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The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessory Pack Reviews

The Ultimate Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S5 consists of fantastic must have accessories designed specifically for the Galaxy S5.
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 4.5 stars from 46 customers

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Very happy
Very happy with Price Product and Prompt Delivery
Overall a good pack with some quality stuff, some less quality
I only really wanted a car mount for my new phone, but this looked good value and the reviews are positive.

For the most part, my review would be positive too.

I use the holder on my windscreen, so can't comment on how it works mounted on the dashboard, but it's working well on the windscreen, and creates a very firm mount on the windscreen, and the grip on the phone is also very tight.

It's only fallen off once, when I'd left the car parked in full sun on a hot day: not surprising it fell off, and certainly not a fault - I can't see this happening if you were driving, as you'd have the ventilation on, and the windscreen wouldn't get as hot.

It's very flexible in terms of positioning, so you can get your phone exactly how you want it. It's also possible to position the phone in the mount so that the camera has a clear view, unobstructed by the mount, if that's useful to you.

The mount can be folded back in on itself when not in use, keeping it very neat and unobtrusive.

The desk mount is obviously the product of witchcraft, as it grips both the desk and the phone by a completely non-obvious means - it's not even as sticky as a post-it note to touch, but sticks magically! (though I think I once read/heard something about this on a science programme).

The polycarbonate case does what it says on the tin. It's a good fit - such a good fit, that I found it a bit tricky to remove. So I've decided not to use this, as I don't really care if the back of my phone gets the occasional scuff mark. If you really want to keep your phone in a pristine out-of-the-box state, then it'd be very good at that.

I'd already got an "official" Samsung screen protector, so haven't used the screen protectors that are included in this pack. Useful to have spares for when the time comes.

The only real disappointment in this pack (and the reason I've docked one star off the score) is that the "Mini Portable Desk Stand and Stylus" is nothing like the one shown as the last item in the product description (though is accurately portrayed in the video & the 7th product image when you click on the large image at the top of the page. It isn't a stylus by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, it's a rather strange piece of rubber with a not terribly effective sucker on one end (maybe it works better if you've the polycarbonate case fitted), and a ball of rubber on the other. I've tried a few times to get it to hold the phone, but it's a very precise balancing act, and even if you manage to balance it, as soon as you touch it, if falls over. Might as well just put the phone flat on the desk. Totally pointless lump of rubber!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Andrew

