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Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device - Four Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Never lose any of your things again with the Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device! Locate and track four of your belongings including keys, bags, wallets and phone.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57800
$66.37 inc VAT
 3 stars from 1 customers

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Pretty good some shortfall on expectation.
My wife and I are in our late 60's (one of the reasons I purchased the tile) LOL. We like the tile and have had reason to use it when my wife misplaced her Galaxy phone. It did not find it (on the floor of her car) as there are some issues with Android phones that make it more difficult to set up than my iphone. We trust we have this sorted out now.
We are also slowly losing our hearing with age so find the tile not loud enough to be audible in another room. So we believe the manufacturer could increase the volume as I guess a large part of its market would be similar people.

If there is a way to increase the volume please advise. Regards Bob

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