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ToughGuard Nokia Lumia 930 Rubberised Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Custom molded for the Nokia Lumia 930, this light rubberised hybrid black ultra thin ToughGuard case provides slim fitting, durability and protection against damage.
  • Mobile Fun ID 47551

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 4.3 stars from 23 customers

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Beautiful Casing
The case cover arrived intact abs it fits very well into the phone. The black cover makes my phone looks brand new and it has a very nice feel to it.
I am happy with the product.
Pretty happy with it
The colour looks nice, perfectly fit, the material is pretty comfortable to feel in my hand.
One happy customer!
Couldn't be more happy. Great products, excellent value, fantastic service and speedy delivery. Will definitely shop here again, and highly recommend to all. Thanks Mobile Fun!
Good minimalist case
It adds very little bulk and is an excellent fit for the 930, in between a tpu case and a heavy duty case for protection. I would give an extra mark if the top and bottom were more protected, it has a soft rubberised feel which makes the phone easier to hold securely. I had a cover with a similar feel a couple of years ago and after about six months it wore to be more smooth and shiny, but still worked well, not sure if this will go the same way.
Nicely designed, looks like it would protect the phone, and it improves ease of use
Fits well, easily installed, has good tactile feel, looks solid and robust (but I haven't tested its strength), makes finding the buttons easier. Could wrap around the ends of the phone more.
Great service, excellent product
Ordering and payment process was simple and effective. Good pics of the product made choice easy.
Delivery was quick and well tracked.
Replacement of a product damaged upon delivery was quick and hassle-free.
Product itself is well-designed, neat looking, and seems like it would provide adequate protection, although I haven't tried to test it :)
Perfect Product
Shell fits like a glove.
It is lightweight and does not take from phone's appearance.
pretty but not tough
I had an Otterbox cover for my 930 but found itq too cumbersome/ugly. This cover is much nicer. Two things to be aware of:
1. It isn't good for grip. Very slippery.
2. It might stop bumps and scratches but it doesn't feel like it would help much if dropped.

But I do like it. My phone looks great in it! Just have to be careful with it.
Good Fit for Phone
Nice snug fit and well-placed holes for camera, mic and speaker. The side buttons are still easily accessible. I would have liked the same protection on the top and bottom edges where the USB and headphone sockets are - for that I would have given 5 stars! Otherwise good value for the money.
Spot on
I was concerned that the additional protective case would destroy the image and key design features of the phone. It was essential that the case offered the protection required should I drop the phone and not get in the way of everyday use. I could not be more pleased. It fits snugly and clips on with ease as if it were part of the phone while also providing the protection I required. This is the second case I have purchased as I did drop my phone.The case was slightly damaged but thankfully not my phone, so I immediately purchased another from Mobile Fun. This product is spot on, great value and you won't be disappointed.
Great value
The case is simple, discrete, unobtrusive and great value for money.
Don't waste your money on more costly cases.
This will do the trick.
Good solid protection
Very happy with this product as it provides good solid support if my Nokia is dropped on its corner
Great looking cover but too brittle. This is my second one on three months. Corner broke off first one after I dropped the phone once.
Long Term Test: Not All It's Cracked Up To Be
I purchased one of these at the end of September 2014. It is indeed very thin (too thin as it turns out) and has a satin finish coating, but is not really what I'd call rubberised and is less 'non slip' than a gel case, for example. By early December, the coating had started to wear off on the corners and by Christmas the case had developed cracks at two of the corners and the narrow section between the volume and power button cutouts. I have a desk job and the phone spends much of the day sitting on my desk, so I would hardly describe its life as 'tough'. This is the first product I have purchased from Mobile Fun which I am sadly not able to recommend.
I wanted a case that was a good tight fit and offered reasonable protection to the phone and this does exactly that - and at a reasonable price too.
Great product and service
I purchased the ToughGuard Nokia Lumia 930 Rubberised Case - Black from Mobile Fun and am very happy with the product as well as the service. Thanks!
Great product and service
I purchased the ToughGuard Nokia Lumia 930 Rubberised Case - Black and am very happy with the product as well as the service. Thanks!

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