Thank you for pointing out the error, we have updated the page and if you contact our Customer Services team, we will send you the correct 'Mini Portable Desk Stand and Stylus'.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Very handy pack
I had originally just wanted a holder for my phone, but this pack came with all sorts of bits, which have all been useful. The suction pad on the holder has been in use for weeks without falling off, and the hard case for the phone is great because it doesn't interfere with the looks/design. Haven't put the rest to use yet, but I'm very pleased both with the product and the service received.
Good quality
All the products in the pack were good quality and useful. I have bought package's like this before for my galaxy 4 but products were flimsy and did not protect phone properly. Also it was delivered quickly and packaged very well so no damage when arrived.
The package is a bargain
The in car charger is very quick to charge the phone and the in car holder is very secure. I have mine on the windscreen and it tilts and swivels to get the right angle. The package is a bargain So I wasn't expecting much but have been really pleased!
Value for momey
I bought this as a gift for my daughter. She was very very happy with it as the items were what she actually wanted. I must admit that I am impressed by the quality of each item as I thought they would be quite 'cheap' seeing that the accessory pack contains a generous bundle of goods.
Screen protectors - I had a lot of difficulty fitting these. Not the fault of the product but, despite careful cleaning of the screen, I always ended up with trapped specs of dust. Used all 5 and still have a few specs.
Car dash mount - One of the main reasons I bought this product. Worked fine for the 1st few trips but now keeps coming away from the dash, dropping the phone. I may have to buy some stronger glue!
Desk Stand - Works well but 1st time I used it it stuck very firmly, I thought I'd never get it off.
Car charger - Great, does exactly what it should do.
Cover - No issues, easy to get on and off. Would hardly know it was there.
Main reason for the low rating is the dash holder keeps falling.
Excellent product if you're good at problem solving
Every item in this pack was of excellent quality. However, there aren't any real instructions for the car mount. So if you're good at working these things out, it's the perfect package. If not, you may need to phone a friend.
Good quality pack
Good variety of helpful accessories for a good price
Though the pack was excellent value and meat all my needs
it was like opening Pandora's box
Assesory pack for S5
This is a well good value pack. Everything you could possibly need for your new phone.
mobile fun usa
I have emailed my experience to your co. I was frustrated that the instructions were so limited,it took me ages to figure out that I was to peel the backing off 2 items no where did it say do this, I don't know which part is the suction cup,unfortunately when I peeled the backing off the disc I dropped it and it stuck to the large item and ruined it when I pulled it off. I had the sticky side of the disc but I did not know how to make it stick if I pressed it onto a part, anyhow I can't explain how confusing it was and now not usable due to the sticky parts, I liked the cover and the screen savers and charger, I forgot ti say I do not know what the little square piece inside the screen savers and what is the clear plastic part for and what is the black stand part for? I would have liked a list of all items and identifying what they were for. I appreciate your doing a survey like this as a customer it tells me you care.
Great all in one kit
I couldn't believe the amount of items in this pack of accessories for the price particularly give the high quality of the items. The mobile phone holder is so easy to set up and sits neatly on the window or the dash - there are 2 options for fitting. The screen protectors and phone case were easy to fit and fitted perfectly with no overlap on the holes or sensors so no impairment to the phone. The in car charger seems high quality, is easy to set up and works really well. I've not yet tried the desk mount, but the quality looks very good and given the performance of the other items in the pack, I have no doubt this will be equally as good. When costing up the individual items in this pack, it is such a bargain to purchase as a kit and everything inside is useful. Excellent
Great value
Very pleased with all the contents of this product, very good value for money. Everything was easy from ordering to delivery. Thanks mobilefun
Great value
Great value for money, only issue that the suction cup on the in car holder is not that strong and falls off every now and then.
average only
Reading the reviews before I bought this I was really looking forward to a compact car-kit that would stick to windscreen or dash. Well I attached to window and turned the locking system and it stayed there for about 45mins then fell off even without my phone attached! It now wont stick back on the windscreen at all. There is an extra disk to attach to the dashboard, so I will be trying this instead and hopefully this will work better. The kit also comes with a charger, perfect, screen protectors, great, a phone back protector...not really something I would use, and a stand for using phone to watch movies or use handsfree while working, this is a great thing that i actually wouldnt have gone out and purchased on its own, but delighted with it, and has good adhesive pads that are reusable once kept clean.
Nice kit
Nice kit everything you need but never wanted.
Fantastic price
Fantastic price for all the gadgets you get in this pack. The stylus is an interesting item. Works well but took a bit of time to realise it opens up to form a mini stand
Brilliant value for money
Good, not great
The pack comes with some very interesting and functionally designed pieces. The desktop sticky mount is the one I liked. It stays put, doesn't tip over against the weight and size of the Galaxy S5, even when I have it vertical. The catch that sticks onto the mount allows me to be charging while cradled.
The suction mount holder works well in all my vehicles.. including on the hood of my riding mower!

The disappointment was the strangely designed rubber tip stylus. The tip fell off after only 3 days of use and I could not remount it on the stylus. The stylus bends body opens on a hinge, but to what end, I could not tell you. I cound find no instructions regarding this innovation. It was however easy to hold and comes with a wee stretchy thingy to keep it with the device by use of the earphone plug receiver. This was nice too.
Price: *****
Durability: ***
Useability: *****
Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback on this kit!
Really good range of quality accessories.
Bought primarily for the in-car charger as bought cheap ones in the past that only work sporadically or not at all after a few weeks. The quality of the charger in this kit is great, low profile, really nice looking almost as thouh it's part of the car. The other accessories are simple but really well designed and manufactured. The car phone holder is particularly pleasing, it anchors firmly either with the adhesive pad to the dash or the vacuum pad to the screen or any fkat smooth surface. It allows the phone to be positioned either in landscape or portrait view or any position in between come to think of it. Some other little quality accessories including one for holding the phone to watch movies etcetera, a little stylus that can be attatched to the phone via the headphone socket amongst them.
Overall a great bit of kit for the S5 at a very reasonable price and I wouldn't be without it now.
value for money
Brilliant product. Value for money. Highly recommend
Very good value for money
This accessory pack has a good mix of stuff for the Galaxy S5. There was more than I expected in the pack as it was mainly bought for the hard cover and screen protectors. However have found the stand to be really effective.
Great little kit for use at home and in the car
This is a great little kit to have whether you are at home or in the car. I use the bigger stand when I am at home or even in a hotel if I want to watch a movie or just use it for viewing.
The little stand which also has the cleaning pad on and the pointer is very handy to just carry around every day in your pocket or to attach to your phone.
The charger with the USB adapter in it is extremely useful as I can use it to charge 2 things at once, whether it be me and my partners phone or my phone and an ipod.
The in car phone holder comes in very useful when driving if I want to use my phone as a sat navigation and the manoeuvrability on it is great.
The pack also comes with 5 screen protectors which are useful if you are trying to avoid any scratches on your phone.

