Tiggly 3-in-1 Learner Kit for tablets Reviews

Tiggly 3-in-1 Learner Kit is a set of interactive toys and apps for children aged 2-8, designed to bring shapes, letters and words to life. It's compatible with both Apple and Android tablets and doesn't require Wi-fi, batteries or Bluetooth.
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Very good
love these products for my nephew. We started with the shapes and have now moved on to maths and words. They are easy to take with you and to keep them entertained
Bougght this for my nephew. We started with the shapes and he just loved the, Moving up to the next stage. They are so easy to pack in a bag and take with you
Good Quality great gift idea
My kids love Tiggly we just needed the TigglyWords to add to our other 2 Tiggly products. I would be buying this to give as gifts for nieces and nephews highly recommend, good quality product brings hands on learning to the iPad !

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