. Mobile fun delivery times are excellent.

Plugged the device into my car and started fiddling with it. Took me around 30 mins(my fault for not reading the manual) to get it up and running.

It works flawlessly. I cannot praise the quality of sound enough. Calls through bluetooth are excellent. FM music playback is excellent. You need to choose a frequency thats not used by any other station to make it crystal clear. I dont need to burn any more CDs to play in my car as my Samsung phone can handle all the music and films I want to play.

One thing that the manufacturer needs to work on is the cigarette lighter socket. It doesnt seem to work when plugged in. I had to fiddle with it alot to find the correct position to pick the power up. I have now left it like that after setting the unit the way I want. If I move it even half an inch, it looses the connection from the socket.

It would've been nicer if they had developed it with a wire and a stick on pad to place it where ever the user wanted to place it instead of a gooseneck but thats my preference.

Apart from this isuse, the sound quality is excellent. It is parallel to Parrot and other high end products.

I will most probably modify this unit and repalace it with a wire and place it in an empty space near the vent or hazard light button. Dont like the goose neck.

If you are after quality sound and a true handsfree kit, by all means go for it with thinking twice.

Just for the dodgy power connection . I am giving this product 4 stars.

Hope this helps.

just what i needed
good piece of kit easy to install would recommend it
Excellent bit of kit.
Just what I needed. Easy to set up, clear crisp sound from the speakers(no hiss or crackle) and the calls are clear. No need to scream down the mic either , just talk normally. Just read the instructions before you start and you'll be fine.You will not be disappointed.
Just the thing !
Setting up no well..good device for the price..
Very satisfied
Excellent product. If you have setup any bluetooth device before this would be a breeze to set up. I ve tried other plug in fm transmitters before but gave up because of poor quality. The music quality from this is great. Answering call from is satisfactory. The only disadvantage is that you have to keep your car radio always tuned to this frequency else you might miss calls. I work around that by keeping my phone on vibration.
Worked better than expected
It works great, and hasn't let me down yet.

I'll start with the negatives though, which may apply only to me...

- When it's first powered up, the volume is distinctly lower, even although the volume level says it is what it was left at. I find I have to manually turn it up and down a bit to "wake it up". Assume that's the unit and not my handset
- I haven't found a way of storing which radio frequency it transmits on. It might be possible, but every time I turn it on, it reverts to the top of the dial
- Fortunately, this isn't used where I am, so it's not a problem

It paired straight away and worked with my One X. Sound quality is great (although I haven't compared with any Bluetooth V4 units), and everything just seems to work.

Calls through it are good - people can hear me. I suspect they would be better if I could work out a way of using the handset's mic, which I think has better noise cancelling qualities. Not sure though.

It's replaced a failing cassette adaptor that I had to keep plugging into my phone every time I wanted to use it, and it's obviously streets ahead!

I looked at the new official HTC car kit, and it was far too expensive. That, and I didn't have an aux in on my head unit. My travels then took me to this which seemed too cheap to be any good.

