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The Ultimate Sony Xperia S Accessory Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The ultimate Sony Xperia S accessory pack contains must have items for your Xperia S. Designed to protect and store your Xperia S at home, in the office and in the car.
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 4 stars from 32 customers

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Was pleased with items i ordered .
Very difficult to find these in shops without paying a huge amount more for each item .
very pleased , as always .
Ok in many ways, but not great.
The screen protectors are fine and will do exactly what you need them to. The desk stand is good, a simple but effective design that can be used with any phone. The sucker based stand is also good but it doesn't always stay on. The car charger is fine too. The case is is of a shiny rubber design and it fits ok, but adds quite a bit of bulk to the phone.

However, the car holder is not good at all. While it does hold the phone, there is no way to use it without covering the USB port or having it permanently pressing either the volume buttons or camera button.
great value
I bought this pack mainly for the case but thought the other bits may be of use. The quality is good and I thought the car mount was exceptional as I have an Austin Mini and if it stays on the windscreen of that it will stay on anything. A great selection of usefully items.
My Review
This is a good starter kit, to have a few accessories to get your phone covered for conectivity, phone cover, power charging, screen protection and the stand is very different in holding your phone, for the desk.
Not quite the value it seems
The bundle is just that - a bundle of items sold together so one might not need all of them. As a present for my new phone I was excited by the idea of all of them, even though I already had a cover. What I really wanted was the car charger. Most of it's good, the screen protectors are great, the cover is fine, the car charger is good, although the lead is very short, and the car mount is OK. However, the desk stand just doesn't work due to a design fault so it doesn't actually hold the phone in place and the little travel holder just comes off the back of the phone rendering it also not of much use. I was therefore disappointed overall and wished I'd just bought the items I really needed separately.
Gets you started
The 'pack' arrived the next day which was great and contained all items.
The Windscreen Car Holder was fitted and stays in place very well, it has not fallen off yet even when removing the phone.
Screen protectors - love them or hate them its your choice.
The Rubber 'punch ball' was new to me and the pictures did not help. However you stick it to the back of the phone and it holds the phone upright well enough, but don't expect it to support any cables as well.
The 'FlexiShield skin' is basic, does NOT improve the look of this smartphone but will do for a short time. Changing the volume and activating the camera can be frustrating.
The 'S desk stand' is great. completely holds the phone in place especially when the phone is in a 'skin'. I dropped mine within a minute and it got covered in dust but still worked. A quick rinse under a cold tap and it looked as new and continues to hold the phone in place.
All in all a good starter pack.
best product mix for money
i purchased the sony experia s accessory pack and for the price i paid it is great value for money.
the phone desk stand has been used many times with myself and friends and most stands feel cheap but the one included is very robust and durable. my over all view of the products are a star dont look any where else these are the best of quality and i would urge any body thinking bout it to buy.

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