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ThumbsUp! iPhone 6 Dual SIM Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Swap between your two Sims instantly, just by simply clicking a button with the ThumbsUp! Dual Sim Case for the iPhone 6. Perfect for those who need to use multiple SIM cards, this case make's taking business and personal calls easier than ever.
  • Mobile Fun ID 53697
$43.80 inc VAT
 2.8 stars from 4 customers

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Not for 6S!!!
MobileFun is incorrect when they say this case will fit the iPhone 6S. It won't. Apple appears to have made a slight modification to the 6S SIM tray (a small ridge on the side of the tray was removed on the 6S tray) which renders this case unusable for 6S users. Not sure if the case works in a 6 (probably does) but it won't work in a 6S and it even slightly damaged my SIM port. MobileFun - get your act together on this. You've severely mislabelled this product.

Otherwise, build quality of the case seems fine and I'm guessing it'll work for iPhone 6 users just fine.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Andy

We really apologise for any error and any inconvenience this may of caused. We have of course updated the details on the page. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist you.
Hand to have
Very usefull to have, saves carrying 2 phones, and swapping sim cards as well trying to store a sim card.

The final engineering could be better, the sim insert could fit flusher.
in all very usefull and doesnt add much to the weight or size of the phone
very good
It helps me when i travel.

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