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Totes Men's SmarTouch Gloves - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Totes Men's SmarTouch Gloves allow you to operate your touchscreen device while wearing gloves, so you have full use of your smartphone or tablet outside and still keep your hands warm.
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 4.6 stars from 25 customers

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Realy warm gloves and can still use my phone :)
I got my gloves in double quick time and was quite surprised how good they were, I've had some other touchscreen gloves and they worked sporadically these have worked every single time and they have a patch on the palm so you can hold your phone and it not slip through your hand.
They work...
Straight up...they work great! and the gloves are real nice as well.
Totes smart touch gloves
As the weather is getting colder I used my new Totes gloves for the first time and set off for a walk to my local village.The first thing I noticed is that the gloves worked well in keeping my hands warm.After a short while my telephone a Samsung S5 rang,I withdrew it from pocket and using my inex finger swiped across the screen to answer the call no problem.I then had to make a call but in order to do that I had to unlock the handset which is secured by finger print recognition.No problem I simply touched the screen for alternative password recognition entered the password with gloves on.I then made the call no answer so I sent a text message, typing was easy using either the thumb or index finger and as both gloves have smart digits it does not matter what combination you use to type it is also worth noting that suede insets on the palms of the gloves prevent slippage when gripping the device..So overall the Totes smart touch gloves are sucessful in both keeping your hands warm and allowing you to operate touch phones and tablets unhindered.
Perfect gloves
Perfect gloves to wear to keep your hands warm and use your phone to without taking your gloves off. So glad I bought these.
Warm and comfy.
Nice, warm and comfy gloves. Bought as a Xmas present but I tried them out and was able to operate my phone with them, no problem. Prompt dispatch from Mobile Fun, as always.
As Allways delivered fast and of top quality
Totes Mens SmarTouch Gloves
A great idea for when using your smart phone or tablet when outdoors in the cold. No longer do you need to remove your gloves to answer a call, navigate or just flip between pages, keep nice and warm without compromising the functionality of your technology. A definite must have for those of us who don't live in warm places like California :)
Does the job
+ The gloves work as advertised
+ Useful is the leather patch at the palm of hand which prevents the phone from sliding around
- universal size might be tight for men with bigger hands/fingers
What a Great Idea
Purchased these gloves for an overseas trip, was amazed how well they work, when using the special finger grips allows you to operate the Mobile phone with ease, when trying to use the other fingers without the grips nothing could be done, they will certainly be great on my trip.
excellent product
I prchased these gloves from mobile fun service and deliverywere excellent the gloves keep my hands warm and i can operate my phone with ease and without removing very good
Quite good!
The gloves are warm enough (not very warm though), they have good fabric quality but one needs quite enough pressure in order to use them on the touchscreen of a smartphone.
I would like, but....
Honestly I can not give an opinion about the purchased product, since it is intended for a Christmas present. Merry Christmas to all you guys.
A brilliant gift
I bought this gift for a friend who travels a lot so this is perfect for him in winter
Do not do what it says on the tin.
I was hong these gloves would be slimline enough to go underneath my ski gloves but sadly they aren't. No worries I can still use them for walking and running. The SmarTouch claim to work with touch screen is dubious, I am struggling to get them to work well.
Soft and comfortable
Really nice quality gloves with a thick cuff and padded palm for extra grip.The index finger and the thumb can operate a touch pad and although you may need a little extra pressure and your fingers are a little more bulky, they are amazing for using on the go, especially for using a map ap on a long walk on a frosty day.
Useful Inexpensive Item
I have now bought two items for the first time from MobileFun. They have not been the most expensive but they were delivered promptly and good value for money. I am just looking for unusual useful items and will be buying again whenever I spot things that I like. I have made two purchases this week and look forward to buying more.
They are excellent, saves hands getting cold when out and about!
Best Gloves for Touch Screen
The gloves are great and work really well with the touch screen.
Practical for winter months.
Didn't really think that I needed these gloves - as in the past I just took a glove off when using a touch-screen; however I now find this innovation practical as I can answer my phone with both gloves on.
Without these special gloves I sometimes missed a call by the time it took to get my "normal"glove off.
Now more essential with the latest Apple iOS7 software, as a password has to be keyed in before the phone can be used.
Warm and light weight;
will have to wait to see if they are durable.

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