All in all, this is a great kit to have and the products are very well made
AVOID...This stuff is very cheap quality and just cap. Charger doesn't work. The case is just light plastic and the holder is loose and won't hold the phone. Worst product I ever bought. AVOID AVOID AVOID.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Michael. We're sorry to hear you're not happy. We believe this pack offers great value for money and the components are sourced because they are tried and trusted.
If they are not performing as you would like or as we have advertised, please return th
perfect starter pack
perfect starter pack with all the essential items to get you started,backed up by quick delivery,
The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessory Pack is a great deal
A perfect accessory pack for the S5. The clear polycarbonate case is almost invisible. Applying one of the screen guards was relatively simple (Look for the sticky tape idea online to remove specks of dust). The very compact car mount is ideal for purpose. The charger plus USB appears OK but lacks data information like voltages etc. The desk stand looks fit for purpose although I haven't used it.
Overall, a top deal for the price.
Very good pack
The Samsung s5 accessory pack was delivered very promptly. On opening the pack I was pleased with the quality of the products that came.The phone holders and charger also look good and sleek. The only small issue is the phone case is very hard to take off once attached.
Brilliant prompt delivery, the products in the accessory pack are excellent.

I especially love the cradle to sit the phone on, ideal for watching films when you are in the bath etc
This is the best deal for your S5. It covers you in the car and office. You have everything to keep is safe and not lose the choice of colour you chose. The price is amazing and good quality. I got so much for a fraction of the cost for just a cover to keep it safe. Buy this and you won't be sorry.
Galaxy S5 accessory pack
The case is a perfect fit, not flimsy & gives me confidence that my device is secure. The car holder & charger are the perfect accessories, especially of you travel alot. The stands are great for watching videos, movies or tv. I think this accessory pack is a must have, at only £20 is a bargin.
everything you could want and more!
Great value for your money haven't gone a single day without using one of the goods within this package.
fantastic value for money.
Really great products for the price. I was a little sceptical, but am very pleased. The case is a hard clear plastic feels a bit flimsy but looks great on the phone. You do need the case on to use the desktop holder and mini holder as they attach vie sticky pad and suction cup. The car holder is great looks good and holds the phone well. And the in car charger is great as it also has a us so you can charge another device at the same time.

For the price it will be hard to beat.

And the service was great kept me informed at each step and came within days.

Very pleased.
Pack is great
First off, delivery very quick! Pack is great, the phone charger is perfect for charging my. Samsung and my wife's iPhone at the same time due to additional USB. Perspex case is handy, although I found this to make the phone feel a bit larger so have taken off. The stand is brilliant, so handy at work and avoids scratches from desk etc, the phone doesn't slip off at all, easy to assemble as well!
The phone holder for the windscreen is great too, although it did take me a while to find the best position, horizontal or vertical for it, and once you do and find the car charger reaches fine it's great.
Overall, I'd buy this, plenty of helpful value in this package!
my s5 accessory pack
first, let me say what a great price it is for the amount of stuff you get in the pack, i have used all the stuff, 1 stand in work, 1 next to my pc at home, and car kit is great, the rear cover is not bulky, it just sits nice in your hand, and the screen protectors are great, i must admit, when i put the first one on, i thought yer that looks good, until the screen whent blank, and i could see loads of bubbles and bits trapped under it, lucky enough you get more than one, so the second go was perfect, thanks,
Very Impressed
Very pleased with everything, you can hardly tell the case is on it, love it. Thanks

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