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TrackR Bravo Phone and Valuables Bluetooth Locator - Silver Reviews

Keep your phone, wallet, keys and bag safe by your side in the secure knowledge you will hear an audible alarm if you stray too far away from your device or someone removes your valuables with the TrackR Phone and Valuables Bluetooth Locator in silver.
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$33.18 inc VAT
 3.8 stars from 13 customers

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Sorry, it's of no practical use for locating the cat. Should have purchased a GPS type.
I am sure that I have wasted my money here. The blue tooth system tells me where the cat was yesterday or whenever or comes up with inaccurate information that makes it impractical when I'm leaving the motor home campsite and we need to locate the cat. I should have spent more and purchased a proper GPS type.
Great idea, but...
Bought this for my dad, who's starting to 'lose' stuff more these days. His hearing is also weakening. He's an ex-engineer so knew that no way the device was sounding at the claimed 80db. He contacted the manufacturers in California independently who say they've sent him another one. It's been 3 weeks now, so fingers' crossed...
A good idea, but could be better
The Bluetooth connection is erratic, leading to a lot of false positives when you least need them, e.g. at the cinema, and the app is poor in user adaptable features e.g. a location aware option which would automatically switch off the device when you get home and on again when you leave it, for people who want to take their phone to the toilet but not necessarily their keys or their wallets, etc. This would add immeasurably to the device's convenience.
I have tried many tracker by various manufacturers this to my belief is the best
I recently received this as a replacement it seems ok at the moment, I have tried many tracker by various manufacturers this to my belief is the best.
So far so good
The tracker serves the purpose and I have avoided a lost wallet once. This website is convenient and the delivery is made on time.
A Tracker for your belongings or keys
Connecting the device is made out to be straight forward, but from my experience this can be time consuming. Eventually I had to turn off the phone bluetooth then turn it back on to force a connection. As with a lot bluetooth devices, getting these to connect can be frustrating, but once paired the devices work well.
I did have a couple of messages telling me I had helped find someone else's tracker, which is testament that these devices work as intended.
How did I live without this!
I'm forever losing my keys down the back of the sofa or leaving them in random coat pockets, so having the ability to find them quickly and easily seemed really appealing. I'd never used one of these tracking devices before and I must say I can't believe I managed without one for so long. The TrackR proved extremely easy to set up with my iphone and once connected, I've been able to find my lost items very quickly indeed through the handy app which sets off the little tracking tag, providing me with an audible alarm and a tracking feature on the phone. Overall a great item that I would highly recommend to anyone.
Keep it safe, keep it located
I wont lie. I'm forever losing my keys, at least temporarily. And my kids like playing with them. I bought a few of these - one for house keys, one for car keys (I dont like them on the same keyring) and one for spare, which I've used mainly on my laptop bag.
We're not talking about rocket science here. You download the app, which takes no time and is free, you ste your trackRs up and you're good to go.
They've already helped me find my keys three times (under sofa cushions and in my kids toy box). I'll probably get some more soon. You can't really go wrong. Cheers.
Great little tracking device
I often lose my keys in the house and in the most random of places! Since using TrackR, finding them has become really easy by using the app. Pairing was simple and done quickly. Also the keyring they give makes it easy to attach.
Just works
well what can i say, it just works. pairing process was simple, easy to understand, had it up and running within seconds. device is small enough that it doesn't get in the way if it's in your pocket or on your keyring, but large enough that you won't end up losing it (the irony). in short would definitely recommend you pick this up, sooner rather than later! you won't regret it. -steve
Straight forward enough with peace of mind
Just knowing it is there on my set of keys makes me feel a little bit better, especially with such a history of leaving things behind! Pairing was a little problematic, but after running through the troubleshooting, got there in the end. I may just have too many Bluetooth devices connected at once.

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