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Tiny Talk Nano Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Take calls hands-free and discreetly with this incredibly small and lightweight Tiny Talk Bluetooth headset.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36328

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$13.14 inc VAT
 4 stars from 58 customers

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Good Value
Easy to use, the sound quality is good. Fast charging, neat and compact design. Good Value for money.
Very good good and clear
Very good good and clear
very happy with it good clear reception
very happy with it good clear reception
Very short life
I bought this Tiny Talk Nano Bluetooth and was delivery even before I expected. unfortunately it last 2 days only as the little ring that link Bluetooth with the to hold in hear has broken.
Short life, pity because I bought other products from this supplier and I was very satisfy.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Xosefa

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team.
Nifty headset
Was looking for a very small earpiece that would hardly notice, stay put and work well, and hey presto that's exactly what I got with this tiny nano, worth every penny and some
Tiny talk nano Bluetooth headset
Works fine not bad for the money only negative fragile build
A must for all car users!!
This is the second one I have purchased, I bought one for my Grandson and the second for my Granddaughter, it is far too tempting to use your phone when your driving, so why not get this Bluetooth headset so you can take the call and not put yourself in danger.
Very Disappointing
This product is quite useless. The speech is fuzzy, full of distortion. The device is a complete waste of money. You certainly get what you pay for. I am very annoyed at the poor quality of the device.
good value
The sound quality is superb. Easy to operate. Headset turns on and off with just a light touch know need to push it through to the other ear like my last one!!. Altogether a good product.
Excellent product
Excellent service excellent product for my needs very helpful details reference product and capabilities
tiny talk nano bluetooth headset
small compact little unit does have a tendancy to keep on going off and on even though thr phone is in my top pocket calls are crystal clear but for the price a great buy
Sound quality
the sound quality is moderate
Just right
Wanted a small easy to wear ear bud and that is just what I received.
Not impressed
I would of liked to know the the earpiece was so solid as this has made in unwearable & due to hygiene reasons I am now left with something I can't use or return.I accept it was cheap but it could of been stated that it did not come with extra earbuds.Easy to pair so that is a plus
Really nice!
Little smart gadget! Easily paired.. I am absolutely happy with it.
Splendid piece of kit & cheap
Easy to order
No problems
I would really recommend you get one if needed :)
just what I need for work
light weight quick charge good battery life fits perfect and looks good
Nice, compact and easy to use
This all looked good in the advert and in the flesh, its easy to set up and use too. Its so small I can even store it in the ash tray when not being used. The only downside to this product is the volume, if there's significant road noise it's hard to here even wigh the volume on maximum.
great little gadget
such a small earpiece, you cannot tell it is there under yiur hair. Fits nicely in the ear, once i turned the volume up full great gadget. The range is great and the battery lasts as well. I would highly recommend this product.
This is a brilliant peace of engineering can not fault its use.only one small problem can not get spare ear hooks.i am sure they are available but can not seem to get them.i would have given 5stars for it but because of this problem will drop it down to 4.
does what it says on the tin
this is a good little bluetooth, just right for takeing call. Not over the top with gagets
A Great pice of Kit
A great piece of kit, easy to set up and a joy to use. when on the ear you hardly notice it but it does keep you in touch !
Just right for me
Previous ear piece was too large and uncomfortable but this one is just right, small and compact. Only problem with it is that after just a couple of weeks use the piece for around your ear has broken.
Brilliant bit of kit
I have a few ear phones,but this is the best for reception,the ability to control the volume is a great asset ,would recommend it especially if you you work in a noisy environment .
Exactly what wanted
Exactly what I wanted and needed as I have a small ear and none of the others were comfortablt on my ear.
I just put it on and forget about it. Great.
Volume problems
Cute and very small but have difficulty being heard when using device. The other party finds it difficult to hear me! Volumes on both Tiny Talk and iPhone are on maximum. So while cheap, not too worthy of a 5 star!
Excellent bit of kit. Now I can pretend to be listening to someone on the phone and the wife doesn't nag me
Perfect and small bluetooth
I great small Bluetooth phone accessory, easy to set up and use,
has worked well with no problems, great clarity
Nanoo Nanoo
This headset is tiny, but the sound quality is fantastic. So if you need to comunicate with your home planet you won't need a big giant head to support this headset. (I may have got some alien related comedies mixed up)
When I ordered the earpiece I had grate hopes and couldn't wait to get it. When it arrived however, I was disappointed. It is uncomfortable to wear, feels cheap and nasty. The sound was a complete disaster. Needless to say that I didn't use it for long. A big thumbs down for me.
MobileFun Reply
Hi, we apologise that the product does not meet your expectations. A member of our customer services department will be in contact with you shortly to arrange a replacement / refund. We hope that this does not deter you from considering us for future purc
I've just taken delivery and on first impression, the item seemed well constructed and I thought it would sound good. I tried the earpiece on and found it very uncomfortable to wear. In my oppinion, it is hardly tiny. I was expecting something that would fit in the ear and not over it. My hearing aid is more comfortable than this. Sorry to say but a big thumbs down. :(
Tiny talk nano Bluetooth headset
Brill wee headset no qualms with the volume loud and clear
Set up in seconds
Would highly recommend
Sits in ear snug as a bug in a rug
happy chappy
As a 1st time user I am more than happy with this product. It is light weight & easy to use.
I must also say how impressed I was by the return/replacement service I received.
Not robust enough
The only concern I have is that the 'ear-loop' is very fragile and has a tendency to snap.
V. good except. . .
The ear loop is so fragile it has broken after approx. 3 uses.
Caveat Emprtor!
The ear loop broke the second time I used the headset and the rubber piece around the ear bud fell off after a week. A terrible piece of rubbish, but I can't be that surprised, it cost under 9 quid. You get what you pay for, so I'm buying a Jawbone.
blue tooth
it is ok does the job but the ear clip does break
In spite of excellent service from mobile fun, this time we had a failure. The product broke in first use but apart from that it has utterly incomprehensible controls. The confusion as one tries to use it hardly matches careful driving
So good things DO come in small packages! I got the notification of this device in a mailshot to my inbox from MobileFun - I hadn't really thought of buying a bluetooth as I'd always scoffed at those folk who walk around with what looked like a housebrick hanging precariously from their ear! But as this was so small and well reviewed, and only a TENNER - well, I'd be foolish not to. And I haven't been disappointed. I even rang my wife's mobile from the car knowing she wasn't there to pick-up so I'd leave a voicemail - then played it back later...my little car has a lot of background noise but my dulcet tones were clear as a bell on the message...quite phenomenal.

