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Touch Tip Gloves For Capacitive Touch Screens - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your hands snuggly warm and yet still be able to operate your mobile phone touchscreen with these stylish Touch Tip gloves.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34255
$13.74 inc. VAT
 3.4 stars from 74 customers

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3rd pair of these and still dont work, fed up of returning so have thrown in the bin and forgone my £10!!!!!
The 'ultimate test' for Touch Tip Gloves for Capacitive Screens
I would just like to say that I received the gloves in very good time from Mobile Fun - 1 working day after order - as advertised.

On receiving the gloves I immediately tried them on and ran through a few disciplines on my ipad with them - normal stuff - reading e-mail- and going through facebook messages etc. The gloves worked perfectly on the i pad screen.

A couple of days later I decided that it was time to do some urgent and quite drastic tree surgery on the huge sycamore tree at the bottom of the garden - I donned the nearest pair of gloves I could find and spent the day up and down the tree cutting off branches with a handsaw and dragging the branches away into my car and off to the local recycling centre - three trips in a 7 seater in all.

I was in the tree most of the day grabbing branches,sawing through branches and ripping down Ivy - I put the gloves on because of the Ivy - last time I attempted this job I ended up with a rash on my hands and arms.

It wasn't until the end of the day that I realised that I had been wearing my Touch Tip Gloves for Capacitive Screenswhilst performing my rugged acts of tree surgery.

With some reservations I put the gloves back on and reached for the i pad ...... and I can report that the finger tips on the gloves still worked perfectly on the screen ....

So for any tree surgeons out there who may want to check their e-mails whilst suspended from a swinging branch - these are the Gloves for You!
Gloves that can be used with a smart phone
Not overly impressed. Gloves were quite thin and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I end up having to take them off to use phone which defeats whole object of buying them.
Good :-)
Some heat in the gloves, I have a screensaver on my phone so they aint so quick to pick up the buttons but still do if tapped harder.
Excellent Gloves
The gloves are extremely handy, comfortable and work perfectly with my new Galaxy S4. Would recommend to anyone who expects freezing weather.
good quality
These are great no more freezing ure hands wen u knws to use touchscreen. Very good reaction time wen using my phone. No difference to using hands.Gloves are also v warm.
Good gloves, but small for my hands...
I bought these gloves while on a 2-4-1 offer, so they were good value. I primarily wanted the pink pair as part of my wife’s Christmas present, but thought I'd have a “free” pair too!

Unfortunately, because of my freakishly large hands (I normally have to get XL, or XXL sized gloves) the black pair I was planning to have are too small. The pink pair look to be a good size for smaller hands.

The gloves are not as soft as I thought they would be and also do not stretch as much as typical woollen gloves – contributing to the size issue.

In terms of touch screen performance, they work well with my Samsung Galaxy SII, very responsive, with no need to press hard, although accuracy might be an issue if you need to do something using small buttons, depending upon how “sausage-fingered” you are. I have not worn them outside, but they appear to be a great solution if you’re out on a winter day & you need to use your phone!

