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The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Accessory Pack Reviews

The Ultimate Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge consists of fantastic must have accessories designed specifically for the Galaxy S6 Edge.
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 3 stars from 3 customers

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absolute crap screen protector.
absolute crap screen protector. 2 included in pack and tried both on the phone but due to the edge feature it just kept peeling off. The rest of the stuff is OK. But do not buy for the protector as you will be disappointed.
don't get it for the screen protector
The screen protectors included in this kit are terrible. They make the screen look pixelated, don't fit the screen properly and peel off easily. All in all the whole package is probably not worth the price - just buy the car mount and charger separately and maybe the desk stand if you really need one.
Great value
This pack is unbelievably good value. It makes my S6 Edge totally indispensable for my job as with the car holder I can use it in the car to navigate plus I can charge it in between journeys and of course, not worry about it getting scratched when in use as this pack also has a great lightweight case.

The desk holder means I can just grab my phone and keep it in eye view on my desk, pretty much in the same way as with the car holder in my car. The screen protectors keep teh screen clean and also look after it - there is no difference in the touch and feel when I text etc. Even if thsi was a problem, then the cute stylus helps with fiddly stuff - this has a built-in stand too so this is ideal for when I'm off on holidays.

For the price, this is a must-have for any Galaxy lover. Also comes with 2 protective screens so you can replace these when you want. First-rate product.

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