So if you're in the market for a great velue headset, or not, and just saw this, then give it a go - you won't be disappointed!
tiny talk bluetooth
well the sevice and attention to detail from this company is second to none and all products are describe to detail the tiny talk is brilliant so light and cristal clear brilliant sound thanks again for a brilliant product highly recomend anybody to use this company
excellent value for money
works fine which for the money you just cant beat it. Paired straight away, sound is clear and fits around the ear fine, recommended
Tiny Talk headset
As it states in the description this headset is truly tiny! The sound is good, it paired to my Blackberry 9900 with no problems and it's very comfortable to wear.
The only criticism I have is, because of the lump at the front of the ear it tends to stick out at an acute angle but I've worked around this by effectively swivelling it upside down with the tapered end up at the top of my ear, this way it basically fits in the cavity of the ear, is concealed even more and fits flush with my ear profile, I find it works just as well this way than if it was worn the conventional way.
All in all a cracking buy for the price.
Ordered this item on Friday and received it the next morning. First class service. Charged it up in a couple of hours then paired it with my iPhone no problem. A total bargain at £8.95. Am definitely 100% happy with my purchase and the service. Well done!!
Great Product, even greater supplier
I've used this type of headset before, this is the first one I've had which you forget is there! Unfortunately I stupidly broke the ear loop thingy, trying to get it off with myy shades on. I contacted Gusto Telecom to purchase spares, Emily would have none of it and insisted on sending me a free replacement headset. Great service, Thanks Emily
Tiny Talk Nano Bluetooth Headset
Just received the headset. It is still charging at the moment, however I am disappointed with the ear hook. It just broke while hanging it as it is very thin plastic. :((
a hook in metal would resist better.
Not so good as I did not even used the device yet.
Great Headset
Bought this a couple of weeks ago - very easy to connect up and use - great value at £8.95!
Great bit of kit
I bought this headset because it was small and cheap. It was so easy to set up with my iphone and the sound quality is better than any other headset i have used before. I would recommend to anyone just what i needed and what a steal at £8.95!! well done mobilefun
Cool Headset
This headset worked perfectly for my needs. I'm a bit of a technophobe but even I managed to pair it straight away. I use it every day and am so far extremely happy with the quality and sound.
Just right
Small lightweight and great quality sound. It is tiny and looks quite frail but that is not so as so far has worked perfectly. Very easy 2 use, connects quickly.
Great little hands free set
Comfortable,easy to use and cuts out background noise. Very easy to sync with your phone; easy operation of receiving/ending calls-just press once for each function. Doesn't take long to charge and the battery life is good, I only really need to charge it about 1x a week and I use it every day.
Tiny Talk Nano Bluetooth Headset
first purchase from mobilefun and am very pleased. headset works as it should, but you just do not feel that you have the thing on it is so light. i like the usb charge option as i never remember my chargers so i can easily borrow one and charge from my pc or car. doesnt stand out like other headsets so you are ok to wear it when you are walking around and not just in the car when your driving.
Small talk!
Small, discrete and just what I wanted as I have to use handsfree evry day in my job. Linked quickly and easily to my phone. the sound quality is good and the mic for its size works well even in fairly noisy environments. Easy to use and was delivered promptly.
Can't believe how small and yet how well this works. I wear glasses and wearing the Tiny Talk is no problem - it doesn't get in the way and is a very comfortable fit. It's a synch to pair with your phone, and the sound clarity is as good as many more expensive headsets. Really good value for money.

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