Only 4 Stars becausae if the size issue when they are listed as "adult"
Gloves provide a perfect, tight fit and keep the cold out surprisingly well, with the added benefit of allowing me to use my capacitive touch devices!
Love these gloves
Touch tip gloves are brilliant and a necessity if you use a smart phone when outdoors. These purple touch tip gloves are the best and as a lover of 'purple' they couldn't be better. The price is good, the quality of the gloves is great and they work. Highly recommend.
just good
These are realy good gloves i find them good & warm & there work realy will
Good service !
I ordered 2 pairs of touch-tip gloves as gifts for family members. Oddly, one pair worked perfectly, while the other didn't function at all (other than being nice and warm!). However, Mobile Fun's returns system worked a real treat and I was in possession of a replacement pair very, very quickly. Gloves seem to be really
useful - and warm, as mentioned.
Great for the woman on the go, the gloves are not very thick but super for walking or running with the added bonus of not having to remove them to keep in touch br phone etc.
Touch Tip Gloves
A bit small for me and they don't keep your hands very warm.I would rather us my touch pen.
Brilliant - real winter warmers!
Bought these gloves for a young lady friend who is 'permanently connected' to her Blackberry, trouble is, she suffers badly with cold hands and gets ever frustrated having to stop and take off her gloves…..Now, thanks to these gloves from Mobile Fun, she's a 'happy bunny' and can keep texting on the move, with nice warm fingers!….she's smiling again!
Working in a winter wonderland
Taking off gloves in sub-zero temperatures just to answer the phone was driving my wife mad/tears. Touch screens need the warmth that any decent glove is trying to retain. Enter “Touch Tip Gloves For Capacitive Touch Screens – Purple”. One of my students had them and had raved, so I knew I was on safe ground. The colour, being her favourite, was a no brainer and a welcome departure from the ubiquitous black. She loves them. The recent snowy weather ceased to be a cause of discomfort. The price was excellent, as was the delivery time, and one size really does fit all (well I had to try them!).
must say first of all a very quick service and delivery and price value was very good to so I will go back again for more goods
Love these gloves
Being a lady with just a few more years I do tend to suffer in the winter and having to take my gloves off when trying to use my iPad on the bus to work just does not do!

Now I can surf the web, read my online paper and do my sudoku while in the bus without losing all feeling in my fingers.

Whoever invented these gloves - I want to meet you and give you a great bit hug :)

I LOVE my gloves xxx
Ok on phones but didn't work at all on tablet
I bought 2 pairs as xmas presents. They look quite nice. Tight fit on me but my son seems happy with them.

They seem to work ok on his HTC phone though he has to press slightly, but didn't work at all on a Ployer Momo7 tablet we tried, even when pressing hard.

I also got similar gloves of my own but a different type from somewhere else. My one's are more sensitive and also work on the tablet.
Gloves not responsive
I thought I would buy these gloves to obviously stop me having to remove them when I wanted to use my phone when I'm outside in the cold. How disappointed I am as I am having to press so hard before it responds and sometimes it just doesnt respond at all. The only thing they seem to work on is my tablet which is something I do not use whilst I am the bus-stop I bought them specifically to use with my Iphone.
These gloves appeared good value as you got two pairs for about £8. Unfortunately, the price reflected the quality.
The construction of the gloves is poor and untidy stitching. The finishing was not good. The fit of the gloves for a medium sized male hand is not bad, but can be a bit difficult to operate smart phones well as the tips did not for me fit properly with a small amount of the tip of each gloved finger folding over and making accurate selection on the screen cumbersome.
Most importantly, the tips of the gloves did not seem to have any conductive material. The pair I had seemed to be completely useless. It took about 10 swipes to get past the lockscreen - and even that was not repeatable easily. I thought it would get better but it didn't and I gave up through sheer exasperation.

Very disappointed that the product was presented as being 'very good'. Maybe I got a bad batch. But after looking around and paying more, I found much better versions of a touch glove (M&S £8, and much better, but more expensive, Northface £22).
Disappointing in all respects!
These gloves promise a great deal but fail to deliver. I bought a pair for me and my son. Neither of us can get them to work consistently or at all sometimes.By the time that they eventually get some reaction you might as well have taken the gloves off.Very annoying.They are not even very good as gloves since they don't keep your hands warm and are badly stitched.
Save your money and just use your own gloves and either take them off when using the phone/device or just wait until you get back into the warm. It would be much cheaper than wasting your money on these!
Close, but no gold star
Great for answering the phone
without getting your hands cold, but no good for adding contacts etc. Fingertips are just too big
They do work
After waiting weeks for these gloves to arrive, they're not terribly exciting. They're very small fit, so if you have normal sized hands, you'll find these a tight fit, making them uncomfortable in my opinion. Considering they're knitted gloves I would have hoped for a better finish, but both pairs of gloves I bough had raggedy threads hanging out where they'd been finished.

