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The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Accessory Pack - Black Reviews

The ultimate Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 accessory pack contains must have items for your S4 including an S4 FlexiShield case, car holder, car charger, screen protectors, and two desk stands.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38524
$26.54 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 83 customers

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The Accessory Kit is all you need to get up & running with the Galaxy S4 in the home, office & car.
review ultimate pack
Got it since a couples of days and it does what it's supposed to. Supports all type of phone for the car.
The stand is Great for home office work.
Could do with a cover for the front screen.
Ultimate accessory pack
I love my accessory pack, it's really decent, although I don't have use for all the things the things I do use are probably worth more than that if bought individually. I think the great thing about this product is unlike a lot of places I've ordered cases etc off it actually fits the phone.

Great Gajet Pack!
The pack is great - car holder is brilliant, sticks great and holds phone perfectly. Desk stand is also great with good grip.
good deal
I have only used the case but so far so good for at least that part. I was really happy with the price if the set. I had bern pricing the different components separately and this set cost way less that what I would pay elsewhere.
all you need
Everything you will need for your S4. Watch the video clip on the website and you see what you are getting and how it all works, so much so I bought two.
Great product one hitch!
Love this product well worth the money alone on screen covers!! My only problem is the driving kit, it sticks onto windows really well but the dash board stick is poor! Maybe its because I don't have a completely flat surface for it to stick on, but I don't know any car that has a flat surface in it! That's the only negative comment! Everything else is brilliant!! Would recommend :-)
The perfect accompaniment.
Just what I needed to go with my new Samsung Galaxy S4.
Didn't want to use new phone without a case and screen cover but when I saw this package I didnt think twice.I have now ordered another package for a friend who saw mine and wanted one himself.
Its got it all
Thought I would get this pack really for the protection case and the in-car holder/ charger.
When the pack came there was a number of screen protectors (so I fitted one) put it in the case which has a nice soft feel to it.
then exploring the other boxes I found a nifty on desk stand which holds my phone just at the right angle to easily see and use.
fitted the in-car items and they work perfectly.
Great value for money as the number of screen covers alone would cost more than the whole pack.
You got it, I want it!
6 items, all I needed in one package, perfect.
Flimsy holder
The windshield mount is flimsy, plastic is cheap and the phone moves when you hit the slightest bump in the road. This becomes very annoyinng when using phone as GPS. The screen protectors work but hopefully you like air bubbles all over your screen. The skin holder and car charger are good however the cord is very short. Because you get so much for $25 I gave it 3 stars but barely.
The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Accessory Pack - White
Hi, The screen protector tabs that had "peel off before insertion" and "peel off after insertion" very much used the wrong glue as they stuck to the screen protector and I have now scratch marks on the protector where these are located. Easy peel with different glue would suite and work better in this instance. I was unhappy with that product. The other components: the incar charger I am yet to try but I am sure that works well; the mobile phone car holder is good, but the suction onto the windscreen came off in the heat of the sun, perhaps a better one for this might be an option for this in future. The desk mount I cannot use for the type of case I have, as the phone slips of the surface. The cygnett case slips off because of the non-adhesion of the two surfaces, maybe the two textiles are just not compatible for this use?!
What would be good is if products designed applied specifically to certain cases and were useful in their application on this note, also, perhaps using cases and designed products within a package would also be great for customers. Thanks
Great deal!
This pack provides everything you need to start enjoying your Galaxy S4. The case is a bit flimsy but it is a very good fit. The screen protectors are easy to apply and flawless. Car phone holder and the small stand for the desktop are both excellent addition to the phone itself. There is just not a thing I don't like about this pack. Fantastic for quality and value!
Very useful and good value
The only reason this doesn't get 5 stars is that the case is slightly flimsy but apart from that it's great value for money and tge delivery was fast.
Great value for money overall
For the price, this is great value for money.

- The case is well made and well cut out. It is simple but looks and feels good quality.

- You get 5 screen protectors which leave you room for any failures when putting it on, and I used 2 of them to get it right.

- Desk stands: they both very good. Simple but works very well. The smaller one can easily be taken anywhere in the pocket.

- Car charger: It's only a 1A charger, so it does the job but slowly.