Fortunately, I was wrong.
Exactly what I was looking for.
I needed to replace my old handsfree with something that would be as versatile as my new smartphone. I wanted it to handle calls & Sat Nav Turn by Turn, all whilst playing music stored on my phone. This does it all plus controlling music play. It is very portable and will also connect all the phone output to the AUX port on my car head unit. Non-bluetooth music players can also be connected via the lin-in port on this unit. Absolutely no problem plugging this in or removing from the car cigar socket. Well pleased and thatk you also for your speedy delivery.
does all it says on the box.
great item,works well ,easy to set up also looks good .extra bonus super fast delivery.ordered friday p.m. arrived saturday morning.
very pleased.
Does what it says on the tin....
Having had a number of after market blue tooth receivers for the car, I bought this with a certain amount of scepticism, but was pleasantly surprised. It worked out of the box, simple to use, clear to listen to and people on other end could hear clearly too. You have to set up a tuned button on radio to listen through, but works well with blue tooth to listen to music. Only down side is if listening to radio you have to switch channels to connect to phone. Very good product, no hesitation in recomending it.
The little transmitter works straight out of the box - simply tune in a selected channel listen to your favorite tunes - answer the phone and converse clearly and safely hands free.
Just what I was looking for!
I ordered this n the Friday and paid for Saturday shipping. It was with my be 10am the following day,moving been ordered at around 3pm. Fantastic service from Mobile Fun. As for the device, I have been dubious about fm transmitters after having the itrip for my old iPhone which was useless with so much interference and constant changing of frequency. This is total opposite for this device. I am over the moon. Tuned it to one frequency, and tested on a 50 mile drive and didn't have to change once, or have any interference at all. Worked perfectly, the sound is excellent. Not tried the phone setting yet, but I will. Overall extremely pleased.
Better than i imagined
I thought this would be like any other handsfree I'd tried and thrown away. But no it actually was better than I imagined. The setup was easy, the clarity of sound from the car speakers is crystal clear and people can hear me clearly at the other end. I know this sounds like "it should do" but not my experience of cheap handsfree. Only downside, volumes a bit low, so you turn it up for the call you have to turn it down when the call ends, bar that, I'm happy with it.
As a transmitter it is simply fabulous. Haven't got to grips with the phone aspect yet but am sure it will be equal to the task.
So good I bought it twice
After getting one of these a few weeks ago to use in my car I found that it's been about the best transmitter that I've used. Clearer than the one I'd bought to use with my iPhone and easier to use too - turn on your bluetooth and hey presto you're connected.
After that one I bought one for my wife to use in her car too with her Blackberry.
Overall I'm really impressed with these - they seem sturdy enough and extremely easy to use.
The only thing I don't like is the frequency dial on the top of the device is a bit easy to accidentally catch when you're changing tracks, but maybe that's just me.
Definitely recommended.
Brilliant piece of kit
This is amazing, I cant believe the quality of the sound thro my car radio. I have now got all my music on my s2 and I am very happy. As a hands free unit it does a great job, I must admit i was expecting it to be low quality for calls but it is as good as anything out there costing alot more.Overall this is just brilliant, and what a great price.Thanks to mobile fun for a great service,super fast deliver and great product.
Having previously owned a small FM transmitter for my ipod and struggled with it, this is just fantastic!! Signal is much stronger - hardly any interference. The fact I can change tracks too without taking my eyes of the road is brilliant. Has changed my driving experience lol...
Excellant Product
Really good piece of kit, enables hands free use of your phone. The bluetooth to fm transmitter gives you access to the music on your phone, best to shuffle it though to remain hands free
It Does More Than The Rest - Period!
I got one of these for my brother-in-law and it was epic! I tried an alternative and it was terrible to say the least. This product actually streams music AND calls from your mobile device, by Bluetooth via FM transmission. You cannot get another product that does as much as this one! Do not look any further, this is the one you NEED!!!
Well worth the wait
I ordered the trailblazer Bluetooth car kit & FM transmitter but had to wait ages for it. However, I'm not surprised it is often out of stock because for this price it is well worth the wait. It works a treat with my IPhone 4S. I have had no problems and the quality is great. Hands free phone calls and excellent wireless sound quality through my car stereo. Highly recommended.
Few niggles on a good product
A nice looking bit of kit that functions well, providing that you want to use it all the time. It can be a fiddle if you get a call whilst listening to a CD, you have to switch this on, retune the radio and wait a few seconds for the connection to be made with your handset before you can use the handsfree. But I bought it to play my mp3 easily in the car and it works great for that. (just remember to make sure it is well seated in the car socket - it tends to work loose). I was impressed by the hands free quality in the car
Most useful gadget I've bought for my car
Having decided not to plump for the £450 extra for the built-in handsfree kit on my car, and not wanting to spend £100+ on an after-market kit, I stumbled across this. Now I can take calls when I'm on the road (has come in handy a couple of times when things have been broken and I've been called to head back to work to fix them!). It also means I can hook up to Google Navigation/Google Music on my Android and not have to strain to hear the tinny voice as I'm gunning it down the motorway (and missing my exit because I couldn't hear it!)

A simple bit of kit, but does the job ... and great if you ever have to get a courtesy car!
Good Item
Thank you verry much for your services. I was looking for somethiing like this for longtime.It is working perfect. I will recommend it to my friends.
so easy to use
This is a fantastic product - so easy to set up and use - eeven - non techies can cope

sound quality - superb
This thing is great. Conversation sound is great, even in my missus's rattly tin box car. Music sound is pretty good too. Controls work fine. Does sometimes slip down out of the fag lighter as it's quite long and has a certain weight to it...
brilliant product
This product is fantastic, I have been searching for a product like this for a while, I came across the trailblazer. Plugged it in set it up and works a treat. Really really pleased with this product, a must for the in-car hand free,, delivery service first class. Many thanks. Will be spreading the word about this product. Amazing.
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