As for function, well, not the warmest gloves I've ever worn. I put this down to them being so tightly stretched that the stitching lets the wind through. Used with an iphone you can control the touch screen with these.

In short they do work, but even as buy one get one free, they're over priced.
Not impressed it does not function correctly all the time a bit of hit and miss but will try again when on the slopes ski
Doesn't do everything!
I work in a cold office at home which is why I bought these gloves - thin enough to work with a keyboard and mouse but also work with my iPad. They do most jobs but beware if buying to use with tablets and multitouch laptops!

The only usable fingertips are two fingers and a thumb...so you can't do the three and four finger actions on an iPad nor the three finger actions for Windows 8 on a laptop. This is quite a failing in my opinion; why all fingers couldn't have the tips I don't know. The quality is nothing special too...not designed to fit longer fingers!

In summary they're probably fine for mobiles and iPods but don't buy if it's for tablets or multitouch laptops.
Another bargain
Ordered touch tip gloves at 4 pm on Thursday before Christmas and they were delivered 1st post next day. How do Mobile Fun do it, their service really is amazing. Oh - the gloves were fantastic of course. They seem to only offer top quality products with equally good support.
Safe and sound !
Bought for me by my wife as a stocking filler, these Touch Tip gloves are a great find. Often to be found in the depths of the local forest walking our golden retriever, I can now operate the sensitive keys on my smartphone and still keep these cosy gloves on. Usually ringing home ordering that warming cup of coffee for when I get back! On a more serious note, if a doggie emergency arises in the forest, I can instantly ring for help without fumbling and having to warm my previously frozen fingers. Mine were black but other more fashionable colours also available. Highly recommended as a must for dog walkers and other outdoor pursuit followers.
Bright and beautiful!
I took advantage of the pre Xmas 2 for 1 offer as a last minute stocking filler for husband and an 'extra' for me! I was not disappointed. Firstly, service excellent, as the gloves arrived the very next day and, secondly, they are a luvverly bright pink (easy to find in depths of my handbag!) and enable me to operate my smartphone in all weathers - in the cold High Street or warm Shopping Mall. A good buy.
Really Disappointed
I got much cheaper and very good touch screen gloves from my local shop and wanted to buy more as presents.