- The car holder: It stays on the windscreen nice and firm. However, the rotating mechanism is not tight enough. If you turn your phone horizontally and plug the charger cable in, it won't stay.
Just Perfect
I ordered the Accessory Pack before I had even received my phone from EE as I was sure it was the correct accessory for my new phone. In fact "Mobile Fun" were so efficient it arrived before the phone did!! When EE actually got there act together and the new SamsungS4 arrived It fitted PERFECTLY into the in car holder and the case, all has worked very well and I look forward to many years of service. the quality of the goods are 1st class as is the service, well done !!
the equipment is really good and worth the money alot cheaper what i could get happy with it thanks Alex
top notch
Ordering, paying for, tracking my item was an exceptional and top notch experience, better than walking into a shop and purchasing. Prompt emails confirming order placement, payment, dispatch and tracking method were given by the seller. Goods arrived quickly and in great condition packaged. I am delighted with my experience and look forward to doing business with Mobile Zap again.
Great Value For Money
Arrived day after order - great service. Screen protectors are good quality, 5 in the pack being a bonus! In fact every part of this pack is great value and reasonable/good quality with the exception of the case - to flimsy (hence 4 stars). However do not let that put you off, every thing else is great and considering the cost certainly better than fit for purpose and the case comes in handy as a spare!
amazing value for money, incredibly speedy delivery, everything in working order, seriously impressed.
great bundle for the price
i had the equivelent kit when i got my S2 so naturally i got an S4 and this was the first place i came the items are of a good quality and all items are fit for purpose very happy for the price the in car charger is very long which i find helpful in my mondeo
Using two of the many items included. The car station did not work in my car, which has a curved platform for the desired area.
Almost Perfect
This pack is great value for money. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is for the protective case. It's just rubbish. All other components are really good for the price.
An excellent S4 accessory pack!
Perfect accessory pack at a great price!

Normally pay a similar price for the 5 screen protectors and a case.
The desk stand is useful and an incar charger with holder has been great, well worth the money.
Good, not great
I was originally looking for a car dock but because it offers a lot of screen guards, table top dock etc, on such a bargain, i got a bit greedy and decided to go for this one.

Whilst i can use this product just fine, I would rather go for a higher end, IF YOU USE YOUR CAR A LOT (4 hours a day for me). Otherwise if you go for shorter trips to work and would like the whole package, NOTHING BETTER!
Good Value
I ordered this item on the 25th and received it on the 26th. The silcone sleeve is ideal but a tad tight for the S4 yet in normal use it does the job well protects the corners of the S4 well.
The stand is very handy when I am in the office and the other connectors in this bundle gives me the flexibility if I am out ad about.
Money weel spent.
Excellent value
Didn't actually need all the items in this pack but it still worked out cheaper than buying what I did want individually!
Very Happy
I am very happy with my product and was very amazed how fast I got it. Thanks
Good value
As a new smart phone owner, I was looking for a good deal on basic accessories. This package fit the bill. The covers and dash holder are perfect for my needs. And you can't beat the price. My husband paid more for the front covers for his phone at the phone store than I paid for this entire package. I ordered a kit for myself and my mom.
Just perfect
Pack came very promptly, next day in fact. It was exactly as described and all items have worked well. I will continue to use this company.
Value for Money
I didn't need all the items, but as an overall package you cannot beat it.

It provides an extra charging lead as the 12v one is a usb plug....great, so I can keep one in the house and one in the car, or bag...

The desk support is great, I like that, and it looks very good.

Not sure yet what the small round rubber bit is for, but maybe someone can enlighten me.

The holder for the car would be great, but myself at present it isn't used, as I have a gps, and never use the phone in the car anyway, way to dangerous, but then I am retired.
All I need for my phone
I was pleased with all that came with accessory park.
All items of the pack arrived in perfect condition.
Heaps of accessories for a great price
Everything in this pack is slightly better quality that I thought, especially for paying so little, I definitely recommend this product! :)

So far I don't have anything bad to say about any of the items in this pack. :)
This is fantastic value and well worth getting. Amazing price and quality.
A super bargain
Just what you need.
And the price is totally ok.
Can totally recommend Mobile-Fun.
The Ultimate Pack for the Ultimate experience.
This product is sensationally good value. In another galaxy in fact. It makes my S4 totally indispensable as with the car holder I can use it in the car to navigate, I can charge it in between journeys and of course, not worry about it getting scratched with this stylish but subtle case. The car holder actually makes the smart screen function more relevant as you can scroll the screen without touching it when driving - with your eyes on the road of course! The desk holder means I can properly show it off in the office but seriously it makes it so much easier to notice texts from my other half when it is elevated. That's not necessarily always a good point though. For the price, this is a must-have for any Galaxy lover. Also comes with more than a few protective screens so you can replace these when you want. First-rate product.

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