The ones I ordered from Mobile Fun were unattractive, clumsy and not very effective to use. Other items ordered from Mobile Fun have been much better.
Nice and cheap
I bought the touch screen gloves to replace a pair I bought of eBay witch were very cheap and nasty (had used the ones from eBay for a week and a hole started to apear). So I saw the offer for these buy one get one free. So I bought a pair for my self and I gave the other as a pressent. These gloves are warm and the touch fingeres work very well. They are made very well no rips or tares so far. :)
Made the wife very hsppy
We have a son that plays lots of sport, and we support him rain, sun or snow!
My wife whilst watching receives a lot of emails and texts and is for ever on the touchline removing her gloves Shivering!! To respond. Not anymore, these gloves work a treat, that much so that I have forwarded the email address of Mobile fun to other impressed touchline supporters that have asked about them
Many thanks.
Blissful Ignorance!
I gave a pair of touch tip gloves to beautiful fried for her birthday knowing her fiancee was giving her a kindle fire
I added a note "Now you can play in the cold if you can find a hotspot
At her party she thanked me for the gloves they were just right for driving to work. Suddenly it dawned there was a bit more to these gloves than keeping hands warm
Pity that the coloured ones,which appeared on the site later were not available initialy
not impressed!!
too small for my hands
didnt work on my phone every time
waste of money...even at 2 for 1
Perfect, especially on the bogoff deal
Gloves are really comfortable and quite warm but still with enough feel to allow you to use the equipment without trouble. Best of all, with getting two I could give one pair away as a much appreciated Christmas present!
Didn't work
My husband and daughter have touch screens so bought the 2 for 1 offer. They did not work on either of their phones and my daughter is using them as car gloves. Thought it was a good idea if worked
Bit dissappointing
They work okay but not as good as i gloves but were half the cost. So you pays your money.
Complete Rubbish
Bought these gloves as I thought they were going to do a job that I wanted and they were cheaper than other sites. It turns out that they do not work at all! Don't waste your money.
Pretty good
Well there are good and bad points to this item the first good is that the gloves look good and they work (sometimes) then bad points are that they aren't very well designed as the bottom of the glove hasn't been sewn properly the second bad point is that the only way that I can make them work is to link the ends, saying that once I do they work flawlessly, they are good for keeping your hands warm
good product
did not work fluently with my phone though worked with a few other phones better though work on most phones though not every phone. not a wintry glove to keep my hands warm during the cold nights.
Tip top
Great product recommend it
They don't work with KIndle Fire !
The title says it all, they simply do not work with the Kindle Fire which is why I'll be returning them asap.
They were bought as a christmas present so it's a good job I tried them myself yesterday before wrapping them as that's when I discovered they didn't work.
It would help with all products like this if it was stated in the description exactly which devices they did/didn't work with.
OK, but.......
The gloves look sound enough but when I tried them on they were way too small so I'm giving them away as presents which is a bit disappointing really. I received size small and I've seen other reviews saying they received other sizes and yet there is no option to choose your particular fit....so what's going on there! Never even tried them with my phone cause I couldn't get them on.
Very disappointing
They are not very sensitive it's very hit and miss
Hense I don't use them
Easier not to use them now my hands are cold
So defeated the object of having them in the first place
I hate using my iPone in the cold weather
I hate the cold weather, so when outside at this time of year I on't want to use my iPhone.
Then I see the advert for Touch Tip Gloves. Great!
They arrived the car was so covered in frost it looked like a snowmobile. My iPhone rang and I answered it. My fingers were fine only my ears got cold - I had lifted the fur flaps on my hat. Now I use my headset as well so even in the snow & ice I can use my mobile & stay warem. Thank you
where has the cold weather gone?
Bought these gloves for a X-mas present on a BOGOF deal, so can't comment yet how they perform.
Of course the cold snap has long gone, the girls might not need gloves this winter to work their phones!! Oh well....
Touch Tip Gloves
These "do as they say on the tin" so to speak. My only problem is they are not really a one size fits all type of deal. So if you're like me with larger hands they will not fit properly, i'm not sure if this is why they are sometimes unresponsive when using on my screen. My wife on the otherhand has no such issues they work flawlessly for her. 1 star deducted for not not really being 1 size fits all
Really warm gloves good for this weather and I can work my phone without hands getting cold Great Stuff
Simple idea and just the job
Cold weather and capacitive screens have always been a pain meaning continuous gloves on gloves off to use the phone.
I bought a pair of these each for me and the wife to use in our early morning dog walks. They are excellent, no need to get cold fingers answering the phone to the kids telling us they are at school ok!
We have very different hand sizes and they fit us both fine plus they are not so thick that you can't do other tasks (like opening the dog poo bags!!). Might have to get some more as the kids have started pinching them.....
don't bother!
How anyone has had any use out of these for use on a device I don't know. They are useless - would not work at all on Samsung galaxy note 10.1 or HTC mobile phone. No wonder they were buy one get one free - tryin to get rid of them no doubt. All in all a very embarrassing gift! Don't waste your money. Ok as a pair of gloves mind!
Excellent service but rubbish product
I have to say the gloves are a nice fit and look good on; unfortunately the finger tip function to operate my device does not work very well at all to the extent I now take my gloves off to use my phone. Unless I have a dodgy set; I would advice you to avoid this product.
Not very reliable
The quality is ok, and they are not too thick. But the touch response is hit and miss. Sometimes the phone responds well, other times is just too frustrating.
a bit disappointing
The service was excellent(next day) but sadly the 'any size fits all' did not really live up to expectation. Very tight on my hands. The tips worked Ok most of the time but I had a few misses.
Overall I probably would not have bought if I had a test drive first.
Not yet tried them in the cold so don't know how they work as gloves.
A must for those with Raynauds symptoms
These gloves were great for my daughter who suffers from Raynauds (extremely poor circulation in the fingers). She can now use her phone in these freezing temperatures in comfort, without the risk of taking her gloves off to contact anyone or send messages, etc. The fantastic price (and due to receiving the emails, notified of the special 2 for 1 offer) meant this was not only a great gift but an absolute bargain.
It works but needs different size options
I got these for my daughters, who obviously like to txt a lot. and given the current weather it was an obvious thing to get,

the gloves actual work fine but could do with a small hand option (for girls)
Warm and comfy gloves
These gloves are quite thin, but are warm and comfortable and allow me to use my touch screen phone with warm fingers when I'm running in the cold. Haven't tried them when its wet, but in the dry they work well. I would definitely recommend them, although I have never compared them with other similar gloves.
I read a few good reviews and a few bad ones, but figured they'd be ok. They are only "just ok" in my opinion. I found my kept my hands warm but not with the high winds we had over the weekend, a lot of air comes through the gloves. As for how well they work on my Galaxy S3 and Nexus 7... they do work but I found the gloves difficult to find the sweet spot so they work, and it's not consistent. The Galaxy S3 responded better then the Nexus 7 with the gloves on.

One suggestion for improvement (beyond whatever is required to make them more responsive) would be to add some rubbery/leather strips on the palms and maybe even the first finger segments so that you can get a better grip on the phones. The gloves are very slippery.
I was really looking forward to using these gloves as I have already lost gloves by taking them off to use my iPhone. However with these gloves on, they did not work very well and would only add or delete letters/numbers after many tries. It was so bad that in the end I took them off as it was so frustrating.
Full phone functions & keeps your hands warm too
Well with winter closing in I needed to be able to use all my phones functions & as an added bonus keep my hands warm. These gloves give me the a ability to use my phone & keep my hands warm as well. A great bonus to be able to do both, a great idea. Recommended
warm but size ?
The package had the letter M on it which would indicate other sizes available. These weren't offered as options, I would have preferred L. After a week the index finger on right hand has stopped working. Also have to remove them to use self checkout screen at Tesco.
PS I've ordered more from 7 day shop, much cheaper and no postage charge, not arrived yet.
Touch Tip Gloves
Excellent product at a very reasonable price
Fits like a glove...
Brought a pair for using at the footie, found them perfect for checking the latest scores on my phone when freezing on the terrace's. Now use them for work aswell as im a delivery driver and work just aswell on the pda.
great delivery, great product
I ordered these from mobile fun on my lunch break at work and they arrived the following morning. I bought these because I'm a smoker and there's nothing worse that standing outside smoking and getting your hands cold whilst trying to use your phone. They fit perfectly, I have quite chubby hands, and allow me to text whilst I'm on my cigarette breaks without having to take the gloves off. Finally warm hands all the time!!
So Good
Got these as it was annoying trying to use my iPhone whilst it was cold. Can finally use my phone with gloves on. Woop, comfortable and do the job that was required. What more could you want?
Very pleased with my purchase
I bought these for my other half because he kept complaining about how cold it was being on the phone to me whilst he was waiting for the train. Needless to say he hasn't complained since! Allows him to text me throughout his morning and night journeys without fear of his precious hands getting cold. A*****
nice and toasty
I've never really seen the need to use touch screen gloves until the recent cold weather we've been having where something simple like sending a text message is long enough to turn your hands blue. I bought these and was very impressed with how responsive they are, they work perfectly with the phones screen and enable to to use my Galaxy S2 without having to take the gloves off. The black colour goes with my work suit and they also fit my rather large, fat hands with out feeling uncomfortable. Would recommend.
I've tried buying the touch screen gloves before from ebay and they were terrible, didn't work (and most of the time didn't keep my hands warm). When I first saw these I was a bit wary from past experience but I'm so glad I spent the £15 on them now!! They keep my hands warm whilst I'm waiting for the bus in the morning or shopping and when I get a text I can access my iPhones screen without taking the gloves off!! Definitely worth the £15 price tag.

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